Laurie Handlers - What is Tantra?

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Laurie Handlers – What is Tantra?

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Laurie Handlers – What is Tantra?

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It is my pleasure to announce Tantra Café – A Program for Spiritual Enlightenment, my dream come true.

Let me tell you a little about Tantra Café…of course I address the subject of Tantra that has been so hyped yet misunderstood. It’s a topic that is naturally “hot” because of its sensual nature and its relationship to sexual energy. On the show I emphasize its potential to quickly transform lives.

Tantra Café, provides a safe haven people who want to learn more about Tantra by listening. I guarantee you can learn how to enhance your life through the practice of Tantra and I demonstrate how. The show is juicy and relevant to long time students of Tantra as well as beginners. There is something of interest for everyone.

Following the Café theme, each show has an Appetizer where I distinguish what Tantra is and is not by discussing a little history and theory. The Daily Specials segment features amazing guest interviews. In the Tantra Take Out segment I give you something “to go” possibly a breathing exercise or a meditation. On every show I play Tantra Mood music featuring artists like Deva Premal, Jim McGrath and Professor Trance, the tunes I use in my Butterfly Workshops Tantra courses.

From time to time Tantra Café features Tantric Dessert where women and men from around the world share their True Love Stories, their sex and romantic lives – true stories to help heal relationships. Tantra is better than chicken soup for ailing relationships!

My shows feature guests such as Alan Steinfeld producer of New Realities TV, Pat Sawyer, life coach, healer, author, cancer survivor, Charles Muir – first Tantra teacher in the Western world, Michele Wortman, Tantra teacher and healer extraordinaire, teeni dakini – Goddess, dakini and many more.

PLUS: I want you to know that this show provides an opportunity for you to advertise your product or service. Since it’s an internet radio show, it reaches all over the world. You can gain exposure everywhere there is internet. Please consider helping me get the word out there and having me promote your business.

One last thing is that I’d love to hear the topics you’d like for me to cover on the show. Please feel free to write and let me know your ideas for topics and guests

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