Tapout XT - Exreme Home Fitness 1&2

Tapout XT – Exreme Home Fitness 1&2 digital course

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Tapout XT – Exreme Home Fitness 1&2

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TapouT XT is a high pace and exciting workout inspired by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Tap Out XT is taught by trainer Mike Karpenko, who is joined up by a group of well-known MMA fighters who train with you.

This systems offers a total body workout that is diverse as it is sweat-inducing. It uses the principle of “RIPP”, which stands for Rapid-Fire, Interval, Precision, and Power. The principle of RIPP is based on explosive bursts of strike and kick combinations combined with targeted resistance and power training that will fire your metabolism, build lean muscle and has been said burn up to 1,200 calories per workout.

There are 15 workouts, which include Ultimate Abs XT, legs & back, ripped conditioning, cardio XT, Muay Thai, Competition core, Sprawl & Brawl, Buns & Guns XT , Cross core combat, Yoga XT, Plyo XT, Strength & force upper, and strike training. The workouts are exciting and different .The workouts have varying durations, but are at least 20 minutes long .The workouts are designed to improve your body in 90 days which is how long the workout programme is for.

You will be pushed to limits you never thought possible and shown the way to your very own new and improved body! Mike will get you motivated, show you how to push your body and get you the extreme results you are looking for. TapouT Xt is a excellent program for those looking to lose about 10 or more pounds of body fat

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