Subliminal Shop - Life Tune-Up v5.0 (5.5G – Type A/B/C/D)

Subliminal Shop –  Life Tune-Up v5.0 (5.5G – Type A/B/C/D) digital course

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Subliminal Shop – Life Tune-Up v5.0 (5.5G – Type A/B/C/D)

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This program is not intended to or claimed to act as a means for diagnosing, treating or curing any ailment, disease, dysfunction or disorder.  It is not a replacement for appropriate medical diagnosis and attention from a qualified medical or psychological professional.  If you have any significant issues with your mental, physical and/or emotional health, please seek the appropriate attention and treatment from an appropriately educated and licensed medical and/or psychological professional.  By using this program, you agree that you have read all of the description and disclaimer, and understand it, and agree to follow the instructions herein.  You also agree that you and you alone are responsible for what happens as a result of your using this program.  You agree not to use this program without direct medical and/or psychological supervision if you have any significant mental, emotional and/or physical issues which would normally be treated by an appropriately educated and licensed professional in the medical and/or psychological fields.


This program is the 5th version of the famous Life Tune-Up program, so called because it is designed to affect its user in a variety of different directions all at once in order to result in a significant improvement of the life of the person using it.

This version of the program brings the program up to date with 5.5G technology, including the new Fear Removal Module v4.5.  It is based on the latest technology as of this writing.

In the past, Life Tune-Up included a variety of different script modules to achieve its goals in various different directions.  This version is designed to take that a step further, and instead of using scripting modules, it includes entire finished titles for each major goal.  The result is that you are getting several full titles in one, which accounts for the power and price of this program.  This has never been done before in 5.5G.

The subliminal titles embedded in this program are:

