Kate Potter - Namaste Yoga 2006 - Season 2

Kate Potter – Namaste Yoga 2006 – Season 2 digital course

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Kate Potter – Namaste Yoga 2006 – Season 2

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Kate Potter - Namaste Yoga 2006 - Season 2

Continue your practice with Namaste Yoga, Season 2 Part 2. Enjoy the same soothing narration, gorgeous vistas and calming music in 7 all new yoga sequences designed by master yoga teacher Kate Potter. Featured poses include Revolved Hand to Big Toe Pose, Bharadvaja’s Twist, Half-Lotus Crane Balance, and Lord of the Dance Pose.

Extended Leg Balancing (22 minutes)
This sequence begins kneeling and continues with floor poses that are both gentle and invigorating, developing core strength and spinal flexibility.

Swan (22 minutes)
The postures in Swan Sequence flow together with elegance and include the spinal curves of Cat and Swan rolling, to the deep hip flexor stretches of Pigeon and One Legged Down Dog.

Third Eye (22 minutes)
This sequence is a challenging series that features postures that stay close to the floor with plenty of hip openers and leg stretches.

Heart Mind (22 minutes)
A sequence that will test shoulder and leg flexibility while improving core strength. This series includes both Sunbird Bow and One Legged Down Dog.

Lord of the Fishes (22 minutes)
By exploring standing, seated and prone postures, this sequence allows the practitioner to be invigorated by continual change.

Dove (22 minutes)
Using balances, twists and side bends, Dove sequence aims to tone the waistline while increasing flexibility in the back and hips. A challenging flow that draws the practitioner to pay close attention to the body’s alignment in each pose.

Dancing Shiva (22 minutes)
One of the most challenging of all the Namaste Yoga sequences. A rigorous workout for the whole body, this flow will test strength, balance and good humour.

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