Phill Grove – Mortgage Assignment Profit System

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Phill Grove – Mortgage Assignment Profit System

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Phill Grove – Mortgage Assignment Profit System

Phill Grove – Mortgage Assignment Profit System

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 width=I’d like to introduce you to a new, cutting-edge investing
strategy you may not be very familiar with.

It’s called “Mortgage Assignment.”

Mortgage Assignment is one of the best, easiest, and most
lucrative investing strategies for the current market we’re in.
In fact, it’s THE PERFECT investing strategy for today.

Here’s why:

With Mortgage Assignments, you are simply offering “un-sellable”
houses you’ve never seen (which there are a LOT of right now)…
to “un-loanable” buyers you’ve never met (which there are also a
LOT of right now).

Sellers love this strategy because it’s a quick and easy way for
them to sell a house that they’ve had a hard time selling. (This
strategy works great even if their house has little, no, or even
negative equity!)

And they are able to sell their house fast for near full market
value! (Just imagine how many of these types of sellers and
properties are out there right now??)

And buyers LOVE this strategy because it’s an easy way for them
to buy a house without qualifying for credit… and without making
a large down payment.

(These types of buyers are everywhere, because as you know, it’s
very difficult to buy a house today with conventional financing…
even if you have good credit and a 20% down payment.)

Each time you do one of these Mortgage Assignment deals… you
earn approximately $10,000 a pop! (I know investors here in the
Austin area who are currently doing 5 to 8 of these deals each

AND… it does not cost you any money whatsoever to implement this
Mortgage Assignment strategy! This is truly a “no money down”
strategy!! (Even the marketing to find leads for this strategy
is NO COST… because it involves using Craig’s List!)

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