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Sara Dean – SuperMom Fat Loss System

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Sara Dean – SuperMom Fat Loss System


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Did you know that the most powerful, legal and safe fat loss drug is already available to you?


Every food that you eat effects every cell and hormone in your body. And since it has a direct influence on your physiology,  width=we can classify FOOD as a drug. One example of how this works is when someone consumes too much sugar in their diet for too many years and develops type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is an insulin-dysfunction.

If your muscles are your fat burning machinery, then your hormones are the electricity that powers the engine. It doesn’t matter how powerful the machine is, if the power is off or not working effectively, your fat burning machinery (aka muscles) are rendered useless.

As a mom, you have a unique challenge. You probably remember your body feeling out-of-whack when you were pregnant. Although our babies are worth it, let’s be honest, kids take a toll on your once toned and tight body.

This is because of the extreme hormonal stress your body undergoes. Even after you’ve given birth it can take several months or years to bring your hormones back in Sync.

But the worst news is… most diets and poorly programmed exercise regimens actually keep your body and hormones out of Sync. The Hormone-Syncing Diet directly effects your body at the cellular level to bring your fat fighting hormones (insulin, cortisol, and leptin to name a few) back into Sync and allow your body to easily shed unwanted fat.

Here are just 2 major ways to train your hormones to become your fat-burning allies is to:

a. Eating the right combination of foods at the right time
The right combinations of foods, delivered to your body at the right time, can actually tell your cells to curb your sugar cravings, burn stored fat as energy, help you sleep better, and give you more energy.

In fact when you combine the right foods together, you never have to worry about how many calories your eating, instead you can eat until you feel satisfied unlike other diet programs that leave you feeling hungry and deprived.

The Hormone-Syncing Diet lays out the optimal combinations of food you need to be eating and at what times of the day to have the maximal fat loss effect.

b. Having a strategically scheduled, guilt-free cheat day
If you follow any diet for too long, your body will actually reverse your efforts by slowing down your metabolism, causing you to store more fat, usually in your belly.

This is mostly because your body begins to think it’s in starvation mode and this is a last ditch effort to survive and stay alive (think bears getting fat before hibernation). If you’re thinking, “this must be another hormone thing”? You’re right. It is.

More specifically, I’m talking about the hormone Leptin which controls your appetite and metabolism. Your Leptin levels fall when ever you diet for too long bringing your metabolism to a screeching halt and your hunger drive to become uncontrollable.

An easy way to prevent your Leptin levels to fall is to have a strategically placed cheat day in your program.
Also, by having a strategically placed cheat day, you’ll be able to have a mental break from your program and also enjoy the foods you like, guilt-free.

#2: Less Time More Burn (LTMB)™ workouts

Ah, this is where I reveal how you can cut your workout time in half and quadruple the amount of fat your body burns – all  width=day long! Sound too good to be true? This is how it works.

There’s a certain way to exercise that will activate your bodies “After-Burn” mechanism. This after-burn mechanism is revved up when your workout stimulates your cells to require more oxygen than normal.

And just like when you fan a flame it grows hotter and bigger, your metabolism burns hotter and uses up more fat as fuel as longs as those cells require more oxygen. The only problem is that your typical workout never even comes close to activating this crucial fat loss mechanism. Instead you burn a few fat calories while you’re doing the exercise and that’s it!

What you want is to perform a workout that stimulates every muscle, takes less than 20 minutes to complete (you’re a mom remember, we know you don’t have time for more than that), and revs up your After-Burn mechanism so you can burn up to 4x more fat all day long!

Let me give you a sampling of our patented Less Time More Burn workout method.

One of the main principles of the LTMB workout method is Intensity. Of all the factors of exercise that get you results (frequency, time, type, etc) your body responds most favorably to intensity.

In fact, high intensity workouts activate your “After Burn” mechanism more often than any other type of exercise. So instead of spending more time at the gym, you can can get better results by simply adjusting your workout intensity.

LTMB workouts are designed to ignite your After Burn mechanism every workout, in the shortest time possible. With the Less Time More Burn method, you will quadruple your results and cut your exercise time in half. Can you say Win-Win.


#3: Dynamic Muscle Activation Method™

One of the biggest mistakes most women make when exercising at the gym is trying to isolate and target their problem areas.

Sure it seems like it makes sense, you want to tighten up your inner thighs
so you jump on the Adductor leg machine. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t think this makes sense and trying to spot reduce any area of your body is practically impossible.

The best know way to tone and tighten your troubled areas is to activate as many muscles as possible to burn fat all day long.

But instead of jumping from machine to machine, attempting to work them all separately, your best option is to do the exercises that activate the highest number of muscles in a single movement.

Dynamic Muscle Activation Method exercises are designed to call upon the highest number of muscles to burn fat and build lean muscle. Again, getting the fastest results possible in the least amount of time.


#4: SuperMoms Blueprint™

How do you know where you’re going if you don’t have a road map? Or better yet, how do you build the body you want if you don’t have a Blueprint?

I would say that the biggest reason so many people fail at sticking to their New Year’s weight loss resolutions is that they don’t have a tried and trusted blueprint to follow. Most people, and it’s ok if you’ve been guilty of this also, mindlessly go to the gym and do the exercises they’re familiar, pausing in the middle of their workout to “think about” what comes next. Or they pull a random workout from a Women’s Fitness Magazine just because the model was skinny.

Getting in shape and achieving a SuperMom body takes work. It isn’t going to be easy. But by having a blueprint to follow every day, every week every month, you always know what the next step is going to be and you can confidently take each of those steps, one-at-a-time until you’ve achieved the body you desire.

Our high rate of success at Fit Healthy Moms is directly related to our SuperMom Success Blueprint, where we lay out every single workout, every single meal and every single step so you can be guaranteed to reach your destination by simply following the plan, like hundreds of SuperMoms have already done.

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