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Shinzo Takagaki – The Techniques of Judo

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“The Techniques of Judo” is a fully illustrated and authoritative
manual, providing step-by-step explanations, practical pointers, and
thorough analyses of all the most commonly used judo techniques, or
“wazas.” Illustrated with over 550 black and white photographs, this
martial arts book is an invaluable introduction to judo for beginners as
well as a complete repertory for the advanced practitioner, or

First published more than 50 years ago, “The
Techniques of Judo” offers incisive descriptions of more than 70 hand
throws, hip throws, leg throws, back and side throws, holding
techniques, strangling techniques, armlock techniques, together with
their variations and appropriate counter-techniques.

The introduction contains an outline description of
the sport, its history and objectives, the contests and the grappling
system, with a penetrating discussion of the principle of balance and
minimum effort that is basic to a scientific understanding of the sport.


Shinzo Takagaki (1893–1977) was a pioneer in judo.

Takagaki brought judo to Australia in 1928, and Africa in 1931, and was considered to be an authority in judo. He is considered to be the father of judo in Asia as he taught in India, Burma, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, and Taiwan. Takagaki also taught judo in Argentina at the invitation of Juan Perón, as well as Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Cuba.

He co-authored a book called The Techniques of Judo.

He attended Nihon University and was considered to be a spy for Japan.

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