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Mike Shreeve – The Letter System

 width=Clients Will Happily Pay $3000+ For You 

To Write A Letter Just Like The One You’re About To Read… 

How To Make 6-Figures A Year Writing Letters Just Like This

You Don’t Have To Be J.K. Rowling 

To Write A Letter Like This

And Generate Sales For Yourself 

And/Or The Clients Who’ll Hire You

What Kind Of Clients Enjoy Paying Thousands Of Dollars For A Simple Letter?

Here’s a snapshot list of companies that have hired me for multiple-thousands to draft letters like this to sell their stuff:

  • Mel Robbins (first hired me to write a sales page for her new course)
  • SUCCESS Magazine (first hired me to write a sales page for a Jim Rohn course – dream come true)
  • Mara Glazer (first hired me to write sales pages for her clients who were all major world changers)
  • I’ve written sales letters for Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, the John Wooden legacy IP, and I’ve even taken this skill set towards scripting for Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell, and more…
  • I’ve also worked with dozens of clients you’ve never heard of who are quietly earning many multiple-millions in sales per year with the sales letters I’ve written for them.

Just today, as I was writing this letter, I received a text from the president of a venture backed software company currently doing $50,000,000 a year in sales. Wanna know what the text said?

“Can you make me another one of those money pages again?” 

And here’s a list of companies that my personal friends who write sales letters have written for:

  • Supplement company selling all natural bodybuilding mixes
  • A social media guru whose name you’d recognize and appears on TV regularly
  • A local law firm that specializes in helping underage victims of crimes seek and get damages
  • An online financial newsletter publisher
  • An outdoor company that sells a camp stove set up (one of my favorite companies… ever since my friend told me she wrote for them I’ve not stopped buying their stuff)
  • A local clothing/fashion company that does the Tom Shoe’s thing where they give away an article of clothing for each article purchased
  • Countless coaches and mentors ranging in speciality from “How To Be More Brave” to “Personal Wealth Coaching” to “Overcoming Addiction” and etc. etc. etc.
  • And a whole bunch of others I’m too lazy to list here


The Letter System

For the first time ever I’ve “productized” my one-on-one system and created a top-to-bottom, soup-to-nuts online video program sharing every detail of my proven letter writing process.

You’ll get every ounce of what used to be private access only for those writers I trained to work in my “copy shop” or in private mastermind groups where I’d get invited to speak.

Now, through step-by-step modules – with worksheet exercises, templates, and additional tools – you’ll have the ability to write letters that sell… for yourself or for pay as a hired letter writer to well paying clients.

You can purchase access to that exact training program today, but first, here’s a peek into what you’ll learn once inside:

