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Yuri Verkhoshansky – Special Strength Training digital course
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Yuri Verkhoshansky – Special Strength Training

Salepage : Yuri Verkhoshansky – Special Strength Training

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Special Strength Training: A Practical Manual for Coaches by Dr. Yuri V. Verkhoshansky, translated by Dr. Michael Yessis 2006


1. Methodological Foundations of Special Strength Training
1.1 Role of SST in the Training Process
1.2 The Main Emphasis of SST
1.3 The Purpose of SST in the Training Process
1.4 SST and qualifications of the Coach
1.5 SST and the Coach’s Qualifications
1.6 Strength Abilities of the Athlete
1.7 Specificity of Strength Abilities
1.8 The Means of SST
1.9 Principles of Selecting SST Means
1.10 Ways of Intensifying Motor [Muscular] Work
1.11 Ways of Intensifying the Muscle Work Regime
1.12 The Main Features of the SST Methodology
1.13 Ways of Performing Strength Exercises
1.14 Special Methods of SST

2. Special Strength Training in Speed Strength Sports
2.1 Development of Maximal Strength
2.1.2 Exercises with Loads (Weights)
2.1.2 Isometric Exercises

2.2 Development of Explosive Strength and Reactive Ability
2.2.1 Exercises with Loads (Weights)
2.2.2 Isometric Exercises
2.2.3 Shock Method
2.2.4. Jump Exercises
2.2.5. Complex Method

2.3. Development of High-Speed Strength
2.3.1 Exercises with Loads
2.3.2 Alternative (Contrast) Method
2.3.3 Jump Exercises
2.3.4 Complex Method

3. Special Strength Training in Cyclic Sports
3.1. Development of Maximum Strength
3.1.1. Exercises with Weights
3.1.2 Isometric Exercises

3.2 Development of Explosive and High-Speed Strength
3.2.1 Exercises with Weights
3.2.2 Jump Exercises

3.3. Development of Reactive Ability
3.4. Development of Local Muscular Endurance
3.4.1. Exercises with Resistance (Weights)
3.4.2. Jump Exercises
3.4.3 Uphill Running
3.4.4. Execution of the Competitive Exercise in More Difficult Conditions

3.5 Development of Maximum Anaerobic Power

4. Special Strength Training in Sports Having Variable Motor Regimes
4.1. Strength-Aerobic Method
4.2. Jump Method
4.3. Circuit Method
4.4. Coupling (Conjugate) Method

5. The Role of Placement of SST in the Yearly Cycle
5.1. Functions of SST in the Yearly Cycle
5.2. Selection and Organization of SST Means
5.3. System of SST Means
5.4 Forms of Organization of SST
5.5 Characteristics of the Concentrated Form of SST
5.6 Organization of the Concentrated Strength Load “Block”
5.7 Contents of the Strength Block in Various Sports
5.8 Placement of SST in the Yearly Cycle
5.9 Principles of SST
5.9.1 The Principle of Dynamic Correspondence of the SST Means to the Motor [Movement] Structure of the Competitive Exercise
5.9.2 The Principle of Specificity of SST Means
5.9.3 The Principle of SST Load Concentration
5.9.4 The System Principle of SST
5.9.5 The Principle of Super Imposing SST Loads Having Various Training Influences
5.9.6 The Priority Principle of SST in the Year Round Training System

5.10 Methodological Aims to Resolve the Tasks of SST

6. Training Programs
6.1 Universal Program for Development of Jump Force in the Preparatory Stage of the Yearly Training Cycle
6.2 Program for Perfecting Starting Acceleration Speed of Sprinters
6.3 Program for Top Level Middle Distance Runners
6.4 Program for Top Level Rowers
6.5. Program for Development of Jump Force for Volleyball Players
6.6 Special Strength Training Program for Basketball Players
6.7 Program for High Level American Football Players
6.8 Program for High Level Tennis Players

7. Conclusions

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