Michael Hall – Trainer’s Training Manual & Module 1 – Platform Skills

Michael Hall – Trainer’s Training Manual & Module 1 – Platform Skills digital course
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Michael Hall – Trainer’s Training Manual & Module 1 – Platform Skills

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Delivery: Digital Download

Michael Hall – Trainer’s Training Manual & Module 1 – Platform Skills

Michael Hall – Trainer’s Training Manual & Module 1 – Platform Skills

Archive : Michael Hall – Trainer’s Training Manual & Module 1 – Platform Skills

Discover the most Revolutionary Training in Public Speaking


The Art of High Quality Presentations

C Would you like to be able to step up on stage and make a magical presentation?

C How important is it to you to be able to influence a group by presenting your ideas with passion and elegance?

C What is your current skill level in delivering an effective presentation? How do you know?

C What metrics do you use for determining and measuring your current skill level?

C Would you like to benchmark your skill set so that you can know precisely where you are and what to do to take your competence to the next level?

C What are the critical success factors of skillful and masterful presenters?

Experience the answers to these questions in Dynamic Platform Skills training. This training is truly unique and transformative for the following reasons:

C Benchmark your presentation skills on 7 critical success factors.

C Access your top ten states for effectively presenting.

C Set the frame for your personal highest core question as a presenter.

C Discover the secrets for getting group rapport and engagement.

C Choreograph your message with your gestures and movements on stage with elegance.

C Find your voice and learn the art of using your voice effectively.

C Discover how to set the frames for your presentations.

C Learn the art of effective state induction with your audiences.

Based on the ground-breaking discoveries in the cognitive-behavioral sciences, NLP, and Neuro-Semantics, this training will provide you the kind of immediate feedback in real-time that you can use to shape your platform skills and take them to a new level. Work with Dr. L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. and a team of 6 international trainers to mobilize the resources within you and begin to actual them as you unleash your untapped potentials as a public speaker and dynamic presenter.

Benefits of taking this training in Dynamic Platform Skills for Effectively Influencing Your Audience:

C Slay all public speaking dragons

C Find your best presentation states

C Access your genius presentation state

C Discover how to maintain presence of mind in pressure situations

C Influence people with your ideas

Prerequisites for this Training:

How do you know if you’re ready for this training? If you have the following prerequisites, then you are ready:

C A passion to become much more effective as a public speaker.

C A willingness to commit yourself to stepping out of your comfort zone to develop your expertise.

C A clear understanding that your success in life, in relationships, and in your career is dependent upon your ability to stand up and present your ideas and dreams.

C A strong desire to unleash your untapped potentials.

C A willingness to learn and to coached for transformational change.

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