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Krishna Das – Journey on the Path of Love

Salepage : Krishna Das – Journey on the Path of Love

With Worldwide Icon & Bestselling Western Chant Master

Krishna Das

A 6-Module On-Demand Video Training

Experience how the lives and teachings of great saints can transform our suffering into joy, ease, and real love.

It’s said that when the Buddha asked his disciples about the most important thing in spiritual life, they answered: the teachings — the dharma.

No, said the Buddha. The most spiritual thing you can do is sit in satsang with your sangha (or community).

In Sanskrit, “sat” means truth. “Sang” means together. The satsang, then, is a gathering of seekers coming together to walk the path of truth.

According to Krishna Das (KD), when you enter into satsang, you’re drawn into a community of seekers — people recognizing that there’s another way to live in this world, and aspiring to find it.

In a powerful program with this worldwide icon — whose music is known for lifting the heart to new levels of love — each session will be an invitation into satsang, where you’ll be among the sangha of your co-participants, with KD as your guide.

When you join this video program and enter into the sacred circle, you’ll be immersed in Krishna Das’ wisdom for two hours each module — learning not only through your intellect, but by experiencing the practices and absorbing the beauty and blessings from the great beings who’ve had a great impact on Krishna Das.

In each session of this 6-part journey, you’ll have the amazing opportunity to hang out with Krishna Das, chant with him, and learn techniques to stay present… by focusing and then refocusing on the core of your being where all love resides — your heart.

You’ll hear his fascinating stories, and he’ll invite you into the lives of the great saints… those who’ve been most important to him — sharing their stories and poetry and providing his commentary on those readings.

Soaking in the Transmissions of the Great Saints

You’ll hear about Neem Karoli Baba and Siddhi Ma, Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, Shirdi Sai Baba, Somvari Baba and Hariakhan Baba, and Baal Shem Tov (and many more) — and receive their beauty and blessings.

KD will also share poetry from enlightened poets such as Rumi, Namdev, Hafiz, Shabkar, and Guru Nanak.

Understanding who these saints are, what they represent, and how they lived can expand the way you see yourself, others, and the universe. By looking to the saints as models, you can discover the profound emotional and spiritual evolution that’s possible in your own life.

Although KD didn’t meet most of these saints in body, their presence is always here for us to tap into.

Similarly, by coming together in satsang with KD and your sangha of co-participants, and allowing his chanting, guided practices, and stories to wash over you, you open a portal to a whole new way of seeing, being, and experiencing life.

Of course, you’ll be invited to chant along with him, and the words will be provided for you to follow along — until they become as natural as the beat of your own heart.

In this 6-module video program with the much-loved Krishna Das, you’ll:

  • Experience the transformative impact of chanting with KD, surrounded by your sangha of other truth seekers
  • Allow the transmissions of the great saints that impacted Krishna Das’ life — including his beloved guru, Maharaj-ji Neem Karoli Baba — to wash over you
  • Discover the many ways a spiritual practice can support you through life by empowering you to return again and again to the space within you where true love and joy live
  • Practice being more at ease in each moment
  • Begin to recognize that we are all one, and as one unified sangha, we can start to heal our own hearts and the world
  • Be guided to experience the power and presence of these great saints to heal our hearts
  • Cultivate your spiritual practice to help you move through times of crisis
  • Understand that by helping others, you help yourself
  • Participate in practices to help you let go of negative emotions, calm your mind, and release the stories you tell yourself about yourself and your life that can limit you and cause you suffering
  • Learn about KD’s experience in India, which saved him — showing him it was OK to be alive
  • And more…

The Urgency of Satsang at This Time

The destabilizing circumstances of the past year have forced us all to face our own suffering.

In the isolation required by the pandemic, with few activities and very little socializing to distract us, our minds have had more time to spin around and around with criticism and judgment — about who we are, how we live, the challenges we endure, and what’s to come.

