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Jon Morrow – Freedom Machine 2018

Jon Morrow – Freedom Machine 2018

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 width=The Complete, A-Z System for Earning $1,000/Month from Blogging

Based on the step-by-step system I used to generate:

Over $100,000/month in passive income

  • 9,000+ new leads every month (without spending a dime)
  • 23,000+ happy customers

All while being paralyzed from the neck down.

This simple approach works even if you have no idea and know nothing about business.

Do you ever wish you had a clear roadmap for making money from your blog?

Something that told you exactly what to do step-by-step.

So you didn’t have to waste time sorting through all the conflicting advice out there. Fighting the urge to bang your head against the desk because you don’t know what to do or how the pieces fit together.

If you want to make $1,000/month blogging on the side without all that confusion, you’re going to love this.

Hi, I’m Jon Morrow, founder of Smart Blogger.

Back in 2009, I was faced with two options:

  1. Figure out how to make enough money blogging to support myself
  2. Go to a nursing home and die

Sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth.

More on that crazy story in a minute. What’s important for you now is how this led me to find a bullet-proof system for turning a blog into an income-generating machine.

For example, the machine I built for myself generates about $100,000 a month — and it pretty much runs on autopilot.

Want to know how much I pay for new leads?

Nothing. Not a penny. Yet new sales come in every month like clockwork — whether I work or not.

Now I’m not saying you’ll make $100,000/month with what I’m about to teach you.

Is it possible? Sure, but I worked my butt off for nine years to get to this point.

The system I have for you today is a super simple way to earn $1,000/month in online income — without stress or confusion.

So you can earn enough on the side to take care of bills and stop worrying about them.

Or have the freedom to travel the world without caring about how much you’re spending.

And rest easy knowing you have a revenue stream you control that can take care of you and your family over the long haul.

But First, You Must Qualify

Before I introduce this system, there’s something you should know.

For this to work, you must love to write.

You don’t have to be a great writer. I’ll teach you that part.

But this automatic income machine is built out of blogs and emails. That’s what you’ll use to generate leads and sales for years to come.

If you despise writing, you may as well close out this window now.

Still here?


Now to prove that this can work for you, here’s the quick story of how I stumbled across this system. And how it can take you from a raw beginner with a tight budget to living a life of total freedom.

How a Broke, Paralyzed Blogger Accidentally Began Earning Thousands in Passive Income from a Beach in Mexico

When the 2008 financial crisis hit, the California government threatened to send me to a nursing home.

You see, I was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I’ve been paralyzed my entire life. The only thing I can move right now is my face (I’m typing this through special voice recognition software.)

It costs over $127,000/year in medical expenses to keep me alive. This includes a caretaker who’s with me 24/7.

The only way I could keep my benefits was if I made less than $700/month. And the way things were going, it looked as though the government would soon cut me off completely no matter what I did.

If that happened, I’d be forced into a nursing home. Statistics show that people with my condition usually die within three years of being put in a home. (My guess is they simply lose the will to live.)

This scared the heck out of me.

So I put together this plan:

I’d move to Mexico where the cost of living was cheaper. There, I could survive off my meager savings while I figured out a way to earn enough money to cover my medical bills on my own.

The only thing I could think of for making money was blogging. I’d been doing that for three years and had gotten pretty good at it.

I’d taken my own blog from nothing to 2,000 visits a day and won a nomination for best business/money blog in the world.

I helped another company (Kissmetrics) go from no traffic to 100,000 visitors/month. Then became the top writer for several major blogs, including the popular marketing site Copyblogger.

The problem was, there was no way I could make enough money writing blogs to cover my expenses.

But I thought I might be able to earn what I needed if I taught others what I knew.

Over those three years, I developed a formula that let me consistently get tons of high-quality traffic any time I posted.

Before I discovered it, my blogging career was a disaster. My posts got no traffic. I couldn’t even get gigs writing for free because my articles were so bad!

But after blogging every day for years (yes, even on Christmas,) I eventually figured out a formula that changed everything.

