Sean Casey - U. S. Navy SEAL workout

Sean Casey – U. S. Navy SEAL workout digital course
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Sean Casey – U. S. Navy SEAL workout

Salepage : Sean Casey – U. S. Navy SEAL workout

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The Navy SEALs Workout is a 55 minute routine that was filmed at the Naval Special Warfare Center. Navy SEAL instructors effortlessly lead BUD/S trainees through a rigorous PT session. This is actually a compilation of several workouts led by various instructors and combined into one video session. I have every Navy SEAL fitness video available and this is by far the most difficult and physically demanding DVD of its type. A pull-up bar and dip bars are required for the workout.

I doubt that anyone other than a Spec Ops warrior can successfully complete the workout as shown on their first try. I’m in good shape and I still can’t complete the whole routine at the pace shown. The number of repetitions for the upper body exercises appear deceptively easy at first. They soon become difficult because of the slow, strict form that is used. What really makes them hard is the use of negatives where you hold the position for extended times. The multiple sets are also performed with very little rest. Be prepared for some pain! The abdominal, neck, and leg exercises rely on sets of very high repetitions with no rest in between to push you past your limits. For example, some of the exercises include, 100 two-count “good morning darlings” and 100 four-count neck rotations followed immediately by 100 two-count up and down. You will also be performing 200 reps for the first set of squats. These exercises are designed for extended muscle endurance. Be prepared for more pain!

The production quality is good with detailed instruction at the beginning of each segment. The SEAL instructors are the epitome of physical fitness and they are motivating examples for others to follow. This is challenging, hard core PT that will either make you stronger or make you quit.

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