In this program, you’ll surround yourself with other people who are searching for something deeper in life… inspiring you to find what, for you, is real and lasting — something that transcends our daily, worldly experience.

When you gather in community with others who share the same longing, chant together with Krishna Das, and come into the aura and presence of the saints, you expose yourself to new ideas and new potentials that you may not yet even imagine.

The Powerful Benefits of Chanting

We’re so fortunate to have such a dynamic and powerful spiritual teacher and world-renowned performer to help us emerge from this painful moment in history.

As KD has shared with people from all over the world, chanting helps you stay focused and present, using the mantra as the object of awareness.

Chanting coaxes you to exercise your letting-go muscle — and develop the fortitude to release negative thoughts, difficult emotions, the stories you believe about yourself… and anything else that takes you away from the present as each moment comes and goes.

Through chanting, you enter the heart cave, the seat of the soul that’s the same within all beings. With enough practice and intention, chanting strengthens new neural pathways in the brain and allows you to embody what you truly are — truth, beauty, unlimited joy, and compassionate love.

You’ll learn to become a pilgrim on the path of love, through chanting and connecting with enlightened masters — and through understanding how they can change and guide your life, so you can experience yourself and the world differently.

What You’ll Experience in Each of the 6 Satsangs

This is a highly unique program, in which you’ll have the powerful benefit from receiving transmissions from Krishna Das… who’ll download the teachings and chants that he intuitively recognizes as what’s needed in the moment.

If you’ve ever had the joy of participating in one of KD’s online events, you already know what a powerful ability he has to bring forward the wisdom that’s most relevant at the time — and then create an arc of transformation that flows seamlessly from session to session.

During each of the six 2-hour modules of this program, you’ll:

  • Participate in 30 minutes of guided chanting with Krishna Das
  • Listen to and soak in 30 minutes of relevant readings
  • Hear KD share about the great saints, relaying stories about their lives, and reading their poetry
  • Enjoy 30 minutes of Q&A
  • Follow along as KD opens each module by chanting Hanuman Chalisa… and ends each session with Arti, a devotional hymn

— Bestselling Author Anne Lamott: “Krishna Das’ Voice Feeds Me Delicious Holy Food”

— Bestselling Author Andrew Harvey: “I Consider Krishna Das the Very Greatest Living Sacred Singer”

— Bestselling Author Mirabai Starr: “Krishna Das Is Entwined With My Own Heart”

What You’ll Discover in These 6 Modules

In this 6-part transformational journey, you’ll soak in the beauty and blessings of Krishna Das’ heart-to-heart transmissions — through teachings, chanting, and an invitation into the lives of enlightened beings.

Each session will allow you to receive wisdom that will help you release yourself from the suffering of the everyday world, and begin to live with more joy, love, and ease.

This program will feature six 2-hour sessions in which you’ll benefit from Krishna Das’ guided chanting, teachings, storytelling, readings from mystic poets, and wisdom from the lives and teachings of the great saints.

You’ll develop a holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to be released from the suffering of the everyday world and live with joy, love, and ease.

The Path of Love Bonus Collection

In addition to Krishna Das’ transformative 6-module virtual program, you’ll receive these special bonuses to complement the journey and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Reverberations of Mantra & Practice

Video Workshop With Krishna Das

Experience a bonus satsang in this 2-hour recording filled with a little song and a lot of wisdom. Filmed in Maui, it will enfold you in open-hearted awareness as KD begins with a chant, then speaks to the true (and often overlooked) purpose of spiritual practice. He also answers questions about psychedelics, separation consciousness, suffering, the relationship between pain and the body, the value of short daily practice, and more. As always, his down-to-earth humor and storytelling style will open you to new ways of perceiving and being.

