Michael Skinner - Profesional Close up Magic COMPLETE

Michael Skinner – Profesional Close up Magic COMPLETE digital course
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Michael Skinner – Profesional Close up Magic COMPLETE


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Michael Skinner – Profesional Close up Magic COMPLETE

Michael Skinner was one of the best close-up magicians in the world and his professional repertoire was considered the largest and most versatile in the business. This DVD series features performances and explanations to many of his best routines.

These are the routines Michael Skinner used to fool and entertain the patrons of the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas where he was the resident magician for more than twenty years. You will not find better-constructed and choreographed magic anywhere. Michael’s attention to detail and superb routining made just about every effect he performed a showstopper. These commercial and reputation-making effects will inspire you to become a professional. You will be proud to add any of these routines to your working repertoire.

Routines performed and explained:

  • Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper
  • Four Copper & Silver Across
  • A Coin Entrapped
  • Demi-Tass
  • Slow-Motion Aces
  • Marlo-Vernon-Andrus
  • Lucky Seven
  • Up The Ladder Aces
  • Woodfield Torn & Restored Card
  • Furota’s Ace Production

You’ll also learn the techniques and everything else you’ll need to perform each effect: Side Steal Color Change, Piet Fortons’s Pop-Up Move, False Count, Invisible Transfer, Spectator Peek, Peek Force, One-Hand Stud Production, Fancy Production, Hofzinser Snap Change and much more.

Routines performed and explained:

  • The Vanishing Matches
  • Slow-Motion Coin Vanish
  • Little Pennies
  • Dropping The Aces
  • Perceptive Deception
  • Stabbed In The Pack
  • Gold Medal

You will also learn the techniques, including the Thumb Palm, Top Card Turnover, Secret Transfer, Pop Double Lift, Mechanical Reverse, Christ Twist, Slip Shuffle, One-Hand Bottom, Unit Control and much more.

Routines performed and explained:

  • Flying Eagles
  • The Ball Vase
  • Royal Flush Propelled Lapping
  • Open Prediction
  • Cards Across
  • Push-Through Failure
  • Seconds, Thirds, Fourths & Fifths
  • Tabled Ambitious
  • All The Non-Conformists
  • The Mona Lisa Card Trick

You’ll also learn all the techniques, including the Bounce Pass, Propelled Lapping, Multiple Top Palm, Action Palm, Vernon’s Diagonal Palm Shift, Palm To Palm Transfer, Drop-Cut Force and much more.

Routines performed and explained:

  • Telltale Aces
  • The Card Tunnel
  • Cannibal Cards
  • Devilish Miracle
  • Child’s Color-Change Routine
  • Aces?
  • Three Different Ways
  • Direct Backs & Faces

Plus all the techniques you’ll need to know like the Peek Force, ATFUS, Christ Alignment Move, Top Change, Braue Reversal, Ascanio Spread, Carlyle Turnover and much more.

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