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Marcus Knudsen – BlissCoded sound

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Marcus Knudsen – BlissCoded sound


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Hi Marcus. I came across your BlissCoded sound last night and I was astounded. I have been practicing meditation regularly for almost 40 years and the greatest difficulty I have is in bringing the mind to a quiet place. It is possible but only with great patience and perseverance. I have also experimented with many kinds of sound aids to meditation for the last 20 years. Your technology achieves this immediately. What a blessing!

How I stumbled across a completely new type of meditation sound with amazing effects.

Can you really reach deep meditation, feel inner bliss and all the things Guru’s and meditation masters talk about, within just a few minutes of listening to a special sound? If you ask me: Yes!

This “special sound” or sound technology that I now call BlissCoded sound is created using a very powerful, yet natural technology that has nothing to do with the “old” ways of stimulating the brain with tones (binaural beats) to get it to enter deeper relaxation and meditation, used in such products as the well-known Hemisync and Holosync audio meditation products. They use “binaural beats”. These are used in allmost all the ordinary meditation & relaxation CD’s flooding the market today and are proven to work. My discovery does not involve any of that. Neither does it involve speech, subliminal messages and not even music. No, this is something totally different.

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