Investing Info Marketing Summit 2015 speakers

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Investing Info Marketing Summit 2015 speakers

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Investing Info Marketing Summit 2015 speakers

Investing Info Marketing Summit 2015 speakers

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Missed the event? Get the Video Recordings of the 2015 Investing Info-Marketing Summit and some of the networking opportunities too!

You may have missed the 2015 Investing Info-Marketing Summit but you don’t have to miss out on the information.

And you don’t even have to miss out on all of the networking opportunities.

Today you can get the recordings of the Summit, and as you can read below, you can also join in the ongoing networking I conduct with attendees of the Summit throughout the year.

The Investing Info-Marketing Summit is NOT a blah-blah-blah marketing conference.

It’s NOT a pitch-fest – in fact we have a rule that there was NO PITCHING from the stage. None.

This is NOT a place where you get those “sounds good on paper, but sucks in the real world” marketing tips being pushed by marketing gurus who’ve ONLY ever made money selling “how to make money in internet marketing” products.

The Investing Info-Marketing Summit is for hard-core entrepreneurs and marketers actually building businesses in the trading and investing education niche.


Jami Stout & John Newtson, co-founders of The Investing Info-Marketing Summit

Hi my name is John Newtson. I’m a copywriter and marketer who has been around the block a time or two in this niche. I took a client from $0 in sales with no list to $6 million in sales in 12-months and $10 million in 24-months. And have written promotions for trading services that have sold as much as $10.5 million, and generated as much as $980,366 in sales from a tiny 5,000 name opt in list in less than 60-days.

My partner, Jami Stout is an affiliate manager who has driven well over $17 million in sales through affiliate traffic for a variety of publishers ranging from trader educators to Agora’s Palm Beach Letter to smaller start-ups.

She’s driven traffic for some of the biggest trading service launches in recent memory with multiple million-dollar launches under her belt. Jami & I had the idea for the Investing Info-Marketing Summit together because it was exactly the kind of conference we were looking to attend.

We were always on the lookout for new sales funnel ideas, new affiliates, new promotional ideas, new traffic sources, and new potential joint ventures. And so were all the  entrepreneurs and marketers  we knew who were actually working in the trading and investing niche.

We had the idea to pull all the different sides of the industry together in one place.

And it was electric.

The response to the first summit was over-the-top positive. And the 2015 Summit blew that one out of the water. You can see below that we brought together many of the leading marketers and publishers working in the investing and trading niche today to share what’s working best in their businesses.

These are not marketing gurus, these are the people in the trenches, the entrepreneurs, publishers, media buyers, affiliates, and copywriters who are responsible for building their businesses.

Ask yourself “What does my business need right now?” and chances are you’ll find that thing in one of the presentations below.

Scroll down and see for yourself.

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