  • How to tell the difference between “too hard” selling and my “welcomed guest” approach (get this right and you can write for clients who normally wouldn’t hire copywriters… which means ZERO competition for client work for you)
  • Why you should NEVER start writing from a blank page (this is the ultimate fix to writer’s block and will allow you to crank out well paying client projects in record time)
  • Long vs. Short: How to know when to write longer letters vs. when to write shorter ones (we’ll settle the long vs. short debate once and for all)
  • How to “ask for the sale” in a way that makes readers LOVE you for it (Learned this little technique while studying screenwriting under a Hollywood script doctor)
  • How to create an entire first draft in one afternoon… while walking in the woods/on the beach/literally laying in bed (I’ve made thousands of dollars without ever getting out of bed with this technique – No Pants living for real!)
  • How to write sales letters for clients who provide ZERO information, are horrible unhelpful, and haven’t even created their product yet (in situations like this, I use a secret source of “proven” copy ideas to get the job done)
  • How to craft a letter so perfectly clear and concise that even your clients will say “Wow! After reading your letter I want to buy my own product!” (Seems cheesy, right? I can’t even count how many times clients have said exactly that to me over the years)
  • Why you can be terrible at every other aspect of writing, but if you master how to write short little bullet points like this you will 100% of the time generate sales for your clients (I’ll even give you more than 100 fill-in-the-blank templates to use)
  • 4 secrets to writing headlines that do 80% of the selling for you… plus I’ll give you a massive swipe file of proven headlines you can use
  • How to use the art and science of emotional intelligence and empathy to give the reader exactly what they need to know before they’ll buy (get this right and your client will love you for it)
  • How to find “proof” elements (the part of copy that makes people trust you) for ANY client or ANY project or ANY service with just a few clicks of your mouse and the good ole’ Google
  • Why 99% of writers getting starting in sales letter writing fail to get sales for their clients (HINT: they overthink the most crucial piece and kill what makes these letters actually work)
  • How to spot (and gather) good sources of writing inspiration to base your letters off of making it easier to deliver results
  • 6 ways to start a sales letter which can be the difference between success and failure for your client work (HINT: the way I opened this letter is 80% why it works)
  • My “start backwards” method for creating compelling letters that create desire in prospects and get them to buy even if they’re hardheaded, stubborn, or a full blown skeptic
  • Struggle to stay productive as a writer? I’ll show you how to 3x your hourly wordcount so you can get much, much more done in a much, much shorter amount of time (as a sales letter writer… the faster YOU write, the more effective your copy is… I’ll explain why in the program)
  • The #1 reason sales letters fail and what you can do to ensure you NEVER make that mistake when working with clients
  • How to get your client to “write” the most important parts of the letters without your client having to write a single word (HINT: make life easy for the both of you)
  • Why the first paragraph of your letter can make or break your ability to get sales (and I’ll show you 15 of my favorite opens that always work)
  • The 2 types of research that you MUST do before you sit down to write (critical skill to develop if you want to earn the higher fees)
  • Why your fear of selling can help you TRIPLE the results of your sales letters (it’s all about empathy and your ability to predict the future… more on this in the course)
  • How to ethically get other people to write 80% of your sales letters for you (this might seem like a “lazy” trick but it’s actually the secret behind some of the most profitable letters ever written… all 6-figure sales writers know how important this technique is)
  • The 1 question you can ask your client (or market) to make your sales letter stand out and get extraordinary results (HINT: stop avoiding the weakness/shortcomings of your product)
  • Should you stick to a single niche as a sales letter writer? The answer might suprise you…
  • Outlining vs. “pantsing” your letters… which works best? (I’ll show you what my teacher taught me and why the “hybrid” approach works even better)
  • The 7 ways to start a story in your letter that will get readers hooked and wanting more

Actually, let me pause for a moment here because…

Even If You Hate Selling

You Can Still Write Incredibly Effective Letters With My System

When you sign up for The Letter System today you’ll discover what I mean when I show you:

  • The 7 questions every reader of your letter will ask themselves before buying and how to answer them in a way that compels them to buy (HINT: you can’t force anyone to do anything… that’s not real… but you can show people how to get exactly what they want… that’s what I’ll teach you how to do)
  • What to focus on in your letter OTHER THAN pitching that will increase the sales that your letters provide for clients or yourself
  • How to get the right information from your clients so that don’t have to rely on overly hyped sales copy and can instead take a more efficient and effective approach
  • What “The World’s Greatest Prosecutor” taught me about creating a compelling case as to why someone should buy a product or service from your letter
  • How to identify which elements of your client’s product or service you should highlight in your letter to best generate sales on their behalf (most writers get this wrong)
  • Why Darren Hardy called me “the best writer I’ve ever worked with” when I wrote him a letter to sell his most expensive product (HINT: I’ve developed a sure-fire way to match client voice that I’ll share with you in the program)
  • How to create compelling sales “arguments” using 3×5 cards and a simple checklist (get this right and you’ll never have to rely on hype to sell for your client)

That’s why, when you buy The Letter System today, I’ll give you:

  • More than a dozen idea templates for every piece of the letter including the headline, bullet points, opens, and more…
  • Access to my “top secret” (not really but sort of) Block System for structuring letters like this in such an easy way that you’ll find the work of writing is 70% completed before you even open up your computer to start typing…
  • My own personal swipe file breakdown where I’ll tear apart some of my best performing sales letters and show you WHY they worked so you can reverse engineer their success…
  • Daily habits and routines to follow – with checklists – that are guaranteed to make you a MUCH better copywriter than anyone else graduating from any other copywriting training program available today (these daily exercises were key to the rapid success of the new writers I hired for my “copy shop”)
  • My proven “story boarding” workflow process that I use to create winning sales letters… AND 100% of the fiction I write (this will make you a much faster writer)
  • A 20 point checklist for creating the perfect letter (I was given this checklist by a 7-figure earning copywriter only after I paid $50,000 to join his mastermind)
  • My own personal Client Info Extraction worksheet – send this document to a client and get 100% of the info you need to write well performing sales letters…
  • And a bunch more…

I’ll be revealing two brand new strategies that include:

