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Keenan Cornelius – The Worm Guard + Bonus DVDs

Salepage : Keenan Cornelius – The Worm Guard + Bonus DVDs

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In this 2 DISK SET you will own over an hour and a half of pure unadulterated Worm Guard content, but because Keenan wants you to be totally happy with his first self-made DVD Set ever, he’s going to be giving you a bunch of free bonus content!

Check it out… Your first free bonus is “Keenans Selected Works – Passing Edition!” with over a hour of content specially selected from! Okay, this is basically a free 5 month membership! Seriously, that would normally cost you a Boat Load, but he’s going to give it to you FREE when you buy The Worm Guard. I know, it’s crazy, but he doesn’t stop there. He has added more Free Bonuses! Amazingly, you’ll also get the exclusive “From the Desk of Keenan – Favorite Submissions” with 40 more minutes of quality-crisp instruction on the submissions that Keenan loves the most!

So, this is how it works… After you buy the worm guard you will get a Password emailed to you when you receive your copy in the mail. That’s going to give you exclusive access to the “Worms Only Club” on where you will feast your eyes upon even more FREE Bonus Material like “The Catch Wrestling Kill Techniques – Vol 1” that Keenan learned while on a training trip to Japan’s most historic Shooto gyms. A deadly sequence, this breakdown will make you feel like a pro wrestler with bone shattering submissions, pythonesque-chokes, and joint locks in one Bad Ass Sequence of over ten techniques – each flowing flawlessly into the next.

✓ That’s Keenans Selected Works – Passing Edition,

✓ free access to the Worms Only Club (available when you receive your dvds)

✓ AND From the Desk of Keenan – Favorite Submissions

✓ AND the coolest of them all – Catch Wrestling Kill Techniques – Vol.1

Combined, these bonus are worth way more than what you came here for – The Worm Guard DVD! But you can have it for free because Keenan wants to make sure you feel good about your purchase and most importantly LEARN EXCEPTIONAL JIU JITSU!. I told him he was crazy for doing this, but he insisted. He said, “Reginald! (me) give them my best secrets… for free!” The idea made me nauseous, I exclaimed, “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!? Those each could be sold on their own for Astronomical prices!!”

Keenan replied, “MAKE IT SO!!” with a thunderous roar! Whimpering, I set about my task…handing out free secret techniques as if they were mere candy. (shakes head)


The Worm Guard DVD has over Forty Techniques:

✓ Lapel Guard Intro and Concepts

✓ X Marks the Spot – Lapel Sweep

✓ The Meat Hook Back Attack – Lapel Sweep

✓ Lapeloplata to the Back

✓ The Crystal Geyser Elevation Attack

✓ Setting up the Basic Worm Guard


✓ Worm Guard Tilt Sweep

✓ Worm Guard Standing Base Sweep

✓ Flying Worm Back Attack

✓ Transitioning to Ringworm Guard

✓ Ringworm Elbow Cracker Sweep

✓ Elbow Cracker to Back Take

✓ Ringworm Shooting Star Sweep

✓ Ringworm Flying Circus Sweep

✓ Transitioning to Reverse Dela Worm Guard

✓ The Wormnado

✓ The Botfly Back Attack

✓ The Dust Devil Back Attack

✓ The Mysterious-Allure Fourth Worm Position

✓ Sweeping From the Fourth Position

✓ After-Sweeping Dismount Guard Pass

✓ Using the Mega Worm as an Alternative

✓ Quick Entry into MEGA WORM

✓ MEGA Worm Competition Entry

✓ Lasso Worm Entry

✓ Pulling Worm From Standing

✓ Left Hook Ringworm Setup

✓ Sweeping to Mount From Worm

✓ Ringworm Guard Pass

✓ Worm Grip From Top – To Back Take

✓ RVDLWG Sweep To Back Take

✓ Wormbar

✓ Worm Triangle

✓ Toe Hold From Worm

✓ Worm Guard Kneebar

✓ Worm Guard Calf-Slicer

✓ Wormoplata

✓ Wormbolo

✓ Beating the Leg Step Defense From Worm Guard

✓ Beating the Defense From Ringworm Guard

✓ Beating the Defense From RVDLWG


Keenan Cornelius is a Hawaii born professional athlete in the sport/martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who competes as a free agent, having previously represented the Atos as well as Lloyd Irvin’s team. His career gathered worldwide recognition through his early wins in the lower belt divisions, a time when Cornelius conquered the “Jiu-Jitsu Grand Slam” (IBJJF World, Pans, European and Brazilian National titles), then raising his status as the Most Accomplished Brown Belt Of All Time. The talented grappler received his black belt from André Galvão in September 2013, later, in April 2019, leaving the Atos team to open his own affiliation, Legion.

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