Mantak Chia - The Complete Taoist Studies Series

Mantak Chia – The Complete Taoist Studies Series digital course
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Mantak Chia – The Complete Taoist Studies Series

Salepage : Mantak Chia – The Complete Taoist Studies Series

Courses Files Include : 55 (AVI) + 46 (PDF))

The Complete Taoist Teachings of Master Mantak Chia are now available as 36 Chi Kung (Qigong) Workshops consisting of 60 DVDs. Empower yourself with the Taoist Heritage DVD Collection, our comprehensive introductory set of 20 total DVDs. This exclusive collection takes you into the workshops with world-renowned Taoist Master Mantak Chia to follow the same step-by-step instructions that his students receive. It comprises the core of Master Chia’s system and gives you everything you need to practice Chi Kung (Qigong).

Master Yourself. Become your own Teacher and Healer. Reclaim Health, Wealth, Longevity, and Spirit. Cultivate and build your internal energy (Chi) for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Balance your emotions. Create loving relationships. Develop the immovable force of Iron Shirt Chi Kung. Introduce flow into every aspect of your life with Tai Chi Chi Kung.

These traditional Taoist teachings are your birthright. This set of teachings will give you back the keys to happiness that you were given at birth but came to lose track of due to the complexity of our culture and the stresses of modern life: the freedom to develop a rich, full and healthy life; the ability to nurture a fulfilling relationship filled with love, honor and respect; the knowledge to develop a loving family; and the skill to become a respected, supportive member of your community and the world. Master Chiaa^€™s Taoist Heritage DVD Collection will help you develop the mental clarity and flow of life force energy required to restore your original, energetic self to achieve these goals.

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