Instead of hearing crickets anytime I hit publish, I started getting thousands of views and hundreds of positive comments on each post.

I reached out to owners of the sites I’d written for. I told them I was going to start sharing my secrets for writing high-traffic posts and asked them to promote me to their email subscribers.

Most said yes. They were happy to help since I’d written so many articles for them for free. (I never charged because the government would have taken every penny I made.)

Once word got out, the floodgates opened up. Before long, people were paying me $500/hour for a single coaching call.

Almost overnight, I was earning enough to cover my medical expenses — and getting more clients than I could handle.

To keep up with demand, I put what I knew into programs I could sell online. Including Serious Bloggers Only and The Guest Blogging Certification Program.

3 Secrets for Earning Recurring Revenue from Your Blog

Secret #1: How to ensure your blog will be a hit before you build it

If you’re like me, you’ve already torn through a bunch of books, blogs, and even courses on how to earn money blogging.

And you’ve found that consuming all that information has left you more confused than ever!

Even when the advice is good (which is rare) you don’t know what to do with it.

It’s like you’re getting all these puzzle pieces but have no clue how they fit together.

You find yourself saying things like:

  • “I have so many reports for finding your niche but still haven’t found mine.”
  • “I always think I need one more course. One more thing. But I never get unstuck.”
  • “Do I need a Facebook group, Facebook page, or to get Google+ set up? How can I streamline and get found on the web?” 

At this stage, you don’t need tips and tricks. What’s far more valuable is a proven roadmap that walks you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Here’s a perfect example.

You can spend months figuring out a domain name, thinking about branding, etc.

Then after all that work, you launch your blog only to learn nobody’s interested!

This happens all the time. It even happened to me early on. My first website was a blog about real estate. Despite working super hard on it for years, nobody read it!

So before you spend a second on your site, you want to find an idea you know will be a hit and fun to pursue.

How do you do that? By finding what I call your Zone of Magic.

This is the area that blends your passions with what people want to hear from you.

When you find it the way I teach, you’ll have an audience of potential buyers telling you what they want to hear from you — before you even have a website!

Secret #2: The “Free Traffic Forever” formula for continually generating leads and sales

When I first started blogging, this is the process I went through.

  1. Think up a blog idea 2. Spend weeks writing it 3. Publish it 4. Get no traffic, feel discouraged, contemplate quitting

I repeated that cycle for years.

After lots of testing, I found a process for writing posts that continue to generate quality traffic years after I publish them.

It’s allowed me to go from zero traffic to getting almost 2 million visitors a year with Smart Blogger.

t’s made up of three key steps, which I’ll walk you through now:

Step 1: Stand out from the noise with 10X Topics

Imagine there was a magic genie who told you what to write about anytime you wanted a massive spike in traffic.

Well, there is no genie, but there is software that does this. It tracks billions of pageviews and shows you the most popular topics in a given market.

I call these 10X topics because they get 10X more traffic than anything else.

Let me show you how it works.

If I wanted to build an audience in the personal development niche, I’d go to this website called

Then I’d type in a popular blog in the personal development space, like

Here’s what comes up: A list of all the most popular posts on that site.

Step 2: Multiply Your Audience Using “Viral Triggers”

Over my career, my posts have over 200 million pageviews. A big reason for that is I sprinkle “viral triggers” into them.

These are little elements that suck readers in and compel them to share your post. (I learned about this from Dr. Jonah Berger, a professor at the #1 ranked business school in America.)

Here’s an example: When I wanted to launch a new site, I wrote an article titled “7 Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face.”

It has two different viral triggers baked into the headline. It wound up getting 72,000 Facebook shares and over 640 comments on a site few knew existed.

Step 3: Grow Fast with High-Value Sharing

With a 10X topic and viral triggers, your post is primed and ready to be a blockbuster hit.

But how do you get the ball rolling? How do you get it in front of people when you’re just starting, and nobody knows who you are?

A lot of experts will tell you to publish on places like LinkedIn or Twitter.

But as this Business Insider graph shows, most of the traffic websites get comes from either Google or Facebook. So using those other platforms is generally a big waste of time.