  1. Universal Detox: This program works to detoxify your mind, body and emotions, all at once, to enable maximum healing success.  Depending on your particular circumstances, this may potentially result in:
    • Better nervous system function.
    • Increased mental clarity.
    • Improved emotional state and emotional health.
    • Better functioning of all of the systems in your body, especially the liver and kidneys.
    • More energy (after detox is complete).
    • Improved thinking ability, based on removal of toxic beliefs and the resultant choices, actions and expectations they result in.
    • More happiness.
    • Better mood and attitude.
    • More peace mentally and emotionally.
    • Less stress.
    • Better coping ability.
    • Faster reaction times.
    • Faster recovery from exercise and workouts.
    • Faster recovery from intoxicating substances, such as caffeine, nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, and others.
    • And other benefits as well.
  2. Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer: The fully optimized script found in v3 of USLM, but now enhanced by the latest skeleton script, Fear Removal Module 4.5 and a few other important additions as well.  This program has been repeatedly shown to make a big positive impact for a lot of people in their lives, with results that range from winning a lotto jackpot (no joke) to motivation to succeed and keep going through seemingly impossible circumstances to almost magically finding things work out when you need them to, to “just finding” hundreds of dollars worth of electronic devices and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, to winning over a thousand dollars on slots, to winning multiple raffles back to back to winning consistently at fantasy football.  All of these things have actually been reported by our customers as a result of having used USLM.  This program is what allowed me to keep functioning to work and pay the bills through literally months of such bad circumstances that I would have just given up and gone into deep depression otherwise, which is why I created it in the first place; I also used it to improve my ability to create successful subliminals, which allowed me to improve it further, and so forth.  Whether or not you believe in “luck” (as I do not), this program’s Luck Maximizer component is an important part that functions well. (“Luck” isn’t really random, and because I know what it actually is and how it actually works, you can now produce “luck” at will using the instructions in this program).  USLM will help you keep your thinking positive, find solutions and achieve success instead of allowing negativity and failure based thinking to drag you down.  The Luck Maximizer will help you achieve the best of what is possible at the same time!  This program seeks to use up to three conscious goals that you choose to focus its efforts on.
  3. Ultra Motivation/Overcoming Procrastination: Adjusted and enhanced to play nice with the rest of the script (which turned out to be a surprisingly challenging goal), and re-designed to prevent hardcore procrastinators from resisting or procrastinating in response, this program is aimed at motivating you to achieve your conscious goals (like USLM is), but it also aims to get you past procrastination at the same time.
  4. Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid: Completely revised, brought up to current standards of technology and optimized for current 5.5G in v3.0. The version contained within LTU 5.0 includes physical healing.  The previous Version (2.0, affectionately known as “E2” by it’s users) is a much loved program that is almost universally useful, helpful and beneficial.  It helps you to heal and clear your emotional challenges, damage and issues at a “go at your own pace, but with some urgency” while keeping you from having to deal with the emotional discomfort that doing so may normally entail.  This program has become a staple and a classic, much beloved by almost everyone, and has been called a masterpiece by multiple users.  This version makes the target list for healing and clearing include your mind, body and emotions.  Useful for healing from and clearing emotional pain, damage and traumas that you do and don’t even remember, from simple insults all the way up to breakups, deaths in the family and the like, it will seek to work backwards from the present all the way back to the first day of your life if you give it enough time.  This program (E3), combined with Universal Detox, are worth the price of the program all by themselves.  Please note that the stand alone version of E3 does not include physical healing and clearing.  That is only available here and in the upcoming Universal Healing program.
  5. Self Esteem Subliminal: The self esteem program is designed to improve and increase your self esteem (of course) but this version of that program goes several steps further by improving, developing, enhancing, strengthening and increasing not just self esteem, but also self respect, your sense of self worth and your sense of personal validity.  When combined, these make for a much healthier person and they will literally change your life.
  6. Disconnect From Negative Stress:  Based on Disconnect From Negative Work Stress,  this program instead allows you to disconnect from ALL negative stress from ANY source: work, family, co-workers, bad news, monetary stress, anxiety, worries, overload, driving, taxes, bills, etc.   Also included is a happiness enhancer.  The goal of this program, coupled with Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer and Ultra Motivation/Overcoming Procrastination, is designed to result in a low- to no-stress response to what would normally cause negative stress, while enabling you to find solutions that work and motivating you to get through and past the challenges that would otherwise have created the negative stress.  Low to no negative stress, but still with motivation to achieve success and improve your life. This combination is also worth the entire price of the program, all by itself!  This title has been significantly strengthened in V5.
  7. Genuine Gratitude & Appreciation: What makes everything better? Genuinely appreciating and being grateful for what you have.  This title is aimed at creating this state of mind and emotion, which has a number of surprising benefits:
    • It tends to result in much improved levels of happiness.
    • It tends to make people satisfied more with what they have.  (This program has been designed to prevent this from de-motivating you to achieve your goals and greater success, of course.)
    • It tends to improve personal relationships with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
    • It tends to result in a state of less stress.
    • It tends to make entertainment and enjoyment of things easier, more fulfilling and less expensive, because you can appreciate and enjoy the simple things more.
    • It tends to result in more mental and emotional peace.
    • It also tends to result in attracting more good things into your life.
  8. Happiness & Joy: If you want more happiness and joy in your life, this title is what you want – and let’s face it, who couldn’t benefit from more happiness and joy?  It is included here to enhance the quality of your life, but again, balanced to prevent being so comfortable that you lose motivation to continue improving, achieving greater accomplishments and succeeding beyond what you’ve already done.  It feels very nice!
  9. Let Go Of The Past: This title is aimed at allowing you to let go of things from the past that hold you down and hold you back from growing as a person, living your life to the fullest, being fully happy and achieving your full potential positive potential in whatever directions you wish to do so.  Like the previous title, it is not going to cause you to give someone else a “free pass” for having hurt you or done you wrong, and it is not going to result in you allowing yourself to be mistreated again.  Instead, this program is designed to free you and allow you to grow, live, be happy and achieve your goals and potentials by letting go of what holds you back from the past.
  10. Anger Management: Anger is one of the most destructive of all the emotions, and it is so toxic that it can destroy a person, their relationships, their ability to think and perceive the world clearly, and even their possessions and the possessions of others.  This title helps you to transform anger into useful positive energy to make your life better, without the negative, undesirable, corrosive effects of anger.  It has also been adjusted to deal with hate, another extremely negative, corrosive and self destructive emotion, which holds people back and makes their lives much worse.  Turning anger and hate into positive energies that make your life better instead of poisoning you is the goal of this title.
  11. Overcome Guilt and Shame: Guilt, shame and fear are a triad of extremely negative, destructive and limiting emotional states that can result in horribly bad things in peoples’ lives.  While the Fear Removal Module takes care of the fear, this module deals with guilt and shame.  It is aimed at freeing you and allowing you to live your life, achieve your potentials and be happy without the limitation, pain or manipulation that come from guilt and shame.
  12. Overcome The Victim Mentality: A victim mentality can result from one or both of two situations.  The first is as a result of actually having been a victim of some person, thing or circumstance, which then becomes a part of the accepted self identity of the person.  The second is when a person realizes that they can get something they want (usually attention, pity, special status, special treatment, some form of control, money or special favors) from being, or pretending to be, a victim.  In either case, a victim mentality degrades self respect, self esteem, a sense of self worth and a healthy self identity.  This program works to remove the victim mentality, regardless of what brought it about.

