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Perry Marshall – Remarketing Dynamite

Perry Marshall – Remarketing Dynamite


Perry Marshall – Remarketing Dynamite

Perry Marshall – Remarketing Dynamite

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Why Remarketing Makes AdWords and PPC New Again

In the early days of AdWords, it was “spray and pray.” You would grab as many keywords as you could possibly find and sling mud against the wall.

And if you even halfway knew what you were doing, it worked.

A few years later, if you wanted to wedge into a tight market, you did something completely different:

You honed in on ONE keyword. Maybe even one EXACT MATCH keyword.

And even if you labored for six weeks on that one keyword, you just hammered down and tested until you nailed that thing.

And THEN you expanded from there.

Six months later you might have 1000 keywords but it all started with “chiseling your way in” at first.

Well now, in a great many markets, you can’t even do that.

The place where you chisel your way in is… remarketing!

Those people already came to your site.

But in my experience (RECENT experience with PROOF and numbers) anywhere between 10% and 30% of the people who visit your website would buy from you and could buy from you. And the time is right…

But they didn’t buy from you.

And they didn’t opt in.

And they didn’t sign up for your podcast or anything else.

So you are destined to completely miss them unless you use retargeting.

Well what’s cool is that 10% to 30% can be reached affordably and they are warm and to some degree they fit your ideal customer profile so they are perfect for testing ads and offers and headlines and subject lines. And book titles and product names and everything else.

You can build “Virtual Autoresponder” sequences.

You can adjust the timing… this comes on day 1, this other thing shows up day 2.

And as they see your advertising around the web, they become intrigued.

I’m getting that from my ads and blog posts now. Yesterday I was the guest on a podcast and the interviewer mentioned a blog post that he’d seen because of my retargeting.

This works, folks. And from my almost-20 year perspective on PPC, I have seen that

  1. there is always a part of PPC where a giant mob of people is pounding away (like a bunch of six year olds playing soccer… you can’t see the ball but you can see the mob of kids) and…
  2. there is always a part of PPC that most people are ignoring. They don’t realize it’s an art form, they don’t realize there’s all kinds of possibilities and methods and techniques that hardly anyone is applying, simply because it’s not “sexy” enough or “hot” enough.

Well right now, #1 is Google and Facebook ads, the way most people do them.

Category #2 is YouTube ads and Remarketing.

Remarketing is new again because there are so many options you now have to link Google Analytics and custom audiences with Google retargeting so you can hit the EXACT people you need with the exact message, and do it with ease.

For Just $299 (or Less) This is a No Brainer…

“But Perry, I can’t afford this…”

If you can’t afford $39 plus a New Renaissance membership (or $299 if you don’t like memberships)… then you probably should quit and get a job.

Seriously, can you afford to NOT do this? This is found money. Laying on the ground, waiting for you to pick up. So many AdWords advertisers are gun shy, because AdWords is thick with competition and cold traffic is often icy – Titanic sunk beneath frigid waters icy.

But Remarketing is warm. And, if you do it right, it’s HOT.

If a visitor comes to your website and does nothing, you lose them forever. Even if they are ideal in every other way.

But if you implement Rob’s strategies, you make sales to visitors who would otherwise vanish into the ether. 5% to 30% more leads and sales!

So… how many additional sales would you need to make to pay for a $299 course?

A half of a sale? One sale? Three sales?

MANY Planet Perry members will pay for this training with one third of one sale!!!

And that’s assuming you pay full ride, $299. New Renaissance Members pay only $39 in addition to their $99/month membership fee. If you are spending more than $100 per month on traffic you MUST attend this training.

Remarketing is hugely underestimated – You can double your conversion rate if you follow Rob’s instructions.

You could recoup your investment on day one.

“But Perry, Google AdWords drives me crazy. I wanna pull my hair out. This is just one more thing I’d have to manage…”

Compared to regular Google AdWords and Facebook, Remarketing is very low maintenance.

In fact, you will have Rob’s “80/20 remarketing strategy” up and running within a hour of the first session! And because Remarketing is inherently more profitable than regular AdWords, you don’t need to micromanage it.

Plus, if you want to stay relevant in online marketing, you must have a thorough understanding of Remarketing. And there’s no better person to get that from than Rob Sieracki.

“But Perry, if Remarketing is lower maintenance and less expensive than AdWords, why do I need to pay for a $299 course?”

You need to invest in this. Because just like Google AdWords, if you just dive in and do Remarketing, you will pay LOTS of stupidity tax. 50% to 90% of your money will be wasted. And Google will be only too glad to take your money and they will NEVER give it back.

Yes, I know Google has a great brand and great properties. I know that Gmail is great and Google Maps is great and it’s a great search engine and all the rest. People trust Google and it’s one of the best brands in the world.

But Google is a vicious machine and they are here to extract your money. Google is not Caspar the friendly ghost. Google is on the prowl. They want your money.

So if you are not willing to spend $39 or $299 to understand this then either you have no intention of doing remarketing… or else you are a fool.

“But Perry, I know everything I need to know about Remarketing, I don’t need this.”

I doubt that.

