Learning Strategies Corporation - NLP Mindfest 2011

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Learning Strategies Corporation – NLP Mindfest 2011

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Learning Strategies Corporation – NLP Mindfest 2011

by Pete Bissonette

You are welcome to join our brand new NLP Mindfest: An online festival of powerful change and achievement. It begins September 12, and you should sign up today.

You can hear these 20 programs with our compliments, completely commercial-free:

1) Mind Mastery: How to kick negative thoughts out of your life

2) Brain Switch: How to erase anxiety and boost success

3) Influence vs. Power: How to quickly build connections with others

4) Our Future Leaders: How to reduce fears in children

5) Ultimate Motivation: How to achieve an extraordinary and healthy lifestyle

6) New Life: How to control diabetes and weight

7) Missed by the Masses: What you should know to be more successful

8) Stop the Sabotage: How to uproot nasty habits with ease

9) Game Day Nerves: How to live without performance anxiety

10) Change Catapult: How to self-coach yourself to significant achievement

11) Word Mastery: How to be clear, persuasive, and charismatic

12) X-Ray Listening: Decoding the language of the unconscious mind

13) Winning Strategies: How to use unconscious programming to change your life

14) Living Brilliantly: How to find your personal “sweet spot”

15) Huna & NLP: Ancient and modern keys to well-being

16) Story Time: The truth about your success, relationships, and happiness

17) Social Media: How to use NLP to create sales on the Internet

18) Awareness: The answer to every life problem that actually has an answer

19) Powerful Clarity: Make better life decisions

20) Mending the Wounded Learner: Conquering the fear of learning

When you sign-up today, you can listen to 20 individual sessions – all about one hour long – absolutely free – and get the breakthrough you want for more success, less weight, better relationships…

For whatever goal you have, there is an expert who will lead you through simple mind-enhancing processes to help vaporize blocks and fears and set you free…

Please sign up today at and forward this article to your friends. This online festival of powerful change and achievement is our gift to the world. It is absolutely free and we would like you to share it with as many people as possible.

Paul Scheele is the host, and I’m the co-host. We’ve been working with the presenters, and the content is rich!


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