Yarden Gerbi - Fundamental Judo Mastery (1080p)

Yarden Gerbi – Fundamental Judo Mastery (1080p) digital course

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Yarden Gerbi – Fundamental Judo Mastery (1080p)

Salepage : Yarden Gerbi – Fundamental Judo Mastery (1080p)

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This is a 1080p download of Yarden Gerbi’s Fundamentals course offered on JudoFanatics.


Fundamental Judo that Works From Beginner To Even the Highest Levels

World Class Judoka Yarden Gerbi Shows the Secrets That Will Make Your Fundamentals Work No Matter Where You Are In the Sort

With good position and effective mat work, you can learn how to win with the basics like Yarden did against the best of the best

From the beginners who are still working to understand the basics to the experienced judokas who want to learn from a world champion, this is a series with something that everyone can use to level up their takedowns

Learn the angles, grips, and set ups that have worked for her at the elite levels that you won’t learn anywhere else

Give your judo a huge upgrade with a plan on how to grip and move, with the fundamentals

Every exchange in judo comes down to fundamentals

Volume 1:

Koshi Garuma


Uchimata From Outside

Sagui Nagi (Tani Otoshi)

Uchimata Counter

Ko Ouchi Ouchi Gari Combination

Ko Soto Gake Right vs Left

Volume 2:

Osoto Gari Right vs Right

Uke Goshi Left

Tai Otoshi

Osoto Gari Maki Komi

Uchimata Maki Komi

Ogoshi Maki Komi

Left Seionage Right vs Left

Left Ippon Osoto Right vs Left

Sode Tsurikomi Goshi Right vs Left

Volume 3:

Sode with Osoto Gari Right vs Left

Gripping – Controlling Opponents Sleeve from High Hand Right vs Right

Gripping – Freeing your own sleeve Right vs Right

Gripping – Cross Grip Feed To Post

Gripping – Breaking down opponents post Left vs Right

Gripping – How to keep inside control

Gripping – How to confuse your opponent Right vs Right

Transition Into Basic Choke

Volume 4:

Gerbi Choke

Basic turn over to osekomi

Saesai Tsurikomi Ashi

How to practice and react to Ashiwaza

Combination Sesai Tsurikomi Ashi and Osoto Gari

Ashiwaza Left vs Right

Combination – Koshi Garuma to Ouchi Gari


Yarden Gerbi (Hebrew: ירדן ג’רבי‎, born July 8, 1989) is a retired Israeli judoka world champion. She won an Olympic bronze medal competing for Israel at the 2016 Summer Olympics, in Women’s 63 kg Judo.

She won the gold medal at the 2013 World Judo Championships in the category -63 kg (139 lbs.). She won the Israeli championship five times by the age of 24, and was a silver medalist in the 2009 Maccabiah Games.

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