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Sadhgum Jaggi Vasudev – Vaibhav Shiva

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Sadhgum Jaggi Vasudev – Vaibhav Shiva

Shiva, the Adi Guru according to the yogic tradition, and Sadhguru’s “50 % partner”, as he refers to him half-jestingly, has always played a pivotal role in Isha. In celebration of the glorious ways of Shiva, Sadhguru created a unique, one-off program – Vaibhav Shiva.

A carefully selected cultural program with aesthetic and expressive fusion of classical Indian and modern dance, traditional cultural performances, and the pristine music by Sounds of Isha set the right mood. Embedded in this elaborate framework, Sadhguru intertwined the rich legends around Shiva with powerful meditation processes – each one revealing another essential truth about life itself. In this experiential exploration, he delved deep into the abysmal nothingness, the unbounded universality and the glaring paradoxes that Shiva embodies, defines and reconciles within himself.

The way Sadhguru not just presented this ultimate yogi during the program, but literally transformed himself (and his surroundings) into Shiva’s each and every aspect, left no doubt about his true lineage – there is one with us who is truly eligible to say “Shivo Ham” (I am Shiva)…

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