  • The #1 place on social media to find more than 100,000 potential clients (I know of at least 2 sales letter writers who get 100% of their clients from this one spot and make more than $100,000/year)
  • How to get paid IN ADVANCE for making short little “Critique” videos… and how to turn those critiques into paying clients
  • 15 “pre-frames” you’ll want to use to attract the high ticket clients who will pay high dollar for your work
  • A daily “client getting activities” schedule which you can follow to create new client work (if you can follow simple instructions and focus, this can work for you)
  • A complete pricing sheet to help you stay market current and NOT make the mistake of undercharging
  • How to turn a one-off sales letter project into ongoing, monthly work (I’ve had some clients for more than 5 years… this is how I did it)
  • And a whole bunch more…

$1,635 In Free Stuff

You’ll Get When You Order Today

If you’ve been on my list for any length of time, you know that when I sell you stuff one of the first questions I ask myself is:

What else would they need to be as successful with this training as possible?

So, when you order The Letter System, I’m gonna throw in the following additional tools and training 100% free of charge:

BONUS #1. Step-by-Step Client Getting Training

Instead of droning on about how in demand copywriting services are, I’m going to prove it to you in this program.


By showing you a step-by-step process to getting your first client WITHOUT having to send cold emails (this is NOT Fast Client Getting Workshop… totally new and different), without having to spend money on ads, and without having to even have a website!

I’ll show you how to use social media + a few key websites to land your first sales letter gigs with minimal effort.

DISCLAIMER OF TRANSPARENCY: Copywriters are in high demand but clients don’t just fall out of the sky. You will need to put in some work to generate the work, but it’s likely a lot easier than you think.

Normally, $495, yours free when you order today!

BONUS #2. Money Upfront Proposal Strategy

Many years ago I used to create proposals for clients without charging them for it. Big mistake.

More often than not, they’d look at the proposal and bail on the project. Tons of wasted time and energy for zero return.

These days, I charge my potential clients a minimum of $295 just to have me look at their stuff and make recommendations (a slight tweak on the traditional proposal). The best part is that my prospective clients LOVE these “Audits” and happily pay the $295 for me to do them.


Because they are a value first approach to selling. In other words, I’m not charging $295 just so I can pitch them, instead, I’m using the opportunity to show how I can add value… by adding value!

More than 80% of the clients who pay the $295 for an “Audit” go on to hire me for further client work, the majority of which end up becoming monthly retainers for ongoing work.

Normally, $495, yours free when you sign up today!

BONUS #3. 7 Habits Of The Wealthy Writer Audio Training

In June of 2018 I was invited to a high-end copywriting mastermind in New York where I was asked to speak on wealth creation habits for writers. The mastermind included some of today’s most well known and respected copywriters who were earning substantial incomes from their work and wanted to ensure long term success into the future.

Between my Freelance copywriting work, the fiction that I write, and now the work I do with No Pants, I’ve been able to sustain a 7-figure per year net income using nothing more than the power of the written word. In that respect, I’ve qualified myself to say a few things on wealth creation through the craft of writing.

I’ve obtained permission from the owner of the mastermind to re-record that training, along with additional insights, to share with you as part of this program.

I will not ever sell these audio recordings outside of this program. They were created to be exclusive and they shall remain that way.

This training is yours free when you order The Letter System today.

BONUS #4. OTS LIVE Sales Page Example Writings

I’ve got a few promotions coming up in the next month that I need to write sales copy for.

Instead of hoarding the experience all to myself, I’m gonna be recording each step of the way, talking through my thought process and giving you full access to how I write sales letters that generate hundreds of thousands in sales for myself.

Being able to watch a professional sales letter writer do their work was one of the turning points for me personally. It opened my mind to what the process looked like, felt like, and how to think like a successful writer.

I look forward to sharing this with you also.

Normally, $495, yours free when you order today!

BONUS #5. My Personal “Must Reads” For Copywriters… 

Shipped To Your House! 


Instead of just telling you what my favorite copywriting books are, I’m gonna ship you a literal box of the career changing books that influenced and helped my own copywriting career.

I will ship these books to your house, on my dime, to any and all buyers who pay the full price (not available for payment plan buyers).

Normally, $150 + shipping, yours free when you order today!

What The Letter System 

Will Do For You

Here’s what we’ll do together when your purchase The Letter System:

  1. You’ll learn how to write letters just like this one that turns strangers into sales without any human input or interaction once it’s written
  2. You’ll learn how to sell these letters to clients who are willing to pay $1,000 – $3,000 TO START for letters as simple as the one you are reading right this second
  3. I’ll show you how to turn these skills into a long term business (I’ve been doing this for 10 years and it just keeps getting better and better out there) 
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