The Science of Trust and Betrayal with John Gottman, Ph.D. - John M. Gottman

The Science of Trust and Betrayal with John Gottman
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The Science of Trust and Betrayal with John Gottman, Ph.D. – John M. Gottman

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World renown relationship expert, Dr. John Gottman’s newest research reveals the dynamics of betrayal and how to safeguard (or heal) your relationship.  Based on this research, Dr. Gottman will discuss his new theory of how to conceptualize “trust” and “betrayal” using interdependence game theory during this recording. Trust and betrayal metrics here are not personality traits, but characteristics of daily interaction processes.

Join Dr. Gottman as he presents practical flowcharts for how couples build trust and loyalty, versus how couples build distrust and betrayal. The social skill of “emotional attunement” will be described precisely. New strategies for preventing distrust and betrayal, and strategies for healing from betrayal will be presented. During this presentation, these concepts will be illustrated from actual cases.

  • Describe the fundamental process for building or eroding trust.
  • Explain the fundamental process for building loyalty or eroding loyalty.
  • Discuss the broad outlines of a three-phase therapy for healing from betrayal.

Gottman Research and Methods

  • Previous work with couples
  • Basic research and intervention research
  • What predicts divorce

The Sound Relationship House Theory and the 7 Principles for Making Relationships Work

The Science of Trust

  • Trust and Betrayal
  • Why do people have affairs?
  • Does Trust matter?

What is “Trust”?

  • “ATTUNE”ment
  • Major research finding on Trust

Changing Distrust to Trust – Therapeutic Tools

  • Gottman-Rapoport Exercise
  • Dreams Within Conflict
  • Aftermath of a Fight
  • Guide to Great Listening
  • The Stress-Reducing Conversation


  • Negative CL-alts begin the cascade toward Betrayal
  • What is a Negative CL-ALT
  • Case example
  • Gottman-Rusbult-Glass Cascade toward Betrayal (24-Steps)

Healing From An Affair

  • Gottman Atone, ATTUNE, Attach therapy

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