Nick Tumminello - Secrets of Single Leg Training

Nick Tumminello – Secrets of Single Leg Training digital course
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Nick Tumminello – Secrets of Single Leg Training

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Nick Tumminello – Secrets of Single Leg Training


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This course set represents the most comprehensive resource on Single Leg Training and Coaching Strategies ever assembled!

Join me as I take you far beyond basic bulgarian split squats, single leg squats & deadlifts, and reveal the single leg training secrets we use in the Performance U training system to help clients & athletes look better and outperform the competition!

You’ll Discover:

– The 3 ways to use Single Leg Training, and why every good training program should include all three!

– Why basic bulgarian split squats, single leg squats & deadlifts don’t even scratch the surface of single leg training! And, why just sticking to this moves will severely limit your results!

– Over 50 innovative single leg squat, deadlift & Hybrid Combination exercises: Many new single leg exercise variations for new muscle & performance gains!

– The surprising TRUTH about Pistols squats and Bulgarian Split squats!

– 3 Simple Single Leg Movement Assessments & Improvement exercises: Use these to quickly assess and instantly improve most single leg movement issues.

– My 2 “go-to” tests for lower-body strength imbalances: Use these to quickly find your weak side and adjust your workouts to improve your strength symmetry!

– The most functional Single Leg squat variation you’ve probably NOT using!

– Why our Performance U Hybrid Combination Single Leg exercises may be the BEST form of Single Leg Training!

– The TRUTH about lunges: The new definition of “good form” for lunges that’s much more functional and safer for your knees!

– Creative ways to use dumbbells, barbells, cables/bands and even weighted sleds to enhance your single leg training!

– And, lots more proven Single Leg Training tips & strategies YOU can immediately use to get better results!

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PLUS you’ll get 5 Additional Bonus Single Leg Training Videos:


BONUS VIDEO #1 – Our Single Leg Training circuit that builds hamstrings of steel!

BONUS VIDEO #2 – The Ultimate Single Leg Complex for Legs that Won’t Quit!

BONUS VIDEO #3 – How to design the Perfect Lower-body workout.

BONUS VIDEO #4 – Single Leg vs. Double Leg Exercises: THE TRUTH!

BONUS VIDEO #5 – Using Single Leg Training to “train the invisible.”

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