Special Education Law in Michigan - John B. Comegno II

Special Education Law in Michigan – John B. Comegno II digital course
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Special Education Law in Michigan – John B. Comegno II

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  • Balance the needs of the students with legal compliance and resources
  • Develop a data-driven, bullet proof IEP
  • Avoid costly mistakes and defend IEPs the right way
  • Leave this seminar with concrete best practices to ensure compliance with legal mandates

One of the greatest challenges that you face today is ensuring compliance and implementation of the IDEA. With the many recent changes in both federal and state special education regulations, it is essential that you not only have an awareness of the changes taking place, but also have an understanding of how these changes impact your day-to-day activities and the students you serve. A cursory knowledge of the law or applying common sense does not begin to protect school districts and professionals against the potential legal and financial consequences of misinterpreting special education regulations. Attend this seminar for the latest information on developments in the reauthorized IDEA and gain practical advice on how to effectively implement IDEA requirements in order to ensure compliance with the regulations while meeting the needs of students with disabilities. Find answers to the following questions and many more.

What are the current Best Practices?

How can data assist in IEP defense and litigation?

How can I better support our schools, teachers and special education staff?


The Rules: Legal Basis and Policy Basics

  • Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act
  • Basis and Goals
  • Development of the Law
  • Compare/Contrast Laws
  • Section 504
  • Special Education Considerations
  • General Education Particulars
  • Eligibility

Rules for Identification and Evaluation

  • IDEA
  • Evaluation Options

Staying out of Trouble; Simple Ways to Avoid Due Process

  • Comegno Combat Rules
  • Practical Suggestions
  • Capitalizing on District Resources

Discipline and Behavioral Intervention

  • Constitutional Limitations
  • General Education Rules and Regulations
  • IDEA
  • Regulatory Concerns
  • MDs, FBAs, and other Great, Important Acronyms
  • Tips

Effective and Compliant IEPs

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Practical Considerations
  • Who? When? How? How Long?

Ethical Considerations

  • Student Records Issues
  • “Need to Know”
  • Rules; FERPA, IDEA, State Rules
  • Team Involvement
  • Involvement of Teacher and Others
  • Scenarios
  • Case Law


  • Compare IDEA and Section 504 principles and policy basics.
  • Explain policy basis for the major disability laws.
  • List four strategies to help avoid due process and other issues.
  • Summarize three strategies that properly address behavioral and disciplinary concerns.
  • Outline the IEP development process that meets regulatory requirements.
  • Examine sensitivities to ethical considerations in the delivery of special education and physical accommodations.
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