Secret #3: Create a “money mailbox” to generate income 24/7

Alright, so you’ve written a post that gets a flood of traffic. And because it was high-quality and heavily shared, it ranks high on Google and brings in a steady stream of leads.

So how do you make passive income from that?

If you’re thinking about putting up ads, you’re way off.

You’d need tens of thousands of visitors a month to make serious revenue from ads.

The good news is, you can earn way more with far less traffic doing something else.

Let me show you.

First, you’ll need to build an email list.

This is super simple. When people read your blog or come to your site, you give them a little “freebie” in exchange for their email address.

The Real Reason I Built The Freedom Machine Program For You

When I was a child, I couldn’t qualify for any kind of medical insurance. So every doctor’s visit, every hospital stay, every medication had to be paid for out of pocket.

For the first 18 years of my life, my father paid each and every one of those expenses — and never said a word about it.

I’m talking hundreds of thousands of dollars per year because when I was growing up, I had pneumonia 16 times.

But my dad paid for it all. He ran his own business, and somehow, someway, he always found the money.

At first, he didn’t even tell me. Then I found out he was cleaning office buildings at night so nobody could see how far he’d fallen. He was walking back and forth to work in the middle of the night, trying to save up enough money to buy a car.

This was when my blogging career started to take off. So you know what I did it?

I bought him a plane ticket down to Mexico. I paid for a cab, and he stayed with me for several weeks, unwinding from all the stress.

And when he went back home, do you know what was waiting for him at the airport?

A car.

Can you understand how precious that is? To buy your father a car? And every single week from then on, until he got back on his feet, money showed up in his account.

Not because I felt sorry for him, not because he needed to be taken care of, but because after everything he had done for me, there was no way in hell I was going to let him go through that alone.

And that’s why I get ticked off when people act like a blog is just a silly little thing where they publish their thoughts.

It’s so much more than that, or at least it can be.

For me, my blog was a machine that gave me the freedom to take care of not only myself but the people I cared about when they needed me most. That’s what freedom is to me, and that’s what I want you to have today.

If you want to create a machine like that, I’m proud to introduce you to:

Freedom Machine: The “Everything Included,” Step-by-Step System for Earning $1,000/Month in Passive Income From Blogging 

Freedom Machine is the only passive-income system proven over nine years, 23,000+ customers, 200 million pageviews, and $100,000/month in recurring revenue.

It’s a simple, A-Z program for launching a blog that brings in $1,000/month like clockwork.

You don’t need an idea, experience, website, or any tech or writing skills to get started.

Freedom Machine is the full roadmap for earning passive income from blogging.

We start at the very beginning and walk you step-by-step through the entire process.

We help you find an idea, stand out and build an audience with amazing content, then make money selling to them — even if you don’t think you have anything special to offer.

You’ll even see how to automate everything. So the machine can run without you and make you money even while you sleep.

A Look Inside Freedom Machine

Module 1: How to Cut Through the Noise and Get Noticed

Here, I’ll teach you my exact process for writing outstanding content. So you can stand out from the noise and build an audience that trusts you and wants to hear from you.

You’ll discover: 

  • The 3-step process to find and “field test” your idea. (You can have an engaged audience of hundreds of potential buyers before you even have a domain name!)
  • 5 ways to stand out and attract an audience — even as you talk about the same things as everyone else
  • How to find “10X topics” that get 10X more pageviews, shares, and comments than average posts (you’ll have hard data based on millions of views telling you what works best)
  • The 4 “Viral Triggers” and how to use them to write blogs people are excited to share (Others will think you keep getting “lucky” gaining all that attention, but you’ll know going viral isn’t about luck, it’s something you make happen.)
  • How to take your content from “good” to “freaking amazing!” by changing the way you think. (For example, you’ll learn the “Superhero” method for making your life stories sound exciting even if you think you’re boring.)

Module 2: Find Your “Zone of Magic”

In this module, you’ll find the intersection between what you love and what people want to hear from you. So you can find an idea you’re excited about and know will be a hit.

