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Kevin Hogan – Subliminal Achievement

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Kevin Hogan – Subliminal Achievement


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The New DVD program utilizing scientifically proven subliminal messaging.

Video Imaging by Mark Ryan.

Subliminal Achievement

 Subliminal & Supraliminal Images Proven to Cause Specific Outcomes

You demanded it…(literally!)
The All New Technology Proven to Cause Very Spe
cific Outcomes!


Our bestselling program of 2005 is back. If you already own Subliminal Achievement, you already know about the program’s seemingly odd driving force. If you don’t, let me introduce this unusual program to you.


“Dear Kevin and Mark, Five years ago I went through surgery that ended up with complications that turned me into an invalid both physically and mentally. I became so depressed, I lost my self-confidence. I procrastinated over everything from eating properly to doing my exercises and just had no self-discipline at all. I had become dependent on my family for everything! I had the opportunity to watch your Subliminal Achievement DVDs and as the weeks went by I could feel my self-confidence coming back. My procrastination stopped and I became more assertive. Thank you most sincerely for helping through a very difficult time in my life! Keep up your wonderful work, you are truly lifesavers.” Kay Dello Russo
“Kevin, I just ordered and received the Subliminal Achievement DVD set you did with Mark Ryan and love it… I heard about it from him and his show… they have been helping me so much… and it’s great to finally hear the voice and see the face of the guy who writes all these books I can’t put down or get enough of reading… I also told him I had to meet you someday because I do have so many questions to help narrow all this information to my business.” Nathan McConnell, St. Louis, MO


Three Years of Research

I’ve been studying the practical application of subliminal messaging now for almost three years….trying to find out what really works…what doesn’t…why….and how to you utilize what does. No one has ever put together anything like what you are going to read about here, because the research wasn’t completed until this year! You have heard the phrase “cutting edge” beaten to death, but….this really is…

When the pieces of research started coming together from here and all over the world, I contacted audio visual specialist Mark Ryan with an unreasonable task. I asked Mark to follow a very specific set of parameters that had been lab tested at Universities across the world. I told him to use very specific messages and some well honed supraliminal (you can see these fleeting images if you look carefully) and subliminal (you can’t consciously see these…) images to prime the brain to feel and “accomplish” certain outcomes.

I’ve discussed “supraliminal” and “subliminal” in the past and refer you to my previous work for further details. He took the subliminal messages that we created…very specific single word triggers as well as images and tagged them into crucial points of the video which I’ll get to in a moment.

When I saw the results I was excited.

Maybe even ecstatic!

(And not much gets me ecstatic…)

He had taken what I asked and put together a truly remarkable collection of DVD’s. I know the technology, but frankly, I could never have done what he has done. Let me give you a little bit more background.


Six Areas of Excellence

I chose the six areas of excellence that people most often ask me for help in. I would create one DVD from video for each of 3 of the areas. I would eventually ask Mark to create “content” for the other three.

Each DVD could be no longer than 15 minutes. It had to have conscious mind impact and nonconscious mind “links.” I’ve talked about some of this in Coffee with Kevin Hogan, last year.

Then I tagged every critical phrase in the three DVD’s I personally worked on. It was right there that very specific triggers would happen in your brain…or at least I HOPED they would.

I sat down in my home across from a video camera. I looked into the video camera as if it was you and then I began talking to you with what I think is a unique strategy in communication. You’ll recognize many of the persuasive verbal messages I use from the past combined with high octane content that all by itself would be 15 minutes to live by for that day.

I created three short videos. I talk to you as if the only thing happening is me talking to you about achieving certain outcomes, which I’ll come to in a minute.

Then I had Mark do something very, very different. I asked Mark to record three videos as well. But his would be very “hypnotic” in every sense of the word. We laid down the guidelines and then he worked his magic. I couldn’t believe what he had done! It was superb.

The first part of the project complete, we moved on to the second part.

I sent Mark the messages and images that we would need to make the overall effect compelling. In other words, the self confidence DVD, REALLY BUILDS SELF CONFIDENCE.

