Matt Furey - Dao Zou Brain Power and Longevity

Matt Furey – Dao Zou Brain Power and Longevity digital course

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Matt Furey – Dao Zou Brain Power and Longevity

Matt Furey – Dao Zou Brain Power and Longevity


Matt Furey – Dao Zou Brain Power and Longevity


Matt Furey’s DAO ZOU – Longevity and Brain Building Program that features “Never Before” taught in the USA training exercises used by many of China’s sharpest minds. This 3 DVD and 2 CD Set is NOT something you can find in books or any other courses. This program is quickly and easily understandable to virtually anyone. This is NOT a high-intensity training program so you don’t need to be a rugged athlete to do this. In fact, if you’ve always backed away from vigorous exercise, perhaps backing into this program fits your lifestyle perfectly. The energy you will experience from this program is “out of sight”. << BENEFITS >> Reduced stress. Resting pulse & blood pressure dropped. Stay young physically & mentally. Memory enhancement: ability to recall things from your past that you thought were forgotten forever including early childhood memories. Enhanced psychic abilities: ability to read people & situations. Zero impact on joints leading to reduced inflammation in the body. Strengthening of lower back, legs & kidneys. Create balanced strength in midsection, hips, quadriceps, calves, & hamstrings. Elimination of tension in upper back & shoulders. Creation of better business & financial results with energy opening exercises. Receive answers to pressing problems or concerns. Puts you in tune with the Universe – able to accept everything in your life as a blessing & turn “misfortune” into fortune. Helps you drop negative baggage from the past freeing you to create what you’ve always wanted. Eliminates fear of criticism as well as other fears the majority of society is plagued by. Come to know yourself, your BIG SELF, the stranger within whom you’ve always discounted. Increased capacity to learn. Develop a genius memory. Enjoy the peace of mind & tranquility of a Zen monk. Eliminate worry, fear, & other negative emotions within seconds. Eliminate confusion, lack of focus and lack of direction. Become glued to your goals and life purpose like wet is to water.

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