(This will be much easier once you know how to stand out and get attention — which is why it’s the second step.)

You’ll learn:

  • The Power of Passion: How to turn your passion into a powerful brand
  • How to find a “Hungry Crowd” desperate to buy from you (even if they don’t know who you are … yet)
  • The “Umbrella” technique for combining your interests into an idea that’ll earn you money (If you can’t decide what to pursue, this shows you how to blend multiple interests into a single idea that’s profitable and helps you stand out.)
  • How to carve a space for yourself in the blogosphere (so you can find your audience and generate revenue as fast as possible)
  • How to find your “Zone of Magic” to turn your interests into passive income (including the “100-5 test”, so you have hard proof you’ve found an audience that wants to hear and buy from you)

Module 3: Traffic School

This covers everything you need to go from zero to 1,000 visits per day and beyond. (There’s one strategy that works best for beginners — we focus on that and ignore all the other time-wasters.)

You’ll learn:

  • How to get influencers to share your post, drive traffic, and build your Freedom Machine for you (even if they’ve never heard of you)
  • The 5-word email that instantly gets my posts shared to an audience of tens of thousands (and how to make it work for you)
  • The “Oil Well Secret” to networking that sets you up for a massive payday (I used this to earn $30,000 in a month working 15 hour weeks.)
  • How to create an “Influencer Domino Effect” so one connection leads to dozens more (this lets you multiply your audience and sales)
  • How to get owners of high-traffic sites to promote you to their audience for free

Module 4: Build Your Brand

Here, we cover advanced strategies like positioning, social media, design, and list building. This gives you the strong foundation so you can earn passive income year after year.

You’ll discover:

  • Domain name domination: How to create a domain name that immediately makes your target audience go “Yes! That’s what I want!”
  • How to create a system that captures leads 24/7 (doing this once got me 141,526 quality leads over the years)
  • The 2-step cycle for continually growing a massive, engaged audience (this is what I did to get almost 2 million visitors a month)
  • Your Traffic Roadmap — A 3-month plan that shows you what to post and when to maximize authority, create connections, and build an engaged audience (You’ll be shocked how little you actually need to post new articles.)
  • How to “ride your winners” and get as much traffic as possible from your best posts (so you can keep the customers flowing in without having to write new content)
  • When and how to hire a virtual assistant to build your Freedom Machine for you (and what tasks you should never assign unless you want to ruin your reputation)

Module 5: Monetize

In this module, we cover the best monetization models to use, funnel building, copywriting, automation and more. It’s the final piece of the puzzle for dependable, passive income.

You’ll learn:

  • Simple online courses: How to turn your passion and interests into recurring revenue (Repeat this, and you can create multiple income streams by sharing your knowledge and experience.)
  • How to build a membership site that gives you reliable, dependable income that increases over time (Plus, the exact emails I use to ensure customers don’t drop out. This helped me earn $426,000 in passive income in one year alone.)
  • How to earn thousands in recurring revenue by recommending products you use and enjoy using Ethical Affiliate Marketing (so you can earn well over $1,000/month without ever creating a product)
  • How to create a “marketing machine” that generates leads and sales 24/7 (it’s like having an army of salesmen knocking on doors, closing deals, then sending you 100% of the commission — all day every day)
  • The 3-step system for attracting readers, building trust, and closing sales automatically (so your business can grow even as you brush your teeth, eat breakfast, or sleep)

You Also Get Full Access to the Freedom Machine Private Vaults

As I said, I’m not going to load you with information and leave you to put the pieces together yourself.

That’s why each Freedom Machine module comes with a private vault, packed with:

  • Done-for-you scripts, including influencer outreach and sales emails
  • Step-by-step video tutorials walking you through all the “tech stuff”
  • Easy-to-follow guides, checklists, cheat sheets, benchmarks and more

You won’t find this material anywhere else. It’s all stuff I created and use myself. Until now, I haven’t shared it publicly.

This information makes it as easy as possible to build your Freedom Machine without stress or confusion.

