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Thought Inspire – Become Lucky

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Thought Inspire – Become Lucky

(Subliminal Audio Series)


Lucky people seem to get everything they want. They earn more money, have better relationships and always
feel good about themselves. But now is the time for you to be lucky too. Luck can be enjoyed by anyone and
this subliminal series taps and develops the luck factor to create more luck in your life!
Good luck can be achieved when you posses a certain distinctive luck mindset. When you develop this mindset, luck will seem to fall onto your lap easily. This series will develop the luck mindset, which is one of
being super positive, seeing the possibilites (instead of obstacles) and believing that positive, good things
happen to you every day. The cycle of power develops slowly and builds like an avalanche as all your small
lucky coincidences pile together into a huge new reality.

As you listen to the sounds, your mind will gradually become re-wired for
total luck success. You will become more positive, optimistic and friendly.
As this happens, your luck will increase every day, as you notice the
positive opportunities around you. Your mind will be re-wired to see the
good things in life, creating more luck for you.

The way the mind is structured determines how much luck happens in
life. When your mind is focused on luck, positivity and good things, it
concentrates more on it. When the mind concentrates on your luck, it
refines your behaviors, thoughts, words and actions to create more of
that luck that you are concentrating on. This is how luck is created.

So, with luck finally flowing into your life, you will feel tingly and warm inside as your enthusiasm and
confidence grows day by day. Every day will become an exciting experience that makes you feel that life is
worth living. Good things will flow to you out of nowhere and everything will feel fresh and alive to you. You will
see oppourtunities, be much more disciplined and develop a greater sense of satisfaction from the luck which
happens to you. And who doesn’t want that? The opportunity for a better life is staring you in the face!
The audios have been designed to be listened to a minimum of 10 mins per day. You can also listen to this series alongside our other packages for
compound results. This can help improve your luck even more. For example, the packages of Positive Thinking, Live In The Moment and Think Big can
accelerate your luck.

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