Ross Jeffries - Magick Remote Influence Seminar - Los Angeles March 2012

Ross Jeffries – Magick Remote Influence Seminar – Los Angeles March 2012 digital course
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Ross Jeffries – Magick Remote Influence Seminar – Los Angeles March 2012


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Ross Jeffries – Magick Remote Influence Seminar – Los Angeles March 2012

Here’s Exactly What I Mean By Magick

 width=Magick, as defined by Aleister Crowley (one of the fathers of the modern practice) has nothing to do with rubbing lamps and getting wishes granted by genies. Magick means,

“Change according to the will.”

It is the structured use of personal ritual, symbology, movement, and breath to:

Uncover and bring to light deeply hidden patterns that are profoundly embedded in the personality
Deconstruct them so they no longer bind you, distorting your perception and driving your behavior
Design in the qualities of personality and ability that you would like to have to bring you to where you want to be in your life.

Become Truly Free

In other words, “magick” by this definition is a psycho-technology. A way of unbinding and “de-robotizing” oneself so one can become truly free to use the full creative potential of mind on all levels: Conscious, Unconscious, and “Super-conscious”.

What Is “Non-Local” Influence?

You can look at humans as functioning on two levels:

A simple, materialistic, “cause and effect” level. In this model, humans are just bags of chemicals, everything is matter, all information comes in through the 5 senses, and everything works in a straight line, with linear progress

A “non-materialistic/non cause and effect” level. In this model, humans are more accurately described as patterns of information, we are all connected “non-locally”, no matter how physically separated we may appear to be by distance, information and order can be duplicated without having to travel across any distance, and chaos and non-linear shifts and jumps are what make the world really work.

Here’s The Really Important Part, And What You’ll Learn
When You Enroll In This Seminar

The smart view (and the real skill) is to be able to walk back and forth between these two, according to what the situation calls for.

That’s what I’ll be teaching in this event and what you’ll learn to master.

Let Me Tell You Just Some Of The Secrets You Will Learn
From Me, That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!!

How To Cultivate The Three Types Of Consciousness – Witness, Will and Creative- To Create Change In Yourself And Your World.

How To Pre-Influence Events And Circumstances In Your Favor – Why wait for that business meeting to start or for the evening of “meeting people” to begin, before you start getting results? Learn to reach out and “pre-influence” events energetically so they roll around in your favor as you wish them to! Get the leg up on the competition before THEY even step out the door!

How To Step Into The Most Important people In Your Life And Know Their True Thoughts And Intentions – (What would that be worth finding out BEFORE you enter a potentially disastrous business deal, negotiation, relationship or even marriage?)

How To Shift The Thoughts Of Others Without Saying A Word And Without Even Having To Be In Their Presence – This can be used to shift general emotional attitudes of others towards you and pre-dispose them to be more co-operative, friendly, seducible OR it can be used for more specific thought “guiding”, as in seduction, business deals, promotions, hiring and similar areas of endeavor!

Secrets Of Command Presence! How To Radiate Authority, Power And Silently Give The Message You Are A Person To Be Given Priority And Respect!!!

How To Program Others To Dream What You Wish – Here it is, my fabulous “Dream VCR”. Learn to influence others erotically AND OTHERWISE when they are dreaming and asleep! Married, single or somewhere in between, THINK OF THE POTENTIAL! This is the “stealth” technique that you can use to have people thinking the thoughts about you that you want and ENJOYING taking the actions you want them to take!

Two Different Methods For Remotely Influencing Those In The Same Room Or Building As You (These methods are ideal for “line of sight” influencing of others, whereas the other methods I will teach you don’t even require you to be in the same city!)

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