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“Mad Scientist” Catch-Wrestling Genius Creates A Guard No One Can Solve

This “Weird System” Produces So Many Options To Submit Or Sweep – Your Opponent Won’t Have A Chance

Blackzillians MMA Coach Neil Melansons Guard Game Is More Efficient and So Much More Advanced Than Any Other Guard Out There  Your Opponents In The Gym & In Tournaments Wont Have A Chance

You may not have heard of Neil Melanson but the elite MMA fighters and coaches know exactly who he is and they listen when he speaks. Neil is one of the most respected figures behind the scenes. Take a minute to read what some of them have to say:

He has torn apart submission fighting and reconstructed it in a way that has never been done. I’d slap Rickson Gracie in the face five times before I’d disrespect Melanson.  Chael Sonnen

“The creative and different ways that Neil uses a technique as basic as a triangle and triangle setups is a true testament to his mastery of that structure. Learn it or be left behind.” – Greg Jackson, World Famous MMA Coach

“Neil has a unique perspective that makes him a fantastic grappler and a tremendous coach. Ive enjoyed learning from him, and Im honored to have a black belt in his system. If you think his triangles are badass you should see the rest of his game.” – Randy Couture, Former UFC Champion

Coach Neils knowledge and use of the guard is unparalleled. He has so many threats at once.  Matt Mittrione: Perennial Heavyweight Contender

Neils Guard system is the closest thing to unstoppable Ive Ever Seen. – Mike Chandler: Bellator Lightweight Champ

I have rolled with some of the best in the game over my 15 years in this sport and Neil, has by far the most aggressive, slick and violent guard game that I have ever experienced Frank Trigg  UFC Title Challenger

Neil has created one of the most unique and effective styles I have ever seen.  Gray Maynard  UFC Title Challenger

He can find a way to triangle anyone  Ive never seen anything like it  Vitor Belfort

Two Birds One Stone

Neil developed a guard system that is different and more effective than any other on the planet as all the famous fighters above attested. Neil started off learning grappling in the Hayastan school  it has roots in Catch Wrestling, Judo & Sambo under world famous coaches Gene Lebel and Gokor Chivichyan. To say it was a strict school would be to understate the reality by a mile. Gokor told Neil that he would have to learn the bottom game very well, since his training partners such as UFC star Karo Paryisian were too advanced in their takedown games that Neil would be able to catch up anytime soon.

Neil did as he was told but he was forced due to his body type to pick and choose the moves that worked for him. Sambo and Catch Wrestling dont have as well defined moves from the bottom as does BJJ so Neil developed a lot on his own. What he came up with speaks to his own mind: hes obsessed with independent and free thinkers like Nicola Tesla and in Grappling he is Tesla and beyond. What Neil came up with was pure brilliance

The Hover

Neil discovered something that no one else has ever been able to articulate. Attacks from the bottom dont work unless your opponent is at the proper distance. Go grab a good wrestler to roll with and try a Triangle or a straight armlock and see how it goes If you dont know exactly what you are doing you will get smashed. Neil figured this out very quickly.

Getting off The Center Line in Guard

Neil has a different idea. He uses the legs from closed guard to pull his opponent in and his forearms to push the opponents head away. The opponent is in a very uncomfortable spot

There is no way to go. Now Triangles, regular chokes and armlocks become very easy to get. Once you are in this spot, you are basically unstoppable. That is why all of the fighters above rave about Neil. He knows how to get them there.

Neil Wrote The Book On Triangles: Literally

Neils triangle game is second to none. And he will unlock all of his secrets on this DVD. First he gets them to hover then he uses a series of finishes depending on what the opponent gives him. It is pure genius. To Finish The Triangle, Neil has a few different techniques depending upon what his opponent gives him. Each finish is super technical and is one that you can actually use

The Irish Collar System

Neil has a few systems from the bottom and his Irish Collar system is equally unique and effective. In the guard, especially in MMA the worst case scenario is if the guy can break the guard backwards, pull out and strike or pass. This system stops that. If he breaks you down and gets you into this system, it is all done. The opponent is caught into a web of triangles, and Kimuras

Arm on the Mat Triangle

A Guard Unlike Any Other

Neils guard isnt totally Catch Wrestling, Sambo, BJJ or anything else.. Neil is a unique guy  he thinks of things and his mind creates. He isnt interested in how it looks only if it works


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