Kenneth Jay - Advanced Strength Strategies (Kettlebell, RKC, DragonDoor)

Kenneth Jay – Advanced Strength Strategies (Kettlebell

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Kenneth Jay – Advanced Strength Strategies (Kettlebell, RKC, DragonDoor)

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Our dear Dane of Pain, Kenneth Jay really pulled a fast one on the unsuspecting candidates at the June 2007 Level Two RKC certification workshop.

Kenneth strolled onto the darkened stage at Daytons Bluff and in his best scholarly manner lulled his audience into a false sense of security

With pointers, charts, diagrams, stats and wads of research to back him up, Prof delivered convincing proof that a carefully calculated, personalized kettlebell snatch protocol could give us the most outstanding cardio of our lives. And give us a fighting chance to be mentioned in the same breath as those immensely powerful warriors of ancient times.

Niiiiice!.everyone thought.Niiiiice! and lounged deeper into their soft seats, scribbling intellectually into their notepads

The RKCs got a thorough schooling in Cardiovascular Kettlebell Concepts and how to massively enhance their all-important VO2 Max.

But theory without practice is like decaf coffee why bother?

That Was a NICE THEORY Now How About Some PRACTICE?

Well, of course our kind Viking was not about to let his students off with a mere Powerpoint presentation of theory and research, however convincing. Leave them sitting on their duffs as they do in so many other certification programs. Nooooooooo.

Kenneth invited the RKC candidates to join him in the protocol practice itself

So, out to the playing field the RKCs all troopedand were promptly subjected to one of the most blistering KB sessions of their lives: the VO2Max snatch protocol.

Again, we caught it all on tape: every detail of Kenneths superb and highly educational presentation and every important moment of the VO2Max protocol in action.

Absorb Kenneths presentation, watch it through a few times so your mind can understand the full significance and power of what Kenneth is offering you. Then follow along and take heart from the warrior-building workout that follows. Then prepare to kick some solid butt in the world at large.

Participant praise for Kenneth Jays presentation at the 2007 RKC Level II Certification Workshop

Passionate and a tremendous role model. A definite asset to the team. Learned a lot from his presentation.—Glenn E. Cruz, Niceville, FL

His training methods are awesome. The information in ref to V02 is invaluable for a more complete and functional program design.—Paul Daniels, Personal Trainer, Foothill Ranch, CA

Personally, I thought this was really great. I know the info was really technical and scientific but so much research in exercise physiology (and medicine) is just bogus and crap because of poor study design. Presents a great alternative to running.—Theresa Nesbitt, Physician, St Charles, IL

Good information on the correlation of untrained individuals with kettlebell training and no kettlebell experience. Understood how stroke volume is very important in regards to aerobic base and recovery.—Dietrich Dejean, Personal trainer, Reno, NV

Your cardio lecture was incredible. I cant wait to put it into practice and see the long term results.—Kevin Jodrey, Kettlebell Instructor, Miranda, CA

Great new info on kettlebell cardio. Very interesting presentation.—Cole Summers, Strength Coach, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

Really enjoyed a new view of an old exercise. I am excited to look further into those studies. Awesome Quality as well!—Samantha Young, Student, Shoreline, WA

Great info. Extremely technical. But I liked it. Its very cool to see how science backs up the Kettlebell as being the ultimate in fat burning without the dishonor of dieting or aerobics.—Tim Anderson, Firefighter, Fuquay-Varina, NC

Excellent instructor. Great way of putting together a cardio kettlebell program and workout to maximize conditioning, weight loss, fat reduction at all levels of conditioning.—Ricardo Nieves, Physician, Carlsbad, NM

His presentation, although technical was awesome, followed by a great workout to drive the concept home.—Mark Toomey, Reno, NV

The Dane of Pain. What more can you say! Cardio, now I have data to back my thoughts of kettlebells for cardio.—Doug Nepodal, Trainer, Medina OH

Kenneth Jay brings a scientific, evidence-based approach to kettlebell training that as a clinician I truly appreciated.—Courtney Mizuhara-Cheng, Los Angeles, CA

Smart, Smart, Smart! This guy is incredibly intelligent! His knowledge of KB cardio is beyond impressive.—Jessica Brock, Middle School Teacher, Roseboro, NC

Wonderful presentation on his study of the snatch intervals and MV02 analysis. Great addition to the Sr. RKC group.—Donna Hughes, RN, Critical Care, Seattle, WA

His knowledge of cardio respiratory physiology is superb and brought to my attention a few things that I should take a refresher on. He will be at the forefront of establishing kettlebell conditioning as the protocol in the community.—Prentiss Rhodes, Trainer/Chiropractor part time, Chicago, IL.

Kenneth is a very intelligent trainer and a wealth of information. I have learned ho to be smart about getting smoked.—Robert Budd, Personal Trainer/ Gym owner, Reno, NV

Very interesting and useful presentation. I will definitely use that workout on my clients.—Marlise Cairns, Kettlebells Instructor, Johannesburg, South Africa

Wow that was hard – I loved it!! Presentation was great, his understanding of and delivery of his presentation was great.—Chris Hall, personal trainer/nutritionist, New York, NY

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