But IF you’re a master of Attribution Modeling already, then, yes, you may know everything you need to know. (Although you will still discover new things from Rob that you didn’t know before.)

If you’re not a master of Attribution Modeling…Rob will take you into PPC spaces you did not know might even exist. (Your competitors don’t know they exist either.)

  • How to use AdWords as deliver service and Analytics as targeting device to target any custom segment
  • How to think like an engineer, alter your bidding strategy to increase your reach into the dark spaces of PPC. That’s not possible in a lot of types of 3rd party delivery systems.

The kinds of high-level remarketing we’re doing, nobody has come to us or Rob with that already built in. Everyone else is at a 2 and we’re pushing 11.

“But Perry, I don’t even mess with AdWords anymore. Why do I need this?”

Remarketing, probably for the next 1-3 years, is a great way to test offers, unique selling propositions, sales funnels inexpensively before you roll them out to any other advertising platform.

With Remarketing Dynamite You Get Two Power-Packed Lessons with My Favorite Remarketing Genius, Rob Sieracki

By the end of the 2 Sessions you’ll possess…

  • 80/20 “hacks” so you can begin SOME implementation that you can then build on over time. (Rob will give you an easy version that will be up and running within 30 minutes of our first training session)
  • Are you an agency or consultant? How to easily SELL remarketing to your website advertising clients. (Even when they’ve resisted in the past, claiming that they shouldn’t have to pay twice for traffic they already bought once)
  • How and why this is a great way to make more money easily.
  • “I tried remarketing and it did not work. I got poor value clicks that did not lead to sales.” Rob explains what didn’t work and why
  • How to tell if your remarketing is a waste of money because it’s bringing back people who would have come back anyway
  • How to get more conversions using google remarketing? When your business is down and you’re not getting leads
  • Tips for optimizing your campaigns: Banners vs Text ads; Ad sizes; bid strategies
  • Virtual Autoresponders: How to use Remarketing to automatically deliver a follow up sequence of different ads after someone has taken a specific action like landing on a designated page of your website
  • What if you are just starting out with online advertising? How rank beginners should approach remarketing
  • Which levers to flip in the adwords cockpit for re-marketing (the AdWords interface is a bit overwhelming these days)
  • How narrow or broadly you want to remarket, and to who
  • What budget or cost you should use compared to your main campaign
  • The ideal number of offers and ads you need to have to prevent ad fatigue
  • Google vs. other ad networks: Facebook, AdRoll, Yahoo, Media Forge, Criteo, AdBuyer, Fetchback
  • If you use multiple ad networks, will you compete with yourself? Should you?
  • How to set your frequency caps and parameters so as to re-capture the hot users yet not “creep out” everyone else
  • Step by step instructions on how to set up an audience that targets one single landing page – and NOT show your ad to those who have already converted
  • What to do if you have been “banned” from remarketing
  • How to make Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) work for you (You tried a 40% increase bid adjustment with minimal impact… only to be told by Google it should be higher, like 100% or more. You felt like you were playing Poker in a Las Vegas casino.)
  • Setting up remarketing from AdWords vs. setting it up from Google Analytics. Which one to use and when
  • What to do when you create an audience and it gets disapproved
  • The basics of conversion tracking
  • If you have 100 blog posts, and you want to sensibly retarget them…. do you have to build 100 retargeting campaigns? How do you manage all that? Are you overwhelmed thinking about what happens if they click on this post or what happens if they don’t click on that post? Rob will address that
  • How to harness Smart Display campaigns in remarketing (Google will generate thousands of different ads and place them automatically, based on combinations of text, images and landing pages… but is it a good idea?)
  • Just hitting people over the head again and again with an ad is ineffective in the social/connected environment. How to design your ad strategy so people LIKE to see your ads!
  • If for search your CTRs are 3% and your Conversion Rates are 30%… what CTRs and conversions can you expect from remarketing? Rob explains
  • When to mirror location exclusion settings from search campaigns; when you should not
  • Remarketing to previous site visitors vs. as other methods of targeting like “Life stage” and “Custom affinity groups”
  • You have a site with a some organic traffic & no history of paid campaigns. Should remarketing be the the first campaign you launch? (Hint: The answer is yes.)
  • Should remarketing be Robert Cialdini’s “Pre-suasion”? Or should you be expecting clicks and conversions directly from the ad? How to design your ads differently depending on your sales cycle
  • How to figure out what part of the buying cycle each prospect is and how to get them closer to becoming customers in a strategic way
  • A practical to do this on your own with a limited budget (ie. $500/month spend on AdWords)
  • The best ad copy to use when remarketing: Ads that are compelling but don’t sound like you’re stalking them.
  • How to configure audiences properly. (Facebook makes it very easy to include and exclude audiences in any campaign setup. Rob will give the Google version of this)
  • How to reach customers across devices (phones / tablets / desktops) How to weed out irrelevant targets
  • Cost of remarketing on Google than FB and ROI expectations you should set
  • What percentage of your budget should go to remarketing
  • What to do if you’re a poor street urchin & your budget is a $5 daily spend

and more!

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