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Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 15 – Sparring Session

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Masakazu and his student spar, and he uses many of the submissions he taught in this series, giving you an opportunity to see them used in a live situation.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 14 – Anaconda Choke from Side Control

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From side control, Masakazu places his elbow on the mat, in the far armpit of his opponent, and turns his hips up to the ceiling. He slides his hips up the body, bringing his opponent’s arm up as well. His far arm comes underneath the head, and he grabs his biceps at his opponent’s armpit, trapping the arm inside with the neck. He makes a grip like a rear naked choke, and squeezes to finish the choke.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 13 – Omoplata Sweep to Armbar

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From the omoplata, Masakazu’s opponent postures up, not allowing him to reach over the back. Instead, he swims his arm underneath the body to wrap it around his torso. He rolls to the side, landing on top from the omoplata sweep. Now he grabs the elbow, places his hand on the mat, and steps back, placing his leg across the face and sitting back right into the armbar.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 12 – Submission Series from Half Guard

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Masakazu shows a string of submissions starting from the half guard. After using his underhook to bump his opponent forward, escapes out the back to start attacking the legs. He strings together many submissions, including leg locks, neck crank and a shoulder lock.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 11 – Knee On Belly Escape to Heel Hook

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Masakazu’s opponent has knee on belly, so he brings his knee behind the leg and grabs it with his arm, also behind the leg. He bumps him to the side, landing with the leg next to him, in perfect to position to grab the foot and finish the heel hook. He also shows a variation where he comes to the top and passes right away.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 10 – Heel Hook from Butterfly Guard

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From the butterfly guard, Masakazu sits up with his hands in his opponent’s armpits, and pulls himself underneath while lifting him up with his hooks. He stretches his left leg straight up and wraps it over his opponent’s leg. His right leg pushes the other leg away and he hooks the foot he’s attacking with his arm to finish the heel hook.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 9 – Foot Lock Escape to Armbar

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Masakazu’s opponent is attacking a foot lock, so his first line of action is to push down his opponent’s outside leg and scoot over it. Now he throws his free leg over his opponent, placing his shin behind the head. From here he can grab the arm and roll into an armbar to finish his opponent.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 8 – Twisting Ankle Lock from 50/50 Guard

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From the 50/50 guard, Masakazu sits up and bends his opponent’s knee to trap his foot, with the outside of the foot against his ribs. He holds the leg at the Achilles tendon like a guillotine, and uses his legs to squeeze the leg he’s attacking tight. He twists his body to finish the ankle lock, which torques the joint the same way a toe hold does.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 7 – Takedown to Heel Hook

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From behind, Masakazu wraps his arms around the waist, and steps his leg between his opponent’s legs. He falls to the mat and turns, using his leg to sweep his opponent back in the 50/50 guard, as he slides his arm down the leg and traps the foot. Using his arm, he torques the heel to finish the submission.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 6 – Takedown to Kneebar

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From standing, Masakazu shoots on his opponent and takes him with one arm pushing at his stomach and the other pushing the back of the knee. He lands in side control and immediately scoots his hips up under his opponent’s armpit. He slides his shin to his opponent’s hip, and pinches the leg between his own leg. He controls the foot and turns away to finish the kneebar.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 5 – Foot Lock while Passing the Guard

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Now Masakazu is passing the guard toreando style, and his opponent reacts by bringing his foot up to Masakazu’s hip. He grabs the foot as he would a guillotine, with his forearm under the achilles tendon, and his hand on his own stomach. He turns outside to face the leg he’s attacking, and his far knee puts pressure on the thigh while finishes. He can finish standing up, or he can sit down with his hips tight against the thigh. He can also turn to the outside to help finish faster.

Masakazu Imanari Leg Locks 4 – Foot Lock Defense by Countering with Heel Hook

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Masakazu now shows how he likes to defend a foot lock. His first point of focus is to relax his foot, and not focus on the pain. Rather than trying to escape the foot lock, he counters with an attack of his own. He simply grabs his opponent’s foot, which is hooked under his leg, and torques it at the heel, forcing him to tap from the heel hook.


Masakazu Imanari is a Japanese former professional wrestler and current mixed martial artist currently competing in the Featherweight division of ONE Championship. A professional competitor since 2000, he is a veteran of DEEP, ZST, Pancrase, PRIDE Fighting Championships, and Cage Rage.

Masakazu Imanari (, Imanari Masakazu, born 10 February 1976) is a Japanese former professional wrestler and current mixed martial artist currently competing in the Featherweight division of ONE Championship. A professional competitor since 2000, he is a veteran of DEEP, ZST, Pancrase, PRIDE Fighting Championships, and Cage Rage. Imanari also has had a successful career in Combat Wrestling, placing as high as third and second in their All-Japan championship tournaments. He was in the final Cage Rage Featherweight Champion, DEEP Bantamweight Champion, two-time DEEP Featherweight Champion and DREAM Japan Grand Prix Finalist.

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