Song of Devotion: “Namo & Shri Ram Jai Ram”

Audio Recording of Chanting From Krishna Das

Lose yourself in the practice of kirtan as you sing along with Krishna Das. In this chant, KD honors his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, known to devotees as Maharaj-ji. With his deep baritone, KD blends the beauty of “Om Namoh Gurudev Neem Karoli Baabaaya Namah” (“I honor the one who brings us from darkness to light/I honor Mahara-ji Neem Karoli Baba/Glory to God”) with “Shri Ram Jai Ram,” the devotional chant to Rama, whose name was always on Maharaj-ji’s lips. Rich with harmonium and percussion, the groove is restrained and super deep, uniting with KD’s voice to create the perfect space for Divine Presence to manifest.

Japa Practice: 108 Repetitions of “Shri Ram Jai Ram”

Audio Recording of Chanting From Krishna Das

Enter the heart cave — the seat of the soul that’s the same within all beings — as you play this recording and chant along with KD. Perfect for japa practice (the meditative repetition of a mantra or a divine name), “Shri Ram Jai Ram” is the song that Hanuman — a divine being of wisdom, strength, and courage — is always singing. It’s the mantra that purifies the heart and bestows devotion to God. This recording is audio-only, so you can play your favorite instrument alongside it as you chant, or you can simply follow the rousing resonance of KD’s voice with yours.

What Graduates of Krishna Das’ Shift Network Programs Are Saying…

“Experiencing this material has brought me an inner peace that I was missing.”

This was such an excellent grounding course! Krishna Das has a great way of transferring the knowledge and the chants. I also love the humor! Experiencing this material has brought me an inner peace that I was missing. I actually often find myself just naturally falling into chant now as I go about my daily life. Had to laugh the other day as I was cleaning stables and realized I was chanting “Jai Ram” as I worked — I didn’t even consciously do it. The horses seemed to like it too!!

— Denise Flinchbaugh, Elizabeth, Colorado

“The depth and breadth of experience and knowledge that Krishna Das brings to this course is amazing.”

The depth and breadth of experience and knowledge that Krishna Das brings to this course is amazing. I definitely appreciate his very straightforward way. He doesn’t pretend to be something he is not, nor does he act as though he has all the answers. I admire him for his path and his direct approach. I would definitely take another course with him.

— Keri Richardson, San Antonio, Texas

“… my meditation and chanting practices are richer and more meaningful, and my life and days are better for it.”

I chant and meditate daily. This was a deeper dive into that process with so much opportunity to practice while also appreciating this form of chanting through the lens of Krishna Das’ sharing of personal and ancient wisdom. It reminded me that we are all connected, that the wisdom stories matter, and that we connect to them more fully when we are ready. Both by his modeling and teaching, Krishna Das reminded me to bring presence, intention, and an open heart to my daily practice, rather than approach it as another task. My heart has opened more, and that feels so important during these challenging times. I felt full after each class, my meditation and chanting practices are richer and more meaningful, and my life and days are better for it. Thank you.

— Dori Klass, Oro Valley, Arizona

“I feel like my heart, mind, and body have been opened in ways not ever imagined.”

Having just discovered Krishna Das this year, I welcome all opportunities to be with him and listen to and participate in his work. And I appreciate the commitment and generosity of all those around him who produced and helped create this course and its content. The many conversations about trusting yourself and your inner being made a real difference! I know that both aspects of the course are available to me in a new way. I loved his discussions about practicing making room for grace; for ripening and opening; for uncovering that which is real. And having Dr. Robert Svoboda and Sharon Salzberg join us and share themselves and their work was SO rich and powerful! I feel like my heart, mind, and body have been opened in ways not ever imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL!!

— Susan Borden, Darnestown, Maryland

“It was a rich experience in chanting and in reflecting on our lives’ journeys, and where we are now.”

“When the student is ready, the perfect course and teacher will appear.” Krishna Das was that teacher for me now. It was a rich experience in chanting and in reflecting on our lives’ journeys, and where we are now. All forms of meditation lead us on a spiritual path… converging in oneness. This class was pleasing and opened a new inner awareness of indwelling love that is beyond our own understanding. I am forever grateful for the intimate time spent with Krisha Das, in class, and reading his books, and the divine reality! My heart is full! The journey continues….

