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Samir Chantre – Hip Clamp Guard

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Samir Chantre is a 9 time American National BJJ champion and the creator of one of the strongest half guard attacking positions – The Hip Clamp Guard.

The hip clamp is a new guard that allows you a very secure way to spin under without giving your opponent the opportunity to stack or get tight to you. This guard can lead you to modern positions such as the leg drag or berimbolo and also to traditional positions as well.

Whether you want to sweep, take the back, or go straight to submissions, the hip clamp can lead you there in a safe way. The most flexible and the least flexible will both find solutions through the hip clamp guard.

1 Intro

2 Key points

3 Hip clamp sweep

4 Lapel grip sweep

5 To straight ankle lock

6 To toe hold

7 To leg drag

8 Rolling under back take 1

9 Rolling under back take 2

10 Rolling under back roll sweep

11 Rolling under knee bar

12 Rolling under calf slicer

13 X-Guard sweep

14 X-Guard sweep to leg drag

15 X-Guard sweep to the back

16 Berimbolo

17 Straight ankle

18 Far leg technical stand up

19 Far leg toe hold

20 Outro


Samir Chantre is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Alan Moraes, though much of his training has been supervised also by world champion Caio Terra. Samir Chantre has an extensive competitive record in which he obtained medals at important tournaments such as the World No-Gi Championships, the Brazilian Nationals, and the European Open, being also the co-founder of Ares Jiu-Jitsu one of the top teams in the sport.

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