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Tapout XT – MMA Woricout

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Tapout XT – MMA Woricout

Tapout XT MMA Workout Review – Does It Really Work?

Although I’ve never trained as an MMA fighter, I have taught kickboxing classes as an instructor. Granted it was more for exercise rather than competition. but when it comes to getting results, I know the level of effort that has to be shown in order to get those results.

For those that aren’t familiar with the term MMA, stands for mixed martial arts. Which uses a combination of different fighting styles to take on an opponent.

When it comes to achieving a super ripped body, there’s no group that understands it better than those that participate in competition that involves fighting. The amount of stress the body goes through is far different than any other type of training.

Today we will be talking about Tapout XT, which is a workout program that involves MMA type training, without the actual fighting. And in this Tapout XT MMA Workout Review, we will ask the question, does it really work?

Let’s find out shall we.

What To Expect With A Tapout XT Workout?

When I used to be a kickboxing instructor, for those taking their first class, one of the most difficult things about taking class was learning the moves. First timers always used to talk about how awkward it felt performing just basic moves.

Obviously this is normal since this is the first time performing such moves, and the body isn’t used to it.

So with this workout, you can pretty much expect the same. This is a total body workout that is heavy on cardio, with a mix of strength training, flexibility and core.

All that is needed for this workout are resistance bands that are included in the workout package. So no need for weights or pull up bars.

BurstFit Pros vs Cons


  • Some of the instructors are actual professional fighters
  • Total body workout
  • Nutrition guide that’s easy to follow
  • 90 day workout chart
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Strike training instructional workout
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