Here’s a peek inside the vaults:

The Breaking Through The Noise Vault

  • 12 ways to maximize traffic on Medium.
  • 20 examples of how bloggers use 10X Topics to get tens of thousands of pageviews.
  • The content frameworks checklist — Learn the 5 types of posts that generate tremendous traffic (with examples and breakdowns of how to write them as fast as possible).
  • How to make your posts stand out using The Unique Angles Guide.
  • The “Viral Triggers” checklist — A simple guide to ensure your post has the right viral triggers for mass appeal.
  • The Tuning Technique: How to weave 10x topics, viral triggers, and your own unique perspective into a single post that generates high-value traffic for months and months.

The Making Magic Vault

  • The Map of the Blogosphere: See how to combine your interests, so you stand out while attracting a large audience.
  • The Proven Audience List — Our list of over 45 proven audiences in 11 different markets. If you’re unsure who to target, pick an audience from here, and you’ll know you’re in a profitable niche.
  • The Audience Checklists — 7 “must-haves” so you know your audience is ready and willing to pay you the moment you offer a product.
  • The Power of Unique Perspective — 5 questions that show you how to stand out from the competition instantly.
  • A series of questions that ensure you never run out of interesting things to write about.

The Traffic School Vault

  • Your Traffic Roadmap Worksheet — The exact “rinse and repeat” steps to generate tons of high-quality traffic on demand.
  • 3 ways to find high-level influencers who will share your articles with their list (including our Big Black Book of influencers we recommend you reach out to — feel free to tell them Jon sent you).
  • 8 ways to build relationships with top influencers naturally (and a free, simple, time-saving tool for finding top influencers in your market).
  • Influencer outreach scripts: 6 proven scripts for initiating contact and getting influencers to share your post — even if you’re a “nobody.”
  • A word for word script for getting influencers to introduce you to their high-level friends.
  • The Star Student Checklist — Follow this, and it’ll be impossible for influencers to ignore you (in fact, they may reach out to you first)!

The Building Your Brand Vault

  • The 5 ways to come up with a domain name (and how to get readers to go “That’s exactly what I want” the moment they hit your site).
  • The “Ethical Bribe” Checklist” — Follow this and readers will be eager to give you their email. (Plus, a breakdown of what I did to get almost 200,000 email subscribers).
  • Proven, done-for-you emails for reaching out to influencers and getting them to share your “curator” or “ego bait” posts(These are the 2 article types many influencers won’t be able to resist reading and sharing — I’ll show you how I write them).
  • The “Power of Ping Checklist” for getting influencers to read your article, check out your site, and even reach out to you for partnership opportunities.
  • “Email teaser” templates — 3 proven emails you can use to get subscribers to read your posts (having them read and share your posts is a great way to scale beyond $1,000/month).

The Monetization Vault

  • The Successful Online Course Checklist: How to find out what to sell and guarantee your product will be profitable before you build it.
  • The Successful Continuity Course Checklist: The 5 things your course needs to be lucrative and stress-free.
  • How to avoid legal trouble when selling products (There are 4 words that can keep the Federal Trade Commission off your back).
  • The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing — An in-depth tour of affiliate marketing. If you want to be a Super Affiliate and earn thousands a month recommending products you believe in, you’ll love this.
  • The 5 ingredients of an irresistible offer. Plus, step-by-step instruction for how to combine them to create a product so good it sells itself.
  • A proven sales page template to persuade customers to buy from you (we show you what to say to take your customer from “Why should I care about this?” to “I need to buy this NOW!”).
  • The Smart Blogger Sales Sequence — A series of three emails you can use to sell your products (these earned me multiple 6-figures in one year alone).
  • The Automation Resource Guide: Step-by-step tutorials for setting up your email service provider.

Here’s How Freedom Machine Works

Each module is broken down into 4-7 video lessons. The lessons are 10-30 minutes long so you can digest them easily. They each come with specific action steps so you can easily implement what you learn.

Each action step has a clear benchmark, so you know when you’re ready to move on to the next step.

We also have audio and transcripts of each lesson. So if you’d rather listen on your phone or read through them, you can.

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