MasterClass - Donna Farrhi Teaches Yoga Foundations

MasterClass – Donna Farrhi Teaches Yoga Foundations digital course
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MasterClass – Donna Farrhi Teaches Yoga Foundations

Salepage : MasterClass – Donna Farrhi Teaches Yoga Foundations

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With nearly 40 years of experience, Donna Farhi is one of the most sought-after yoga instructors in the world. Now the “teacher of teachers” is sharing her approach to creating a safe, sustainable yoga practice with students of all levels. Whether you’re looking to realign with the heart of traditional yoga or are just getting started, learn postures, foundations, and philosophies to guide you on your journey.

1. Meet Your Instructor: Donna Farhi
Donna introduces herself, shares why she practices yoga, and gives an overview of what students can expect to learn in her class.

2. What Is Yoga?
Donna shares her understanding of what yoga is and explains how the physical practice of yoga can be used.

3. Essential Breath
Donna teaches the importance of proper breath and shares exercises to help students breathe more effectively.

4. Yoga Warm-up Practices
Employ effective warm-up practices and techniques to ensure the body is prepared for more intense movements.

5. Building Your Foundation
Donna demonstrates fundamental movement principles that underlie the safe and easeful practice of yoga.

6. Moving From the Inside Out
Donna teaches you how to move fluidly from the core of your body to the periphery.

7. Sun Salutations
Find the variation that is most appropriate for you: Donna teaches this essential sequence and demonstrates progressive points of entry.

8. Finding Your Center
Donna shares techniques to center your body.

9. Mobilizing Your Back
Explore safe backbend variations as Donna discusses the importance of learning how to stabilize what is naturally mobile and mobilize what is naturally stable.

10. Restoring Your Mind
Learn steps to restore the natural balance of your body and your mind.

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