That’s an amazing twelve titles.  If you were to buy them separately, you would be unable to use more than one at a time! But because of the very special optimizations, balancing and adjustments made to each of the parts of Life Tune-Up 5.0, you can now use all of these titles all at once and have all of them work together because they have been custom tuned, adjusted and optimized to work together synergistically as a single mega-title.

Consider this:

  • Life Tune-Up v5 allows you to use and benefit from all twelve titles at once.
  • The script of all titles incorporated into this one have each been individually adjusted by hand to be synergistic with each other.  If you used these titles individually, they would not act synergistically; they would instead be competing for resources to accomplish their individual goals.  This feat required four months of script work, making specific adjustments line by line, checking and re-checking everything that was adjusted against everything in the script to assure that it was synergistic.
  • Life Tune-Up v5 contains a large number of additional features, too – making it much more than just twelve titles in one.  I also added these additional features and sub-goals, including, but not limited to:
  1. Improve your entire life, in every direction, and in all possible ways.
  2. Forgive yourself and others.
  3. Improve your personal maturity.
  4. Improve your wisdom.
  5. Self validation.
  6. Self consideration & compassion to facilitate healing and happiness.
  7. Deal with fear in stress free ways.
  8. Self appreciation.
  9. Disconnect from needing someone else’s approval to heal.
  10. Live the life that allows you to heal and regenerate.
  11. Deservedness for healing.
  12. Kill self pity.
  13. Physical, mental and emotional relaxation to benefit and enhance healing.
  14. Neutralize internal negativity.
  15. Make yourself immune to internal and external negativity.
  16. Use happiness, appreciation and gratitude to help you heal.
  17. Make yourself worthy of your own self love, and allow you to be loving towards yourself.
  18. Fill yourself with and radiate loving and heal and regenerating energy, which seeks to heal and regenerate mind, body and emotions.
  19. Like and love yourself, and if necessary, make yourself deserving of self liking and adjust yourself to be someone you can like and love.
  20. Generate and maintain positive hope.
  21. Balance your ego with humility.
  22. Generate and allow all necessary self confidence for heal and regenerating
  23. Self empowerment.
  24. Self auto-training for making your life better.
  25. Make yourself better in all possible ways and directions.
  26. Do the right thing.
  27. The Auric Shield.  Previously only available in DMSI, this version is significantly improved and enhanced over the version found in DMSI 3.3.1. This will help protect you from negativity from others, energy vampires, unwanted energy influences of your mind, emotions and/or body, the subconscious efforts of others to drag you down for being successful, and things like hate and anger directed at you by others. In LTU 5.0, it effectively functions as a self-generated safe haven in which to heal and clear, deal with your life/self improvement process and overcome your guilt, shame and fears. It is a Non-Directional Reflection Shield, so whatever it reflects will bounce harmlessly back into the universe. It should allow you to achieve a greater degree of relaxation, comfort and success in using Life Tune-Up 5.0 and staying healthier and safe from negative influences and energies in general.

But what else is there to consider?

In Life Tune-Up v5.0, the following improvements and additions have been made to improve on v4.0:

  • LTU v5.0 is the very first program to incorporate a complete Magnus Engine.  The Magnus Engine exists as a 4-part set of technologies which, when combined, produce a vastly more powerful, effective and successful program.  For the last three years, it has consisted of three parts, and I managed to incorporate the first two into the skeleton script of DMSI v3.3 and later.  However, the design and complexity of the third part was such that even after 2+ years of contemplation on the issue, I could find no way to transcribe Part 3 to the skeleton script I have been building for 6G using DMSI.  Upon using LTU v4, the USLM v4 in it triggered an epiphany that led me to a brilliant solution – Part 4 – which is much simpler than Part 3, much less script, easy to incorporate, does the same job as Part 3 and it should even be more efficient and powerful than Part 3 was.  So the completed Magnus Engine in this program consists of Parts 1, 2 and 4 of the Magnus Engine, with Part 3 being retired as obsolete.  The completed Magnus Engine makes the entire program significantly more powerful and effective, which is why v5 now has an Audio to Silence Balancer Ratio of 5 minutes of audio to 2 minutes of rest.
  • A De-Cluttering Module.  This module was suggested too late in the development cycle of v4 to incorporate.  I have incorporated it in v5.
  • Strengthen E3’s Comfort Scripting.  This is what makes it comfortable for you to execute the healing and clearing instructions in E3, without having to deal with the potential discomfort of the process.  This module was strengthened to balance the new power levels of E3, as it was overwhelming that scripting in v4 at times.
  • Improved Anti-Stress Programming.  The Disconnect From Negative Stress program now handles stress more efficiently and effectively.
  • Adjusted Happiness & Joy Programming.  Now it focuses on achieving both short term and long term happiness and joy, instead of just “happiness and joy”, which some people interpreted as “what makes me happiest right this minute”.  This should balance things to achieve the best of both worlds.
  • Improve Your Love Life.  This is a new module added to improve your love life, which is of course not the same as your sex life.  It may help you improve your sex life as a function of or side effect of helping to improve your love life, but it is focused on your love life.
  • Improved Forgiveness Module.  Now it balances self forgiveness and forgiveness of others to improve your life in the long term and short term.
  • Fear Removal Module 4.5. The Fear Removal Module has been upgraded to v4.5.  This upgrade optimizes it for use with the completed Magnus Engine.
  • Plus two new modules that enhance the program skeleton script in general.

