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Lynn Waldrop – Monthly Membership Group Call

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Lynn Waldrop - Monthly Membership Group Call


Monthly Membership Group Call Series

“Feed the Body, Free the Soul” 2018

Here is an upcoming perk to look forward to: On August 26th at 4:00 pm Eastern, Lynn will be hosting a FREE Live Call in addition to the August Monthly Call.

This Free Live Call will be similar to a telesummit interview where Lynn will be choosing Live Callers and Webcast Questions from Monthly Subscribers and will be doing LIVE READS! Each Live Read will be similar to a 5 to 7 minute remote remedy. Unfortunately, not everyone on the call will be chosen, but the WHOLE group will receive the energies!

By now you know that not all pain, discomfort and dis-ease in the body starts out as a physical issue. It is the TFE’s (Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions) and life experiences and stories that are embedded in our cells and can change the mind AND body.

In this dynamic Monthly Call Series, Lynn will be energetically nourishing and feeding your body the nutrients that it desires for optimal health all while clearing the most common TFE’s (Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions) creating that illusion we call dis-ease.  And of course, you will have the opportunity to give her input on these devastating TFE’s such as Lack of Self-Love, Self-Confidence and Self-Worth; Shame, Guilt, and Anger; Loss and Grief; Jealousy and Fear.  Many of us are Masters at hiding these emotions – burying it all so deep and creating cover stories to live by – but it festers and always finds a way out – it’s time to Free the Soul!


Each month, Lynn will be providing the energetic support that your bodies have been craving! “It isn’t just about getting enough of the nutrients, it’s also about is the body processing them efficiently?”  And as always with Lynn, you know it will be done in a way you never expected – so join us!!  Here is a list of topics:

REPLAY – January: Immune Support Vitamins & Minerals + Self-Confidence, Self-Love & Self-Esteem

– Read More…

REPLAY – February: The B Vitamins + Self-Worth, Inadequacy & Inferiority

– Read More…

REPLAY – March: Blood Support Vitamins & Minerals + Releasing Anger & Rage

– Read More…

REPLAY – April: Inflammation Fighting Vitamins & Minerals + Releasing Discontent & Malcontent

– Read More…

REPLAY – May: Amino Acids + Releasing Loss, Grief & Sadness

– Read More…

REPLAY – June: 99% of Atoms Needed for a Healthy Body + Releasing Jealousy, Envy & Grudges

– Read More…

REPLAY – July: .9% of Atoms Needed for a Healthy Body + Self-Motivation & Productivity

– Read More…

REPLAY – August: Phytochemicals Part 1 + Releasing Guilt & Shame

– Read More…

September: Phytochemicals Part 2 + Trust

– Read More…

October: Probiotics + Releasing Fear

– Read More…

November: The Body’s Waste System + Releasing Contempt, Belligerence & Hate

– Read More…

December: The Body’s Water + Anywhere you have sworn to “Eternal” or “Infinite” anything

– Read More…

Option 1: MVP Membership–Here’s What YOU Get!

  • 4 Weekly Recorded Remote Remedies! Scroll DOWN for more info…
  • You will receive a survey each month so that your input can help guide the energies of the live call
  • The Live Call is 60 minutes of physical clearing work AND 30-minutes of Q&A which is the perfect opportunity to call in and get your voice HEARD by LYNN!
  • PLUS You can download and listen to the Recording Anytime! Anywhere! You don’t have to be live on the Monthly Call the energies are embedded in the mp3
  • THAT”S NOT ALL! as a MVP member of The Body Channel you receive DEEPER Discounts & FREE Upgrades on MP3s & MORE!
  • Your subscription starts from the month you purchase until you contact us & cancel – You will able to purchase previous Monthly Group Call MP3s before they are released to the store AND for a DEEP discount!

What are Recorded Remote Remedies?!

  • Why Choose Recorded Remote Remedies? – Lynn has found so much success and clients have loved the recent Remote Remedy Series so we want to incorporate this for better success for our Monthly Members
  • What is the Recorded Remote Remedies? – Remote Remedies are short 3-10 minute mini MP3s that will be using the consciousness of your body and the knowledge of how long to run before turning them off! So they may run for minutes or even hours throughout your day! You will receive 1 Remote Remedy Recording per week on the topic of the previous call.
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