Israel Hernandez - Uchi-mata Basic to Advanced

Israel Hernandez – Uchi-mata Basic to Advanced digital course

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Israel Hernandez – Uchi-mata Basic to Advanced

Salepage : Israel Hernandez – Uchi-mata Basic to Advanced

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Remove the guesswork from this staple of the Judo throwing arsenal

Discover crucial Uchi Mata details that will elevate your game regardless of your rank

Learn the exact methods of practice and technique that earned Olympic medals in Judo

Avoid common mistakes to keep your Uchi Mata sharp and technical

Part 1:

Mother Technique

Tsurikomi goshi

Tai otoshi

Koshi guruma

O Soto gari

O uchi gari

Uchi Mata in 3 Steps

Introduction to uchi mata

3 step uchi mata (Basic)

2 step uchi mata (prefered posture)

1 step uchi mata (advance step)

Grip Types for Uchi Mata

Traditional ‘In or Out’ vs opposite

Collar grip ‘in or out’ Vs opposite

Back grip

Two lapels ‘versus opposite side or same side’

Cross grip vs opposite stance

Bicep vs same side

One sleeve vs same side

Part 2:

Uchi Mata footwork

Cross step back

Cross step front

Replacing feet

Heel pivot

Tipos de uchi mata

O uchi mata

Ashi uchi mata

Koshi uchi mata

Oikomi uchi mata

Hane uchi mata

Mare uchi mata

Maware uchi mata

Ken ken uchi mata

Snap down uchi mata

Part 3:

Advanced Uchin Mata

One hand (makikomi) vs same side

Cross grip vs opposite

Double lapel vs same side & opposite side

Inverted elbow vs opposite

Morote uchi mata vs opposite

Bagirov uchi mata vs same side

Wrap arm uchi mata vs opposite side

Most Common Mistake

Improper balance & Kuzushi

Attacking outside angle

Bending attacking leg

Collapsing support leg

Lack of rotation



Sukashi vs opposite side & same side


Part 4:



Uki otoshi vs opposite & sumi otoshi vs same side

Sukashi > uki goshi same side & o goshi opposite side

Sukashi > tai otoshi or harai goshi

Uchi mata gaeshi

Blocking – Ko Soto gake

Ushiro goshi

Te guruma

Niddan ko soto

Te guruma with niddan kosoto

Utsuri goshi

Blocking leg to uchi mata gaeshi


Step over

To Get In

De ashi->uchi Mata v opposite

Fake ouchi-> uchi mata v opposite

Ouchi gari -> uchi mata v opposite

Ko uchi gari-> uchi mata v same

Tai otoshi-> uchi mata v opposite

To Get Out

Uchi Mata -> O uchi Gari

Uchi Mata-> Ko Uchi Gari

Uchi Mata-> Harai Goshi

Ken Ken Uchi Mata to Kata ashi Dori

Uchi Mata-> Sumi Gaeshi

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Course Content

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