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Style’s Sticking Point Destroyer Kit


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This kit, developed by Neil Strauss (Style), helps men with their game by providing sticking points throughout various stages of the process, including:

– Early Game: what to do when noticing a woman and making the approach
– Middle Game: conversation techniques and generating attraction and connection
– Late Game: what to do when you have her and getting to the next level

It also addresses a number of big problem areas:

– Openers being dismissed
– ejecting from set too early
– Not getting dates with women
– Getting the girl to chase you
– Running solid text and phone game
– Building comfort properly
– Not knowing how to calibrate or read IOIs
– Transitioning routines
– Winning over the obstacles
– Mind blanking on the approach
– Not knowing enough PUA material


Meeting Women
Experience Level(s):
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
Learning Format:
  • DVD (Video)
  • eBook
Expert/ Coach/ Author:

Style (Neil Strauss)


Stylelife Academy

Release Date:

February 01, 2014

Product No Longer Available.
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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Abolish approach anxiety
– A mantra to stop negative approach thoughts
– How the mind functions and beating approach anxiety
– The advantage of deep breathing to overcome approach anxiety
– How to defeat your limiting mind and strengthen your freedom mind
– A technique to convince your mind into opening a set without hesitation

Reading people and calibration with style
– A calibration cheat routine
– The green, yellow, red light system
– Training and trusting your own intuition
– Style and an attractive women in a live demonstration
– How Style corrected his own calibration problem
– Using the guess a number from 1-1000 routine
– Style’s main mistake of “The Game” and avoiding it
– The tools of the game and how to use them, and when
– How to avoid destroying sets that are going well
– Preventing over-calibration to avoid becoming a “social robot”
– How to recognize attraction by using an Indicator of Interest (IOI)
– Why women may immediately get “touchy feely” and how to handle it
– Adjusting your actions to bring out the feelings you want a woman to have
– Calibration as a Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV) and strengthening those muscles

The cold reading handbook
– Style’s key to congruency
– The Heart Routine
– The Ring Finger Routine
– A full and Tarot card guide
– How to sound like an expert
– A cold read based on blood type
– Developing a foundation of perfectly natural cold reads
– How to disqualify and tease a woman based on her astrological sign
– Using cold reads to win over the toughest and most skeptical sets

Astrology and the esoteric arts with Evolve
– Synergizing your Tarot readings
– The uber-powerful Astrology disqualifier
– An easy to learn quick cold read routine for each sign
– Key astrology buzz words that make you look professional
– Talking about astrology in a way so you do not appear weird
– A routine for getting beyond the isolating lulls in conversation
– Using astrology to playfully neg and flirt while building attraction
– Deepen your connection with a woman by arguing over her sign
– An Astrology DHV for developing comfort and creating a deeper connection
– Astrology as a means of mastering a woman’s world, and getting to ‘day two’
– How to correctly guess a woman’s sign and what to do if you guess wrong

Advanced Kino and Massage with Gypsy
– Getting a woman to give you a massage
– How to safely kino a woman with hand reflexology
– Telling a DHV story to solidify your kino massage
– How to make women more comfortable with your touch
– How to seductively transition from massage to kiss close
– Using the tension in a woman’s hand to cold read her body
– Built in kino escalation that moves through parts of the body
– Gypsy’s Chakra kiss close (ties into cold reading and massage)
– Creating a kino escalation environment that appeals to a woman’s senses
– A pressure point technique used in isolation to open her up to mutual touch

What You Get:

– 3 DVDs
– 2 ebooks
– Personal training program

Guarantee / Terms:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-day trial to Style’s Dating Master Program.
See SLA membership details in notice of terms and conditions.

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