We replicated the exact procedure that high level University researchers have been using for the last four years to create behavioral change in research studies. Researchers have isolated what triggers actually work and cause behavioral change. Significant change. We took those precise methods and used them to the nth degree in these DVD’s.

At this point the process was all about Mark’s technical prowess. I was now out of my league. I had to sit back, wait for him to weave in supraliminal and subliminal messages, triggers and then test the final product.

I waited MONTHS. I wanted to debut the DVD’s at the beginning of 2005 and almost went nuts waiting. Mark kept telling me it would take time to get them “perfect.” A couple of the DVD’s like the Self Confidence DVD were having dramatic effect. Others needed more work. Then finally, on Saturday October 1, the final product arrived.


All six DVD’s had been created.

The three DVD’s I had worked on months before had been completely tagged. I watched them and could feel the impact. It was strange to watch a very laid back Kevin Hogan, sitting there, talking to me, sharing ideas and recommendations …and then every now and then see the supraliminal tags where I had asked Mark to put them. I couldn’t see the subliminals on my TV of course, but I could when I slowed them down on the computer later. Wow!

Then I switched out my DVD’s and placed the three Mark had worked on. These were even better than I could have imagined. Much better. Not only did they have a beautiful hypnotic effect, but the tags were amazing. The subliminals themselves were perfectly woven into the fabric of the content.


The World’s First DVD Program Using Subliminal Imaging

We had given birth to the first subliminal DVD’s made with scientifically proven methods. I was giddy. I could never have done this alone. I knew what to do and the theory. But Mark made it all happen in real life. What I was skeptical about five years ago, was now…a reality. Mark Ryan made it happen. I am eternally grateful to him.


The six DVD’s are:

  • Dynamic Self Confidence
  • Create and Exude Irresistible Attraction
  • Assert Your Self
  • Build Self Discipline
  • End Procrastination
  • Develop the Millionaire Mindset



Before you get some kind of wrong idea about what is here, please do NOT think that everything you need to be a millionaire is on that DVD. It’s not. The DVD is tagged with subliminal and supraliminal images to over-ride the parts of the brain that would normally stop people from achieving that outcome.

The outcomes are VERY SPECIFIC. They create BEHAVIORAL CHANGE. They CAUSE you to do specific actions. But don’t think there is a genie that can pull dollar bills off of trees. Nothing takes the place of effort in life but these DVD’s cause ACTION.

Why do people fail at anything? They are well intentioned and often have a good plan. But the action and follow through collapse. You know that. I know that.


THIS IS WHERE THE SUBLIMINAL DVD’s can take their role in your life.

Each day you will watch ONE DVD for 17 consecutive days. THEN and ONLY THEN you can watch another DVD for 17 days.

It turns out that after the first FIVE days you don’t have to listen to either of us actually talk! You can have music or something else playing in the background, but, you do have to watch for 17 days!

And yes of course, you’re welcome to watch them all the first day you receive them. They are short! They are actually fun to watch just to catch the supraliminals flash across the screen. It’s actually kind of fun. But once you get past that, you have to put the program to work. Pick one DVD, use it for 17 days.

The DVD’s will cause behavioral change.

You’ll write down the effect at the end of the day. The greatest effect will be on what you do and your attitude for approximately one hour after you watch the DVD. You actually FEEL different when you are watching them but that’s all for YOU to tell me. I can only tell you it is…cool.


Share Feedback With Us

We rarely ask for feedback on programs I’m involved in. But we would deeply appreciate it if you would write a letter after using the DVD’s telling us which DVD seems to have the greatest impact. Which has the least. What it’s like for YOU while you are using them. If you want the kids to use the DVD’s or your spouse, this is one time we WANT you to pass them along to one or two friends. Yes, please respect the intellectual property and don’t burn them and give them away. We’ve invested an enormous amount of time and money in this project. Please let us know your feedback.

If you find that five work beautifully and one provides so/so results, don’t be shy. Let us know because we WILL tweak them with time and we WILL send you replacement DVD’s if a majority of people report ineffectiveness for any one (or maybe two is possible) of them.

