Susan Seifert - Immersion in the Self

Susan Seifert – Immersion in the Self digital course

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Susan Seifert – Immersion in the Self

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Susan Seifert – Immersion in the Self

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Misperception and misunderstanding about who you are is at the root of all the wants, all suffering and limitation.

We identify with our body, memories, feelings and perceptions, and that keeps us on a merry-go-round of attachment and aversion. This teleseminar will give you tools to cut through those mistaken understandings and identifications powerfully, often making releasing unnecessary and opening you to the freedom that Lester called the �Ultimate Reality�. It truly is �beyond letting go.�

”Who am I?� is the final question that everyone

answers so why not begin with the final question?

—- Lester Levenson

Many teachers make Self awareness seem elusive and hard to achieve. Some state that you have to overcome, outsmart or even destroy the ego and the mind to realize your Self. This is completely untrue.

Knowing yourself is not difficult, �advanced� or esoteric. Nothing is simpler for you than you! I�ve created this teleseminar to clear up confusion about this topic and to show you how easy it is to drop into your own silent Being and simply be present.

Much of the material in this special Teleseminar is not available in the Sedona Method courses or retreats. It is a unique approach that makes self-discovery obvious and easy.

The teleseminar will include one or more group processes, and plenty of time for questions and one-on-one assistance.

You will receive simple tools for using this approach and integrating it with your other releasing, simply and easily.

This teleseminar has been a great favorite and it�s time to offer it again. I�m looking forward to sharing deepened experience and understanding with you on June 20.

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