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Marie Diamond – Feng Shui Complete

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Marie Diamond – Feng Shui Complete


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Move your bed, make more money
Paint your walls, steam up your romance
Hang a picture, improve your health
Declutter your home, find your purpose

Diamond Feng Shui shows you how to change the energy of your home or workplace for immediate, long-lasting results

Ancient Secrets of Feng Shui meet the Modern Marvel of the Genius Mind in the most amazing course ever devised

Cheryl Reecher of Arnold, Maryland anticipated losing her job in a company shake-up. She moved her bed according to the principles of Diamond Feng Shui. Within months she was promoted to Senior Vice President with a 25% increase in pay. She was given a senior account and immediately grew it from the company’s third largest to the largest.

Dear Friend,

And that’s not all. Cheryl’s husband David, used the “water dragon technique” and saw an immediate improvement in his own company and personal finances. His business skyrocketed from selling two or three houses a month to ten!

Using the system, he determined the best direction (such as north, northeast, east, southeast…) for personal success. In that direction of his house he had a beautiful framed print of a sinking ship. According to Diamond Feng Shui principles, the “energetic field” of that print harmed his success. “I always felt I was going three steps forward, but 1-1/2 steps back,” he said.

He removed the print and immediately saw a substantial improvement. His business grew 500%. It was no longer sinking. Might there be something in your home or office sinking your finances? Is there something you can do to create a dramatic increase?

Linda Eggmann of Anchorage, Alaska made Diamond Feng Shui changes to her husband’s used car business. Sales instantly increased from three cars to eight cars per month.

“My net worth doubled in nine months.” CK in Oostende, Belgium

On one of the DVDs that come with your new Diamond Feng Shui course, David Reecher said that he made a million and lost a million multiple times. He now understands that other forces were at work, which can be influenced by the right Feng Shui.

Just how fast can it happen for you?

When we first started using Diamond Feng Shui in September 2004, we moved Paul Scheele’s desk to face a direction that Feng Shui master Marie Diamond said would bring more recognition to his work.

Literally within days the American Music Awards asked if they could give Paul’s Genius Mind DVD to all of the winners of that fall’s award show on ABC television. The DVD was shown on several national television shows including Entertainment Tonight, the most watched entertainment television show in America.

“Marie checked the plan of our construction site, because every weekend materials were stolen. She asked us to fence one third of the one side and leave the rest open. That did not make sense, because the thieves could still come in through the open field. But they never came back.”
— KH in Antwerp, Belgium

“We are both actors, and we’d had no offers, not even an audition, since moving into our new house. Within a day of using Diamond Feng Shui the first call for an audition came in. We decided to find a house with all-around better Feng Shui, and we are doing very well both career-wise and as a family.”
— CO in Malibu, California

“We used Diamond Feng Shui on our 5-star hotel in a small European town. Net income rose more than 40% in the first year. We are now always fully booked.”
— Client who prefers to remain completely anonymous

“Within a month of changing this one thing, my flame came into my life. We married a few months later!”
— Moriyah Singh Chahal, Los Angeles, California

What is Feng Shui?

Chinese emperors had access to sacred knowledge about how surroundings affect energy — for better and for worse. They knew how to attract positive energy and how to deflect negative energy. For thousands of years they used it for long life for themselves, to control their empire, and to build supreme wealth.

They called this knowledge Feng Shui, which means “wind” and “water.” The ancient Feng Shui masters told the emperors that the wind and water carried energy that could bring them fortune as well as misfortune.

To the ancients Feng Shui was mystical. But to us Feng Shui can be explained through a field of science called quantum physics. Those who have seen the film, What the Bleep Do We Know?!, have a sense for how Feng Shui is possible.

Brilliant advancements by Feng Shui master Marie Diamond and mind development pioneer Paul R. Scheele make Feng Shui more accessible, more powerful, and more useful for people like you and me.

The Diamond Feng Shui Personal Learning Course shows you step-by-step how to bring bountiful energy to power the four main areas of your life: Success, Relationships, Health, and Spiritual Growth.

“We had many fights in our relationship. Everything was always good between us when we were downstairs, but the moment we went upstairs and crawled into bed, we started arguing. Of course our love life was really difficult. Immediately after using Diamond Feng Shui in our bedroom we became lovey-dovey again.”
— JM in Belgium

Without Feng Shui you don’t know what is really affecting your life… maybe even making you sick

Colleague Bill Erickson had hardly been sick in 70 years until we moved into our new office building. All of a sudden health problems plagued him, big and small. He blamed them on aging, but…

When Marie Diamond did a Feng Shui reading for us, she paused at Bill’s office. She said, “That spiky plant causes health problems. Get rid of it. Now.”

Feng Shui addresses the flow (or mis-flow) of energy in your space. In Bill’s case, energy was shooting off the spiky plant behind his chair like spears right into him. His body could only take so much intrusion.

That plant was not in his former office. As soon as we got it out of his new office, his health improved.

It makes me wonder how many people are sick simply because of bad Feng Shui. They do everything else right for their health, but still they suffer. Bad Feng Shui might be the reason.

When Marie walked into my bedroom, she said the position of my bed caused health problems for me. I said, “But my health has been perfect.” She said, “That would be highly unusual.” But guess what? Somehow I had forgotten that I was going into the hospital the next month for surgery on my hand. “Move your bed now,” she said.

Because Marie cannot go to everyone’s home (and most people cannot afford her high rates anyway), we’ve created a phenomenal course that may just be better and more useful than an actual consultation. I’ve used the manuals many times since her visit to my house, which have allowed me to continue the work that she started. I would have been lost without them.

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