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Kresser Institute – ADAPT Framework

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Kresser Institute – ADAPT Framework


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As a mid-career physician making the
transition from pediatric anesthesia into
functional medicine I cannot emphasize
enough the benefits I have received from
undertaking this program.
Chris teaches a targeted, scientifically
supported functional medicine curriculum with
comprehensive weekly lesson plans that won’t
overwhelm someone working full-time. The
ADAPT Program has provided me with a
potent, actionable system for success in
treating patients using a functional and
evolutionary approach.
ADAPT will simply make you a better
doctor. It will help you get to the root of
people’s health issues. It gives you loads of
patient education and protocols, so you
don’t have to spin your wheels figuring out
what to do.
Everything is right up-to-date and the
ADAPT team goes back and updates the
material promptly. The extensive links
provided each week give a wealth of
material that can be accessed whenever
you want
The ADAPT material is accessible for an
entry-level FM practitioner. It is also
extremely thorough, with lots of
supplemental information and
ADAPT is allowing me to focus on FM
and build my practice to another level
where I am able to work independently
and follow what I’m most interested in on
a larger scale with a network of others
doing the same.
The knowledge, application, and business sense will all
put you a step ahead of the game in every single area.
You are literally taking shortcuts to paths in so many
industries beyond just functional medicine.
Your clinical knowledge will be increased 10x — easily.
Your ability to help more people will probably be 20x. I
can’t think of a better decision that has been more
worth it than enrolling in the Kresser Institute.
I went from stressed out working 80 hours in my clinic a
week to complete freedom of my schedule to be able to
focus on research, learning and providing greater value
to more and more people. I can’t believe how quick the
transformation was.
Since I started the training, I’ve used the core business
principles to quadruple the revenue from my practice.

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