Paul Schreiner Pressure Passing vol 2

Paul Schreiner Pressure Passing vol 2 digital course

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Paul Schreiner Pressure Passing vol 2

Salepage : Paul Schreiner Pressure Passing vol 2

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You Know Nothing About Pressure Passing

As a follow up to his first instructional, Professor Paul Schreiner is back again to dive even deeper into his Precise Pressure Passing System! Considered to be one of the most basic styles for guard passing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the stack pass is the foundation for all pressure passing systems. Modern passing styles such as leg-drag, long-step or floating passes rely heavily on speed and athleticism, but the stack pass relies on position and patience. In this instructional, Paul Schreiner focuses on the micro/macro movements, position, and grips that will make you an effective pressure guard passer, without having to drill repetitive hours on a pass that might work.

Techniques List

Precise Pressure Passing Vol 2: Introduction

Opening Closed Guard| Structure, Posture, Hip Control

Opening Closed Guard| Structure, Posture, Arm Control

Basic Stack Pass

Basic Stack Pass | Maintaining Pressure

Basic Stack Pass | Completing The Pass

Completing The Pass | Shaking Past The Arm Post

Completing The Pass | Pinning The Arm Post

Grip Control Concepts

Triangle Prevention | Palm Up Grip

Cross Body Grip Switch Hip Block

Double Stack | Two Knees Down | Grips & Control

Double Stack | Crucifix | Back Take

Double Stack | Heavy Legs | Over Under Pass

Over Under Position | Pressurized Half Guard Pass

Over Under Position | Half Stack Pass

Over Under Position | Gripping Variation | BJ Penn Pass

BJ Penn Pass | Forcing the Back Position

Trouble Shooting Double Under Defenses

Dissecting the DLR | Pressurized Windshield Wiper Pass

Dissecting the DLR | Double Stack Vs. Pant Grip

Dissecting the DLR | High-Step Over | Stack Pass Options

Dissecting the DLR | Under-Hook DLR | Double Stack

Reverse DLR | Basic Stack

Reverse DLR | Body Lock | Back Step Pass

Reverse DLR | Half-Stack | Pressurized Folding Pass

Reverse DLR | Half-Stack | Folding Pass

Using The Stack To Chase The Back

Chasing The Back | Double Stack | Twister Hook

Chasing The Back | Step Over Back Take

Pressurized Closed Guard Pin and Pass




Paul Schreiner is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Claudio França who worked extensively with Garth Taylor, Marcelo Garcia, Dave Camarillo among others. Co-founder of the Kaijin Academy in Santa Cruz, California, Schreiner also gained notoriety in BJJs community as a coach at the Marcelo Garcia Academy – Alliance New York, where he helped develop the games of several high-end athletes produced by this prestigious training ground.

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