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Scott Sonnon – Warrior Wellness

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Scott Sonnon – Warrior Wellness


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Scott Sonnon has a lot of fitness and wellness materials out, and for me they vary greatly in quality and suffer from a lack of a coherent overall organizing theme that someone unfamiliar with his training philosophy can understand. Don’t misunderstand, Scott does organize his materials, but the organization is a little too clever for ‘outsiders’ to appreciate, and comes off as somewhat parochial, so it can be very hard to figure out where in the overall scheme each program is supposed to fit. I have dozens of his tapes and DVDs because I often learn from his materials, but there is only one that I find myself coming back to again and again because I feel I understand what it is supposed to accomplish and can remember it and use it anywhere and anytime. That program is Warrior Wellness.

It’s a shame that they discontinued this ingenious program because it is one of the best things this author has produced in my opinion. It is a very straightforward, efficient, and effective solution for any situation where you need to prepare for more strenuous movement. It is a very comprehensive joint by joint mobility program that while using relatively simple movements hits a wide variety of angles in multiple dimensions. From the first time I watched this DVD to the present day I have used the movements from this program as part of my basic warmup, and I often even use it to get ready for the day when I feel stiff in the morning. It serves as a great “diagnostic check” of all your important joints when you aren’t feeling 100%.

I wouldn’t rely on this alone as for flexibility improvement, but that’s not its primary purpose. The movements are optimized to help your joints function best in their current natural range of movement, not to radically increase your range of movement.

Personally, I much prefer this program to “Intu-Flow,” the far more elaborate program that replaced it. Intu-Flow seems to me to have a lot more complex movements and many of them seem more arbitrary to me. I find it harder to remember the sequences from that program, and consequently it has not “stuck” for me like Warrior Wellness did. It takes longer and doesn’t seem to accomplish any more than Warrior Wellness.

For those situations where you want a joint by joint checkup or preparation for strenuous movement prior to your more sport-specific warmup movements, a very useful tool to have in your kit, Warrior Wellness is a top of the line easy to use and effective program. If you can get a copy, treasure it. If not, the Intu-Flow product has much of the same materials in it, although I think most people will have to put more time and effort into getting the same benefit from it compared to Warrior Wellness. In Intu-Flow, Scott stretches the elegant joint set from Warrior Wellness into an hour long “longevity system” workout that turns the mobility system into a more complete low-intensity fitness session for improving quality of life by improving quality of movement.

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