So, please pick up this truly unique program with the certainty that this is a KEVIN HOGAN program. You know it’s going to be effective.

The Subliminal Achievement program doesn’t replace anything I’ve ever done, it augments all of my programs and what it does do is CAUSE ACTION. Very specific action. Very specific outcomes.


Here’s a Couple of Cool Testimonials from the First Draft


“A quick note to express my sentiments thus far on your new program Subliminal Achievement. I have only had the set for a week now and have as you’ve suggested begun with Self Confidence. So with that limited view of your program I have noticed the internalization of the emotions of confidence and the assurance of achievement of whatever my goals. This of course projects unlimited possibilities for my future with confidence to achieve my desires whether personal or business. And that Kevin, is exciting!” Bill Slater, Pensacola, FL


“Thought you might enjoy some feedback on the DVD’s. The impact has been staggering! The deep kinesthetic sensations are very pronounced. I am a pretty confident person by nature, but in the contexts that I am not as confident as I would like, when I have used any other technique to bolster these areas ( NLP, self hypnosis, EFT, etc.) I have always felt the increase in confidence in my head only. These DVD’s literally force me to feel it deeply in my entire body! I have been impressed. The feelings being as strong as they are, have seemed to create a very powerful anchor for the image of the person or situation I imagine while watching. Real or imagined? Beats me, but I know that the experience I am having is stronger than literally anything else I have experienced before.”
Vincent Harris, Trenton, MO

Imagine that your self-discipline was automatic, second nature. How would that change your life for the better?

Imagine stamping out procrastination at the first sign of it. You get all the things done in your life that lead to moving on to the next step, the next level of success.

Do you want to have intelligent, successful, powerful people in your life? Do you want to attract that special life partner? This program can help you make that happen.


  • Rapidly Develop Self Discipline
  • End Procrastination
  • Build Self Confidence
  • Allow YOU to be Irresistibly Attractive to Others
  • Assert Yourself for Personal Initiative
  • Gain the Mindset of the Millionaire Mind


Specific subliminal visual images have recently been shown to have enormous impact on learning, attitude change, emotional alteration and yes, behavior.

Subliminal Achievement is the first and only DVD program to utilize what works in subliminal messaging. The fact is almost all subliminal messages fail. They fail in the lab and real life… and not just the auditory messages, which all fail.

There are only very specific kinds of images and messages that actually change behavior and create attitude change.

We have done the research and put it all together in this wonderful new 6-DVD program that features both Hogan and Ryan weaving hypnotic language, metaphors and subtle covert hypnosis.


Sub-conscious Awareness

What is below conscious awareness during your one-on-one sessions with Hogan and Ryan are the specially constructed subliminal images and messages that will gently enter your unconscious mind and cause changes to happen.


Instant Impact

The impact is typically reported as instantaneous. You will feel and act differently after viewing the short sessions. You will see the results and feel the difference. Please record your experience to share with us.


Supraliminal Imaging

Bonus: During each message you will also be exposed to one supraliminal image of each subliminal message. If you pay careful attention, you will actually see the pictures and words used. Each image is displayed once supraliminally. For the rest of the program, they are all subliminal for maximum effect.


Use Daily

Use the DVDs once daily, preferably before you are going to participate in an activity that can be influenced by the specific DVD. Use the singular DVD for 17 consecutive days so you can create new neural pathways from the new behaviors and actions you will be taking. The DVD’s are short in duration, generally 10-15 minutes, but you do need to be exposed to them for the ENTIRE DVD. Don’t turn it off halfway through. It’s complete when it is complete!

No one has these programs as they haven’t been released to the general public. Get your program today and begin enjoying the benefits of an exciting new and proven technology.


Finally, once you’ve been through the DVD’s, 17 days each, THEN you can use the DVD’s daily (one per day only). Using two per day will NOT work. Do not bother. There is no evidence that multiple messaging for different action set works…and it might actually neutralize the effect of the single DVD.

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