Intern Intel™ How To Build Your Sales

Intern Intel™ How To Build Your Sales digital course
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Intern Intel™ How To Build Your Sales

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Intern Intel™ How To Build Your Sales

Intern Intel™ How To Build Your Sales

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What could you accomplish 
if you had a few interns working for your 

Intern Intel is a brilliant system teaching you how to find, hire and fully utilize college interns.

College students are motivated, hungry for success and eager to make a name for themselves. In recent years, it’s no secret that college graduates haven’t been able to gain entry level employment.

“America’s PhD’s: On Foodstamps”,
a recent column written by the website ZeroHedge, discusses how grave this
situation has become; stating, “for some Americans, multiple degrees won’t
guarantee a job in their field… or even keep them above the poverty level”.

Implementing the Intern Intel system in your business will offer college students the industry experience needed to secure a post-graduation position, while you capitalize on this vast pool of talent ready and willing to help you grow your finance company.

Intern Intel’s ____ page tutorial demonstrates how college and graduate school students can work alongside you and your business, remotely. Dandrew Media’s Intern Intel is part of the Business Management Series explaining how to use Interns to create a sustainable and dependable sales force.

Many top universities require students to gain real-world experience and are given course credits in theirrespective majors. Internships are the gateway to securing higher-paying jobs in today’s very competitive job market and college students are lining up to have this opportunity. Are you ready to hire an intern? The clock is ticking. If you don’t hire them, someone else will.

Intermediaries Will Learn:

Economic Circumstances & The Intern 
Today’s economic circumstances are the number one reason why interns can and should be working for your business. Explore the mindset of free labor and how it is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Why do you need an Intern? 
Learn the benefits of having an intern and how they can help align your business for continued success.

What is a Virtual Assistant? 
Characteristics of a virtual internship and overall goals of the intern will be described in detail. Learn the eight principles of good practices as well as what your intern should not be doing for you.

How to Hire an Intern 
Intern Intel will show you exactly how to set up your business in preparation for an Intern joining your team. Effective hiring strategies are revealed and Intermediaries will walk away with a functional training agenda.

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