Life Tune-Up 5.0 is a single title which is composed not just of modules, but other complete 5.5G titles.  This is so difficult to do that it took me months of working behind the scenes, slowly but surely, to make this possible.  This program covers pretty much everything I wanted in a single “make your life better” program, and with good reason: I designed it for me and my family and friends.  Now, you can get this amazing program for yourself and use it to make your life better too.  What’s not to love?!


Proper use of this program is as follows:

Loops Per Day: Use this program at a rate of 5 (five) loops per day, back to back and uninterrupted.  Recommend using this program while you sleep, unless sleep disruptions occur.

Secondary ASRB: Use this program for 4 (four) days straight, and then take a break of 2 (two) days.

Length Of Use: This program is designed to be used in blocks of 3 months at a time.  You can use it for as many such blocks as you like, but you must use it for at least one block of three months at a time.  It is recommended, but not required, that you take a week off between each block of 3 months you use it consecutively.

Volume Calibration: Calibrate maximum volume by playing the Ocean Surf format and adjusting the volume until you can faintly hear the lowest volume areas, but the highest volume areas are at the same time not too loud on the device you intend to use to play this program.  This will be the maximum useful volume. Next, play the ultrasonic track at this volume.  If the ultrasonic track is still too loud, reduce the volume somewhat.

Age of Users: This program was not designed with people under the age of 18 as intended users.  It is designed for use by people 18 years old and older.  You should avoid exposing persons under the age of 18 to this program, and you should not use it if you are under 18 without direct parental permission and supervision.

What To Expect: This program is the only one of its kind, including 12 full titles.  It is an extraordinarily powerful program, and as such its effects will start becoming apparent for almost all users within days, hours or possibly even just minutes of the start of using it.  It has a heavy focus on emotional, mental and physical healing and is doing a LOT of different things at once.  Therefore, it is likely that most people will experience a sense of lowered energy levels while using this program as it gets started doing all of what it is designed to do, which may cause you to be tired and/or require extra sleep in the beginning.  This will improve over time as the program makes headway towards its goals and your brain, mind and body acclimate to this program.  This tiredness was a design concern, so the program is designed to focus on non-physical changes most, so it does not overload you and use up all of your energy.  As it makes progress, your energy levels will return to normal and may even increase significantly over what they were before you started using the program.

Life Tune-Up 5.0 is designed to trigger your body to counteract some types of toxins in your system in multiple different ways, and you may notice that some such substances no longer have the effects on you that they once did.  If you ingest caffeine, nicotine, THC or another toxin or drug that normally alters your mental, physical or emotional state, this program will seek to override that state shift and return you to the optimal state in which to achieve the goals of the program.  Therefore, it is not recommended that you use these drugs and/or toxins if you can avoid it.  Please inform your doctor if you are currently taking any drug which is considered toxic, as this program may seek to flush it out of your system at an accelerated rate and affect your required dosing.  Always inform your medical and psychological professional when you start this program, and follow their advice on using it with whatever regimen of treatment they have you using, even if that means not using this program.

You will notice that your emotional state changes as a result of the intense healing and clearing, and may change significantly from day to day or even hour to hour in the beginning.  This program may affect your normal sleeping and dreaming patterns.  If listening to it at night causes sleep disruptions, try to listen to it during the day instead.

Because this program uses an advanced subliminal technology known as P6, it will begin affecting you as much as 35 days before you start using it, and for as much as 35 days after you stop using it.  Therefore, it is recommended that unless you are coming to this program from any of the component programs, you allow yourself at least a week of break from whatever subliminal you are coming from before using it, or at least a week (35 days is recommended) of break before using something else after this program.

Needless to say, do not attempt to use this program with any other subliminal program, or any hypnosis, NLP or other mind programming method.

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