John Danaher - New Wave Jiu Jitsu No Gi Guard Passing

John Danaher – New Wave Jiu Jitsu No Gi Guard Passing
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Course Description

John Danaher – New Wave Jiu Jitsu No Gi Guard Passing

Salepage : John Danaher – New Wave Jiu Jitsu No Gi Guard Passing

Lock on body locks and smash your way through the guard using systematic pressure and leg pummeling to pass
Learn the central principles and problems of passing the guard from one of the most detailed and innovative coaches on the planet, Professor John Danaher.
Use specific toreando footwork patterns to maximize your loose passing success – including the king and queen of passing positions.
Work through closed guard, supine guard, seated guard, and half guard as John gives you a unified framework for passing.
See all the best ways to establish control and stabilize position as you work your way through for increased dominance against the bottom player.
Professor John Danaher has taught grappling and combat superstars like Gordon Ryan, Georges St. Pierre, Garry Tonon, and many more throughout his illustrious coaching career – with remarkable success with students of all levels of experience and athleticism.

Volume 1

Introduction 0
The Central Problem Of Guard Passing 6:36
Four Conceptual Solutions: The Push Pull Asymmetry 12:43
The Push/Curl Asymmetry 19:38
The Flexion/Extension Asymmetry 24:14
Leg Vs Leg Passing 27:34
The Four Scenarios You Must Be Effective In 29:58
Five Key Insights That Make A Real Difference To Your Passing Performance – The Three Nemesis Of Guard Passing 32:46
Penetrating To The Torso 44:48
Completing A Pass: Hips First/Head Second Principle 51:54
Be Ready To Take The Back At All Times 59:27
The Foundation Of All Guard Play: Control Resides Between The Knees 1:12:26

Volume 2
Opening A Closed Guard – Negation First 0
Opening A Closed Guard: Squad Philosophy 13:16
Analysis Of The Squad Philosophy 23:08
The 3 Best Ways To Open A Closed Guard Nogi – The Reach Back Method 30:49
Two On One Knee Method 36:23
Knee Post 40:19
Dealing With Lower Body Grips: Double Outside Grips 48:22
Dealing With Lower Body Grips Part 2 59:24
Dealing With Lower Body Grips: Single Inside Grip 1:06:13
Opening A Closed Guard: Putting It All Together 1:17:49

Volume 3
Passing A Supine Guard – Toreando Pass Series – Footwork Skills 0
Crescent Step 1:29
Side Step 3:03
Cross Step 4:13
Front Step 6:44
Back Step 8:31
Jab Step 9:50
Fake Step 11:35
Putting It All Together 13:04
The First Stage Of Toreando Passing: Approaching Your Opponent – Reading Your Opponents Body 14:08
Getting A Strong Start In Toreando Passing: Grip Asymmetry 20:01
Essential Grip Fighting – Double Down V Grips 29:23
Double Sole Grip 32:10
Double Up V Grip 34:32
Knee And Shin 38:01
Inside Knee Post 41:09
Inverted V Grip 43:52
Inverted Cross Grip 46:38
Two On One Knee And Ankle 48:34
The King Of All Nogi Toreando Passing Positons: The Hip & Knee Post 51:10
The Queen Of All Nogi Toreando Passing Positions: Toes To Mat (AKA The Plow) 59:18
Getting Down To Business With Toreando Passing – Toreando Throw By 1:02:46
Misdirectional Throw By 1:08:21
Toreando Throw By To A Hip & Knee Post 1:10:47
Toreando Throw By To Toes To Floor 1:12:59
Toreando Throw By To Leg Drag 1:17:25

Volume 4
Hip & Knee Post Series – Running The Circle 0
Running The Circle Part 2 8:31
Step Back Knee Cut 13:30
Step Back Inside Knee 20:17
Spinning Toreando – Mechanics 27:06
Tight Waist Finish 31:38
Hip Block Method 36:11
Hip Block Method Part 2 39:22
Reverse Grip Method 43:30
Spinning Toreando To The Back 47:21
Spinning Toreando To Leg Drag 51:08
Side To Side Pressure And Toreando Passing – Arm Swim 58:47
The Foot Step 1:04:52
Cross Shin Pin – Hip & Knee Post 1:12:42
Front Step/Back Step 1:18:07
Overcoming The Problem Of Entanglement 1:23:18
The Relationship Between Toreando & Knee Cut 1:29:16

Volume 5
The Floating Leg Pommel Series – Why Pommel Passing? 0
Getting To The Start Position 5:54
Inside Pommel Pass 9:55
Outside Pommel Pass 14:59
Cross Knee Pommel 20:17
Cross Foot Pommel 22:48
Front Pommel 25:14
Pommel To Knee Cut 27:52
Finishing A Pommel Pass: Alternate Method 34:27
Body Lock Guard Passing – Why Body Locks? 37:49
Front Body Locks Vs Side Body Locks 43:05
Getting To A Front Body Lock – Creating Waist Exposure 45:18
Inside & Outside Penetration 52:54
Head Position & Pull 1:00:29
Arm Position/Hand Grip 1:08:38
2 Philosophies Of Body Lock Guard Passing 1:16:57
The Hierarchy Of Body Lock Positions 1:26:00
The Two Most Important Body Lock Passing Methods: The Step Over Method 1:33:30
The Knee Drive Method 1:44:19

Volume 6
Passing With A Front Body Lock: Double Shin Method 0
Leg Scissor Method 5:48
Shoelace Method 14:05
Knee Cut Method 20:50
Kick Out Method 27:48
High Hip Scissor Method 34:52
High Hip Scissor From Double Shin 45:00
Maximizing The Potential Of Your Body Lock Passes 53:34
The Single Most Common Error In Body Lock Guard Passing And How To Avoid It 1:00:57
My Favorite Body Lock Passing Method: Lumbar Lock To High Lock 1:11:26
Countering A Forward Shift 1:22:50
The Relationship Between A Tight Waist And A Bodylock 1:29:03
Switching Tight Waist 1:39:42
Side Body Lock: Entering A Side Body Lock 1:45:51
Side Body Lock: Leg Riding 1:54:31
Passing With A Side Body Lock 2:06:09

Volume 7
Half Guard Passing – Why Half Guard Passing? 0
First Problem Of Half Guard: Clearing A Knee Shield – Shifting To Centerline 8:35
Front Step/Back Step Method 17:25
Entries Into Half Guard Passing – Tight Waist Entry 25:29
Body Lock Entry 29:43
Floating Leg Pommel Entry 33:31
Hip & Knee Post Entry 35:43
Toes To Mat Entry 38:20
The Fundamental Start Position For Half Guard Passing 46:01
The Two King Knee Positions 59:38
The Four Step Half Guard Passing Sequence 1:06:12

Volume 8
Half Guard Passing Methods: Top Head & Arm 0
Far Underhook & Head Block 6:14
Double Underhook Passing 12:50
Cross Face & Reverse Cross Face 21:52
Half Katagatame 31:28
Countering A Power Prop From Half Guard 36:13
Passing Half Butterfly Guard: Near Side Underhook: Grape Vine Method 41:04
Near Side Underhook: Hand Post Method 47:43
Near Side Underhook: Butterfly Hook Method 50:58
Cross Face Half Butterfly Guard Pass 54:46

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