Keith Krance - Everlasting Ad 21 Day Challenge

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Keith Krance – Everlasting Ad 21 Day Challenge

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Keith Krance – Everlasting Ad 21 Day Challenge


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 width=After spending over $2,522,653.67 PER MONTHon Facebook ads, testing in hundreds of markets, and generating over $600,000,000 in revenue for clients…

Let Me Reveal My Step-by-Step ‘Everlasting Ad’ Formula And PersonallyHelp You Build One ‘SUPER Ad’ For Your Business…

…In Just 21 Days!

If you want an ad that never burns out, converts cold traffic24/7, and makes running predictable and profitable Facebook Ads EASY…you DO NOT want to miss this one-of-a-kind challenge…

What if you had ONE piece of content for your business that could simultaneously:

  • Turn strangers into customers…
  • Build MASSIVE brand awareness and goodwill (even for people who don’t buy)…
  • AND be the ‘Linchpin’ in a traffic system that consistently turns $1 into $2 every single day…

Well, after 9 years, $200M in ad spend, 750 MILLION video views and over $600 Million generated from social ads…

We have actually found a way to create what I call an ‘Everlasting Ad.’

And Right Now, You Can Get Me AND My Team To Help You Build YOUR Everlasting Ad In This 21-Day Challenge…

Hi, Keith Krance here.

I’m the original CREATOR of the Perpetual Traffic Podcast (first 150 episodes), Founder of Dominate Web Media, and the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising,” the bestselling book on Facebook and Instagram ads of all time…

I’ve seen it time and time again…

Businesses that were able to 2-3x… 4-5x… and even 10x…

All from ONE good ad:

Not just any ad.

I’m talking about a differenttype of ad…

And ad that LEVERAGES the foundational DNA code of the best marketing strategies on the planet to build a brand new ‘Super Ad.’

In fact, it was only though experimenting with these approaches and combining them in different ways that I stumbled on this happy accident…

An Everlasting Ad is The Perfect Combination Of Viral Video Marketing, Direct Response, Brand Advertising, and Content Marketing…

Now, we’ve put this perfect combo into a step-by-step process that anyone can follow.

Which means YOU can build this for yourbusiness.

That’s exactly what this challenge is all about.

I truly believe that every single business, entrepreneur, or agency has the ability to launch their ownEverlasting Ad.

An ad that CHANGES the game…

…and takes YOUR business to the next level.

Look, here’s the truth –

If you aren’t getting GREAT results right now…

…it’s probably because you don’t have the tools,resources, and supportthat you need.

And unfortunately, there is a lot of mis-information out there from gurus who are better at selling their own courses than actually getting results for clients!

That’s not how we do things.

In fact, we are often so busy helping our clients get results that we don’t have time to share everything that’s going on behind the scenes.

But this is TOO GOOD to hold back…

If You Are Ready To Build ONE Good Ad That Changes The Game In 2019…I’d LOVE For You To Join Us In This Challenge…

You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube…

…and I promise the IMPACT on your Business, and your Life, and the people you Serve will be bigger and better than you ever thought possible.

THAT is what this is all about.

If you’re up for the challenge, I’m committed to giving youexactly what you need to build your Everlasting Ad – together.

Click the button below to join the challenge now – it’s just $97.

You’ll get INSTANT access to everything you need to get ready.

The games begin on June 3rd.

Are you in?


  • You’re having a tough time getting organic reach…
  • You aren’t getting consistent results with Facebook and Instagram ads…
  • Your ads are getting disapproved too often (or your accounts are being shut down)…
  • You ARE having some success but you’re not able to scale predictably or consistently without conversion costs going through the roof…
  • Your ads burn out after a few days, or a few weeks…
  • You are burning through agencies or consultants and nobody can run ads at a profit for you…
  • You ARE an agency, consultant or freelancer, and you’re churning through clients and don’t know why. You WANT to attract those ‘next level’ clients, but you’re not sure how…
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