Jonathan Clark – NLP Master Practitioner Course

Jonathan Clark – NLP Master Practitioner Course digital course
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Jonathan Clark – NLP Master Practitioner Course

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Delivery: Digital Download

Jonathan Clark – NLP Master Practitioner Course

Jonathan Clark – NLP Master Practitioner Course

Archive : Jonathan Clark – NLP Master Practitioner Course

Jonathan Clark is an NLP trainer trainer by Tadd James. This collection of recordings and course manual is given to each of his course participants prior to attending the live training.

Master Practitioner makes NLP/HGE you – it installs the skills at the unconscious level so you’re doing it all on autopilot.  When you integrate the attitude and methodology of NLP/HGE at the Identity level, you become a true model of excellence, congruent and walking your talk.  Isn’t that what you really want?  Catch yourself doing it right, without ever having to think about it.  Know exactly what to do and when.

Think about it – with the skills you already have to build rapport, set outcomes, enjoy expanded sensory awareness and change people’s thought, emotions and habits quickly and dramatically, you may have been wondering what else there is to learn?

One of the purposes of writing this particular page is to take care of a lot of that for you, and to show you a little bit about what the NLP/HGE Master Practitioner package looks like.

So What’s In The Syllabus This Time?

Responsibility for change, Perception is Projection, The Mind Body Connection

Results vs Reasons, Average vs Excellence, Set your own outcomes for the course

MOR model, 3 Minds, 4 Bodies

HGE Communication model

5 Principles for success

State vs Goal

Presuppositions of HGE

Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind


Presuppositions ,  Embedded Commands, Cartesian Coordinates, Symbolic Logic

Induction & Deduction, Advanced Presuppositions, Reality, Time Scramble, Decision Destroyer

Prepositions, Modal Operators Chains

Meta Model 3, De-Identification, Linguistic Resourcing, Going Beyond Boundaries

Hierarchy of Ideas, Negotiation Model, Parts, Linguistic parts Integration, Hierarchy of parts

Sleight of Mouth


6 NEEDS, Intro to Values, Cup hook Analogy, Sources Of Values, Evolution of Values, Spiral Dynamics

Elicitation, Motivation Strategy, Go/Stay Loop, Change, Utilization, Alignment

Resolving conflicts, Visual Squash


Prime Concerns, Prime Concerns Exercise, Prime Concerns Null Set, Future Sourcing, Reframing


Presentation Skills – 31 things, Hakalau, 4-Mat Training Design


TOTE, , Elicitation, Eye patterns, Well Formedness Conditions, Design, Installation

Chaining anchors, Designer Swish (4 step), Access alignment, Strategy Notation

Examples of Strategies: Buying, Motivation, Learning, Spelling, Buying

Logical Levels of Therapy

Mind to Muscle

Managing own state and ecology


Unified Field, NLP & Healing Interventions, Advanced Patterns, Advanced Submodalities

Universals, Thresholds, Compulsion Blowout, Learning State, Allergy Model

Neurological Drivers

Hiolani, Changing perspective, Expanding consciousness

TLT Recap, Drop Down Through, Future sourcing

NLP Model of therapy, Family Therapy Model, PBT structure


MBTI Sorts,  Filters, Linguistic Markers, Elicitation, Changing MP’s


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Course Content

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