— Rosalind Braga, Castro Valley, California

“I always felt transported to another realm with Krishna Das’ devotional chanting…”

I always felt transported to another realm with Krishna Das’ devotional chanting, being able to do this live with him was even more powerful. Many times I had tears of awe and gratitude, I even felt the loving energies of Maharaj-ji and Hanuman through KD’s selfless devotion. Thank you, Krishna Das, for your service.

— Bolina Salomon

“I came out a better person from this… by including spiritual practice in my everyday life and feeling more loving and compassionate…”

It has been a unique experience! Our beloved Krishna Das gave his best self, and his guests did too! I came out a better person from this… by including spiritual practice in my everyday life and feeling more loving and compassionate — and this also affects my environment. I’m endlessly grateful to these enlightened beings like Krishna Das and Sharon Salzberg for their offerings, and to The Shift Network for making this experience come true! Grateful for the scholarship, too.

— Elizabeth Verouli, Chania, Crete, Greece

“Eight weeks of excellence!”

Eight weeks of excellence! A rare opportunity to have Krishna Das across the desk from me as my practice partner! A grounded, humble teacher without an overblown ego… such a refreshing change! Enjoyed every minute of it!

— Jacqui Fletcher, Australia

“Spending quality time with Krishna Das is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

Through all these tough times of unrest, chaos, confusion, and change, Krishna Das has been MY silver lining. I would never have been able to get to know Krishna Das so well if it weren’t for the pandemic. Krishna Das has been so very generous by sharing stories, thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and experiences… answering questions… and, of course, chanting. Because of his Thursday night kirtans, Chai ’n’ Chat Saturdays, and his online courses, I have learned a lot that has helped me be at ease with life. I’ve never experienced this with any teacher previously. He’s wonderful, playful, and serious at the same time. He tells the truth! I’ve meditated (sadly, off and on) for years. Spending quality time with Krishna Das is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. With Krishna Das and all his input and sharing, I feel as if I’m finally rooted in a meditation and chanting practice.

— Betsey, Maryland

“It was an absolute privilege to participate in this course with Krishna Das.”

It was an absolute privilege to participate in this course with Krishna Das. I began chanting when I visited India in the mid 1970s, where I stayed for two years. Even though it never really left me, my yoga practice since then has been mainly focusing on asana and pranayama. I feel that through this course with Krishna Das I have picked up from where I left off all those years ago, and it has strengthened my resolve to continue the practice. The design of the course worked extremely well, as it provided the opportunity to engage deeply with devotional chanting and Bhakti yoga.

— Michael Nichols Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Six 120-Minute Sessions With Krishna Das

Experience a unique opportunity to be mentored by and learn from the worldwide icon and bestselling Western chant master Krishna Das — from the comfort of your own home. Each session includes a streaming video option and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to live with joy, love, and ease by absorbing the beauty and blessings of Krishna Das’ soul-to-soul transmissions.

Six Transcripts of Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire session transcription after sessions are completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Session

Between sessions, you’ll receive guidance for deepening devotional practice through experiential exercises and contemplative guidance to assist in integrating each session.

The Path of Love Bonus Collection
  • Reverberations of Mantra & Practice
    Video of Workshop With Krishna Das
  • Song of Devotion: “Namo & Shri Ram Jai Ram”
    Audio Recording of Chanting From Krishna Das
  • Japa Practice: 108 Repetitions of “Shri Ram Jai Ram”
    Audio Recording of Chanting From Krishna Das

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Journey on the Path of Love With Krishna Das Online Training

We feel honored that Krishna Das has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a worldwide icon and bestselling Western chant master whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about releasing yourself from the suffering of the everyday world so you can live with joy, love, and ease, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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