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Ray Edwards – Platform Training

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Ray Edwards – Platform Training

Ray Edwards – Platform Training

Archive : Ray Edwards – Platform Training

This also includes the Member’s Monthly Bonus videos for May, June and July 2013.

The Blogging for Business Course was updated in July 2013 and this includes both the old and new versions.

I also took the time to go through all the 100’s of comments posted on all the courses and have taken screen shots (PNGs) of the important ones.

In addition to that I’ve made and included links to any juicy resources mentioned in the comments or elsewhere.

This is truly the full monty. Enjoy!

P.S.: We are overloaded with information these days so if you watch this, please post an objective review in the comments below so that other members can have an unbiased opinion of whether this would be useful for them.

P.P.S.: I haven’t watched all of this yet so I cannot give a comprehensive review. Just to give a heads up, Laura has a sort of nasaly voice and her delivery may come across as a cheerleader type teenager to some but don’t let that prevent you from getting your nuggets of good and solid information and experience (she has made her millions mainly from Social Media). Also this does cover the absolute and literal basics of setting up accounts and stuff so you can easily skip that stuff if you are tech savvy.

The following description is clipped from the Video Sales Page here: http://video.lkrsocialmedia.com/social-media-marketing-cours…

We Promise Just One Thing: Get More Clients From Social Media!

Let’s get real – you’re not here because you would just loooove to spend all day learning about social media. (You don’t have to pretend, it’s cool, we get it.)

You’re into social media for what it can DO (or more precisely, what it could do but isn’t doing) for your business.

You’re looking for a way to consistently get more clients without spending all day on the phone cold calling or going to terrible local networking events.

Because no matter what you sell, we’re all in the same boat: without clients, we have no business.

So your inkling that there could be something to this whole “social media” thing is correct – in fact the stats show that your prospects are on Facebook at this very moment! They’re probably on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube too.

They’re on social media, but where are you? Are you showing up when they’re looking? Or are you letting a big ol’ source of cash money pass you right by?

The Complete Social Media Courses Included in Social Media Marketer:

  1. Intro to Social Media Marketing ($297.00)
    2. Your Profitable Website ($297.00)
    3. Blogging for Business ($297.00)
    4. Zero to Facebook ($297.00)
    5. Social Media Automation ($297.00)
    6. Backstage Pass to Twitter ($297.00)
    7. Advanced Content Marketing ($297.00)
    8. Video Marketing ($297.00)
    9. Zero to YouTube ($297.00)
    10. Social Media List Building ($297.00)
    11. Zero to Pinterest Marketing ($297.00)
    12. Advanced Social Media Metrics & Data ($297.00)
    13. Social Media Monitoring and Response ($297.00)
    14. Zero to LinkedIn ($297.00)
    15. Advanced Social Media Selling ($297.00)
    16. Zero to Google Plus($297.00)
    17. Advanced Business Systems ($297.00)
    18. Advanced Email Marketing ($297.00)

Total Value: $5,346

+ Members Monthly Bonuses (3 Videos) 
+ Important Comments (PNGs) 
+ Resource Links

Still Wondering Exactly Whats Inside? Try This Delicious Sampler Plate

Social Media Marketer contains only in-the-trenches real deal stuff. Here’s just a small taste of what’s inside:

Automatically send out each new blog post to all of your social network and track exactly where your clicks have come from

Put the systems in place just once that will send targeted visitors to your Facebook page day in and day out

The language you need to get customers to not only visit your Facebook page but actually click the “like” button once they’re there

How often you need to post on your blog, and what you should talk about to increase sales

How to schedule and automate a month’s worth of social media content in one sitting

What your Twitter profile picture should be for maximum engagement and follows

Your to-do list for maximizing Twitter in just 10 minutes a day (or less)

The simple trick for ensuring that people visit your website after they watch your videos on YouTube

The dead-simple techniques for spending less time than you ever thought possible on social media

Leverage what you’re already doing on Facebook to get ranked in the search engines

See exactly how many paying customers each social media site is bringing you so you’ll know where to spend your time

Get your page to show up on related Facebook pages without spending any money on Facebook ads

And hundreds of other simple strategies!

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