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tradingconceptsinc – Introduction to Iron Condors

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tradingconceptsinc – Introduction to Iron Condors

tradingconceptsinc – Introduction to Iron Condors

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For Options traders seeking an easy-to-manage strategy that offers consistent monthly income, minimal stress and an 80% probability of success …

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How to Win More Trades – Even When Your Forecast is Wrong

How much more money could you make if you profited when you were wrong about your forecast?

An impossible scenario, you might think.

But that’s a common outcome when you use an options position called a “credit spread.”

Let me explain …

You already know price in the markets can go up, down or sideways. And when you trade stocks, you know price must go higher over time to earn gains. If the price falls, the bulls lose money.

Furthermore, if price moves sideways, nobody wins but the broker.

Now, with a credit spread, you create a position by simultaneously buying and selling Options. The difference between the Option you sell – which brings in income – and the insurance option you buy gives you a “net credit.”

And here’s the added bonus:

That credit immediately goes into your account when you enter the trade. You actually see your cash balance increase the second it’s executed in your broker’s platform.

By combining bullish and bearish credit spreads, you create what’s called an “Iron Condor.”

Watch this quick example:

Now, here’s another surprise bonus …

With an Iron Condor, you don’t have to be bullish or bearish – you can remain neutral.

What’s this mean?

Well, you may not know where the price will end up after the next six weeks. Maybe it’ll go up … maybe it’ll go down … maybe it’ll go sideways.

Because of this natural uncertainty, you can create an Iron Condor where the price can go somewhat lower, somewhat higher or ultimately sideways during the period of the trade, and you still profit.

Like this …

Again, you can be wrong on your forecast and still make money.

So as long as the price finishes above Spyder 173 or below Spyder 193 by February expiration in the above example, you earn that income. This is equivalent to a 200-point range that the S&P can trade within during the next six weeks.

Good deal, right?

The Iron Condor is simply a combination of the bull put credit spread and the bear call credit spread. You design your trade to secure positions outside the expected trading range.

I call this type of trade a “high probability” Iron Condor because …

You start with about an 80% probability of success for the entire trade.

How many other strategies can offer you the same thing?

With the OptionsMD method of trading Iron Condors, you target anywhere from 8-17% return on investment.

And I show you how to find an ideal trading candidate in 7 minutes or less.

Then use the same process over and over again.

But I must warn you: Some might call this trading style “boring.” But if earning consistent profits with low risk is unattractive to you – this isn’t the program for you.

(I’ll take “boring” wins – without dealing with daily market drama – over “fun” losses any day.)

This is THE foundational strategy for any serious Options trader because it works in almost every market condition with an Optionable stock or ETF.

I show you when and how to trade:

  • Higher reward-to-risk Iron Condors for bigger returns and
  • Higher probability Iron Condors for more volatile conditions

So your risk is defined on every trade before you enter it.

In fact, you learn how to manage your risk before certain events occur.

Simply put …

The probability of success is in your favor on every trade you enter.

The OptionsMD Iron Condor is the ONLY Strategy Offering All These Benefits

Consistent winning breeds confidence. Furthermore, it allows you to set up a pyramid of strategies that increase and reward your risk.

As a result, you always have a trade in play. This makes Iron Condors an excellent strategy for beginners and advanced traders alike.

But let me warn you …

Please don’t begin trading Iron Condors like most traders.

You see, almost all traders understand how to set up and enter a trade. But they overlook the most important step.

The step that separates the average struggling retail trader from the pros.

It’s called: risk management.

Success isn’t about how much you make – it’s about how much you keep…

So let me tell you how the OptionsMD Introduction to Iron Condors training works.

In this preliminary 3-hour program, you discover the best opportunities for using Iron Condors. You see how to …

    • • Quickly identify the best opportunities,
    • • Set up high-probability trades,
    • • Enter your position for maximum distance,
    • • Defend your position (i.e., manage risk while your trade is in play), and
    • • Exit for maximum profit.

If you haven’t traded the Iron Condor Strategy before, and don’t want to risk your savings on a risky trading strategy, then this course is for you. (If you’re looking for more advanced Iron Condor Strategies, you can find them here.)

Look, I’ve mentored thousands of traders, and I know with absolute confidence that my training works.

In fact, I’m so sure Introduction to Iron Condors will deliver consistent profits for you that you can try it for the next 30 days at no risk.

Watch the training videos … test the strategy … go through the entire training as many times as you want …

If at any time during the next 30 days, you don’t believe the training is worth at least 10 times your investment, simply contact my support team and I’ll rush you a 100% refund.

No questions asked.

There’s no “catch” – you be the judge.

Iron Condors is the most practical, direct way to unlock trading consistency and accumulate your wealth. So if you want one system that works, try the Introduction to Iron Condors today.

And remember, even if on the last day of your trial you feel your decision to try the training wasn’t worthy or profitable, you’ll get every dime back.

I think you’ll agree … I can’t do anything more to remove your risk.

Give Introduction to Iron Condors a try today.

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