Ritchie Yip & Stephan Kesting - The Precision Kickboxing Masterclass

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Ritchie Yip & Stephan Kesting – The Precision Kickboxing Masterclass

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Volume 1, The Big Picture, Fundamentals, Stance, and Footwork

In this section you’ll first get an overview of the entire Precision Kickboxing program so that everything fits together and makes sense for you.

Then we’ll cover stance in way so that you’ll always be in good position when you’re fighting and able to deliver your punches and kicks at will.

Finally we’ll show you adaptive footwork so you can control the range you’re at and be able to put your favorite strikes exactly on target.

After building your foundation correctly in this section you’ll find mastering the rest of the material become much easier!

Volume 2, Kickboxing Tools (Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Knees)

In volume 2 we dig into the 18 different punches and kicks that you’re going to use to attack your opponent. From the jab to the hook kick, from the uppercut to the knee strike, you’ll learn them all.

We’ll show you exactly how to punch and kick so that your strikes are fast and powerful.  You’ll learn how to make them non-telegraphic.  And we’ll work with you so that your strikes are counter-proof, which means that they don’t leave you wide open to counters.

Ritchie has worked with thousands and thousands of students, so he knows the most common mistakes for these attacks and how to fix them quick.

Volume 3, Rock Solid Kickboxing Defenses

In volume 3 you’ll get the best defenses to all the kickboxing attacks, arranged in Ritchie’s ‘Triple H’ defensive formula.

You’ll learn how to use all the different kinds of head movement to slip, dodge and duck strikes.  You’ll get the best ways to use your hands and legs to block, parry and redirect punches and kicks.  And you’ll become an expert at using footwork to get off the line of fire.

These are rock solid defenses for every attack you’re likely to see in the ring. Plus you’ll also get the drills to make these defenses instinctive in sparring or in a real fight.

Volume 4, The Most Effective Kickboxing Combinations

Combinations are incredibly important, because in a fight you’ll rarely land the one magic fight-ending blow on your first attempt. Most of the time those punches and kicks will have to come in bunches, so you might as well train this way from the beginning…

The punching and kicking combinations in this volume are proven, high percentage attacks that’ll keep your opponent on the run.

Throwing a combination when your partner is holding pads for you is easy; bang, bang, bang, you just hit them.  But as soon as you start sparring then choosing the right combination at the right time becomes a lot more difficult.

That’s why the combinations in this section connect together.  The first strike sets up the next strike, the second sets up the third, and so on until your opponent is completely overwhelmed.

Volume 5, The Art and Science of Counterattacking

Defense may keep you safe but counterattacking is the dark art that puts fear into your opponent’s heart. This entire volume is dedicated to showing you how to make your opponent pay for even thinking about hitting you.

You’ll learn how to systematically counter every strike you might encounter, including exactly what to do with your hands, feet and body at every step of the way. And we’ll also show you how to time your counterattacks so they land whenever you want them to.

This is advanced material, but Ritchie’s system breaks it down for you and shows you the simplest, easiest way to get good at counterattacking fast.

Volume 6, Solo, Partner and Equipment Drills

The drills in this section will hardwire all the techniques and information in The Precision Kickboxing Masterclass into your brain.

These are the same drills used by pro fighters to make their movements fast, smooth and instinctive.  You’ll learn how to

You’ll learn how to drill your kickboxing skills by yourself, with a partner, and using common equipment found in almost every gym.  And you’ll learn how to maintain perfect form so that you don’t develop any bad habits for the ring.

Volume 7, Sparring Progressions

Sparring is absolutely essential for developing real kickboxing skills, but at the same time getting beat up again and again by someone much better than you doesn’t really teach you much.

So don’t just jump into full sparring and go for broke.  Instead you should gradually work your way through a progression where you become more and more comfortable with sparring.  In reality you need to learn exactly how to keep your eyes open, see punches coming, and then pick the right defenses and counters.

Ritchie Yip sparring drill progression will ease you into sparring. This section will help a LOT of people learn how to keep their wits about them in the chaotic environment of a sparring match or fistfight.

Volume 8, Winning Fight Strategies

In a kickboxing match you could face many different types of opponents.  Eventually you’ll have to square off against aggressive brawlers who only move forward, canny counterfighters waiting for you to make a

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